Ah, Rum paranoia… We didn’t have anything like that since Vermouth times. I mean, you know, Akai-san’s trick was very simple and most of us easily guessed most of it. Rum, on the other hand, forced all of us to re-read / re-watch the old cases again and again without an end. So, I think it’ll be interesting to return to Suspect is Kyōgoku Makoto case (Manga Files 859-861 / Anime Episodes  744-745). It is one of those cases with a lot of “why?” and right after the publication I brought a question about if Yamamura-keibu is real, or not here, in this blog. Because even though Rum wasn’t introduced back then, Yamamura still looked very suspicious. And now, after we have to think about both Rum and Tōichi-san’s return (the latest Magic Kaito chapter), this case becomes even more interesting.

First of all, let’s remember the three biggest points in why Yamamura-keibu in this case is so susicious. First, he totally forgot about Makoto-san, like he never met him. And it is very close to how it was about Araide-sensei. Because remember Sonoko’s Red Handkerchief case (Manga Files 541-543 / Anime Episodes 457-458)? He wasn’t supposed to be there. And it was like he wasn’t there at all in the end. I mean, try to look at it as somebody, who wasn’t there. Makoto-san was supposed to be a part of his karate championship. Which was on the TV. He appeared to help Sonoko and the others, but then rushed back right away, so, for those, who may wanted to do a quick check on him, he was on the championship. In other words, like in Araide-sensei’s case, the ones, who weren’t on the crime scene, just won’t know the important detail. It may be a small detail that Yamamuraforgot” about Makoto-san, but actually it’s the biggest reason to make you feel like something’s fishy there. But, of course, there’s more.

Second point is that Yamamura doesn’t speak like he usually do near occhan. Even occhan himself noticed that. Yamamura came out with some sort of smart excuse, but in the end he returned to his old way of talking. Almost like somebody in disguise learned how real Yamamura should act. So, having all the new info we know now in mind, who can that be? Vermouth / Bourbon? Makes no sense, since they just checked everything they wanted and usually Aoyama-sensei show them after such appearance. So… Rum? Interesting thought. Especially if we’ll look at the page 10 of Manga File 860. Right after the rain started, Yamamura quickly said that everybody should find the shelter and ran away with his left eye closed. Almost like he wanted to protect it from the rain (for those, who forgot, Rum has an artificial eye).

But that’s where we’re coming to the dead end. And the reason is that Conan exists outside of the time. Technology evolves both in the real life and in manga / anime, but at the same time the core story is old. So, we just can’t tell how should we think about Rum’s artificial eye. Should we assume that it’s an old kind of artificial eye? The one that looks real, but can’t more like the real one? The core story is old, after all, and main characters may be created long ago. Or should we take it that it’s something modern? Something that looks almost exactly like real thing. Here’s the video of the modern artificial eye, for example. You can tell the difference, but it isn’t that easy to spot. In the Wedding Eve case (Manga Files 793-795 / Anime Episodes 667-668) author wrote a lot about the modern science, so, I think that we should at least consider the possibility of the modern prosthetic device. Even though the old school stuff will look more evil and cool. Anyway, as we can see in both manga and anime, Yamamura’s eye in Suspect is Kyōgoku Makoto case can freely move. How to think about it is up to you. And so is how to think about if rain can do any damage in such case, or not.

But aside from Yamamura there’s another interesting thing to think about. I mean, of course, the famous mail from the middle brother of Sera family: “Have you already met the wizard?” The English translation here is a bit tricky actually, because Japanese “魔法使い” literally means “Magic (mahō) user (tsukai)”. So, it can be anything. Wizard, witch, magician… And, of course, it brings a lot of thoughts. The funniest one would be the one about how that question was about Yamamura, but unfortunately, there was no even a chance for him to get in the photo that Masumi took. Just because he wasn’t there at the time, he was in the Sunday Bowl (サンデーボウル) building. And the chance of middle brother knowing about Rum in disguise in this case is… Yeah, very small. If we’ll translate “mahōtsukai” as a “witch” we can think about the Vermouth. Which looks more realistic. Masumi did meet her in The Jet-Black Mystery Train case (Manga Files 818-824 / Anime Episodes 701-704) after all.

