Dizzy Sour

  • Whiskey - 1 oz
  • Jamaican Rum - ⅔ oz
  • Bénédictine - 3 dashes
  • Lemon Juice - ¾ oz
  • Superfine Sugar - 2 tsp
  • Shake everything except the rum with ice and strain into a chilled small tumbler. Add a piece of pineapple. Float the Jamaican rum on top.

From Wehman Bros. Bartender’s Guide.

It gets more delicious as the pineapple began to infuse into the drink, with the rich spices of Bénédictine, you would have a almost Tiki-style Sour. I’m not quite keen on the rum-float, when the drink is neither served on ice nor served with straws, its purpose is purely aesthetic. Your first sip would be a mouthful of straight rum, unless you give the drink a stir first.

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Party like it’s 1776: toast the founding fathers with a colonial-era cocktail 

Find that patriotic feeling this weekend by stirring up our founding father’s favorite cocktails | Follow these recipes

Fun 4th of July Drinking Facts:

  • George Washington owned a distillery that produced rye
  • The julep found popularity in America even before the the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War. Born in Virginia, the julip was made with rum or brandy, not bourbon as it is today
  • The popular cocktail called The Stone Fence purportedly played a supporting role in the Revolutionary War itself, when patriot Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were able to easily overtake a Fort Ticonderoga commanded by British forces sodden with the drink
  • The colonial-era working classes mainly indulged in beer and cider, while those who could afford it looked to Europe to slake their thirst, with old-world elixirs like madeira, sherry and Holland gin