But after the latest Magic Kaito case, the whole thing becomes complicated as hell. All thanks to Akako-san’s words: “In Norse mythology, Odin, the god of war and death is accompanied by two crows and the greek god of the sun, Apollo, had a crow working for him…” Fangasm, mind exploded. But let’s think about it slowly. First of all, the crows are Black Organization’s thing and its leader has something from the crow in his / her name (hello, Karasuma Renya!) Second, the Odin is well known as one eyed god. Surprise-surpsise, on the most of the well known images he doesn’t have the left eye (the picture that is included in this post is Odin the Wanderer (1896) by Georg von Rosen. A lot of pictures show him with the right eye damages, so, it means nothing, but hey! So, we have one-eyed god accompanied by crows. The first thought? Yeah, it’s Rum (I’ve already spoke about direct connections between Meitantei CONAN and Magic Kaito for like a million times, I don’t think it’ll be fun to repeat myself again, just read my old posts if you’ve missed them). The thought is especially interesting since, according to the Norse tales, Odin gave his eye for the price of wisdom. And judging by what we see about the Kuro no Soshiki (Black Organization), it fits extremely well.

And now we have Tōichi-san, who has returned as Kaitō Corbeau, while Corbeau means “Raven” in French. Again, a million of possibilities. Tōichi-san and Chikage-san as two crows? Very possible. Tōichi-san working for Kuro no Soshiki? Sounds crazy, but more than possible. Remember Kudō Shinichi’s NY Case (Manga Files 350-354 / Anime Episode 286-288)? Manga File 350 to be precise. It was clearly said and shown that both Sharon and Yukiko learned their disguising techniques from one certain famous magician. And as it was said by Chikage-san in Magic Kaito Manga Chapter 30, Tōichi-san was extremely famous beck then. Moreover, after his disappearance, he moved to America for some reason and stayed there until not so long ago (the reason why he wanted to leave the message to Kudō Yūsaku in Kudō Shinichi’s Childhood Adventure, which is Manga Files 570-573 / Anime Episodes 472-473?). And, as you should remember, the whole head of the Kuro no Soshiki was in America until around the Reunion with the Black Organization case (Manga Files 238-242 / Anime Episodes 176-178). Coincidence? Judging by how Magic Kaito villains are still looking for Pandora Gem, we may actually have two rival groups here.

Finally, Akako-san’s line about the Apollo and the crow working for him makes you think about The Jet-Black Mystery Train case, where Conan made Kaito-kun to help him. Looks pretty symbolic. Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. Note the word “truth”. Also, Apollo is always described as both beautiful and athletic. Hello, Kudō-kun! But of course, it’s just my funny thoughts. Like most of the stuff near the end of this text. Don’t think about the last part of this text too seriously, it’s just something for fun. So, I think I’ll end here today. But still, a lot of things to think about. Meitantei CONAN fans sure don’t have enough time to sleep…


Party like it’s 1776: toast the founding fathers with a colonial-era cocktail 

Find that patriotic feeling this weekend by stirring up our founding father’s favorite cocktails | Follow these recipes

Fun 4th of July Drinking Facts:

  • George Washington owned a distillery that produced rye
  • The julep found popularity in America even before the the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War. Born in Virginia, the julip was made with rum or brandy, not bourbon as it is today
  • The popular cocktail called The Stone Fence purportedly played a supporting role in the Revolutionary War itself, when patriot Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were able to easily overtake a Fort Ticonderoga commanded by British forces sodden with the drink
  • The colonial-era working classes mainly indulged in beer and cider, while those who could afford it looked to Europe to slake their thirst, with old-world elixirs like madeira, sherry and Holland gin


1 3-oz pack Berry Blue Jello
¾ cup Island Punch Pucker Liqueur
Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum
Fish Candies


Post your original recipe and photo on Instagram using#TipsyBartender and we will repost the best ones. Each month, the pics with most likes wins $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place: $100.

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