Does anyone ever think about the fact that Gwen lost everyone she loved, was barely given time to grieve, and was left to rule a kingdom, in a place that would surround her with memories of all the ones she lost?  Yet, the last time we see her, sitting on a throne she only accepted to be with the man she loves, she holds her head high, determined to lead Camelot into its golden age, and refusing to crumble under the weight of the crown on her head?

When this list of Woody Guthrie’s “New Year’s Rulin’s” popped up on the internet a year ago, it became an instant classic of the season. Which means that the time  has rolled around to remember it, reread it and take it again to heart. There’s a rulin’ on it to suit just about anybody because it never hurts to be reminded “Don’t get lonesome,” “Stay glad,” “Dream good” and “Love everybody.” Also, “Wash teeth if any.”

Happy New Year everybody!

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Powers 1.7

  • Man, this is such a great show. They’ve really built up this amazing world, and we get to follow some of the key players. Love it so much! Michelle Forbes had some great scenes in this one, like when her character gave her speech about being in the public eye, etc. 
  • Walker, Royalle and Wolfe are three fascinating characters. I would happily watching them interact every week even if all the other characters were written out.
  • The ending was graphic and shocking. This show loves blood.


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Okay, so let's see if you would date me B] I'm 6'1, 17, male, I got purple hair right now, wear like, thick rimmed glasses, brown eyes. I'm planning on studying to be a music teacher. If I were to take you on a date, well, I'm not sure. Probably cook some awesome dinner to have for a picnic to watch the stars while we eat. You know, cheesy as hell stuff c:

Holy CRAP you’re tall.  And hey, purple hair!  We match!

That sounds super sweet, dude, but you’re still just a tad young for me!  Not rulin’ it out completely, though!



Fanvid for POWERS (PlayStation Original Series)

Ensemble vid, no pairing. Potential spoilers for Season 1. 

Song: Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

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If you haven’t seen this series I do recommend you give it a try. First episode free on Youtube (in the US, at least):

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Buttercup can beat the tar out of anyone in Townsville. Why is she not ruler, she would certainly do a better job than the mayor.

Buttercup: Yeah, this person knows what they’re talkin’ about! Woo! I’d be the best most coolest ruler of Townsville ever! An’ I’d make sure to put crooks in their place! …as well as everyone else who tries to get in my way, too. Seriously, you’re right, how come I ain’t rulin’ this place yet?

Blossom: Well, maybe you don’t rule Townsville because your idea of having the city in a permanent police state is out of line with every aspect of freedom and democracy!

Buttercup: Chill out Red, I’m not gonna turn everyone into policemen, sheesh.

Blossom: Ugh! You even fail to understand the basic government terms that I’m using! 

Buttercup: Whatever, you think the Mayor even knows what you’re talkin’ about?

Blossom: …point taken. But whatever, aside from that, you can’t become a public official by means of brute force!

Buttercup: Yeah, well, being the ruler of Townsville would be a pain in the butt anyway.

Blossom: Really?

Buttercup: Sure it would. ‘Cause I know you’d be houndin’ me like this the whole time and I wouldn’t get you to shut your yap!

Blossom: Oh, really? And why not?

Professor Utonium: Because your father would put a stop to your bickering as soon as you two started.

Bubbles: Ooooooooh, you guys are in trouble~!

Blossom and Buttercup: Shut up Bubbles!

1. what are your feelings on the bee decrease!!!!!!?
where all my beez at

2. superhero or villain AND whats your backstory & super power?

Gonna sound dorky, I have this one from when I was seven. Star Runner, a superhero who can use her star powers to whoop ass.

3. IN A PERFECT WORLD WITH NO SEXISM OR RACISM OR HOMOPHOBIA what time period would you like to live in? can you explain why?
When Constantine was rulin’ cuz I’m related to him and would be all royal and shit.

4. who’s your role model(s)?
my dog

5. would ya rather discover secret parts of the earths oceans or a new planet?
ocean because that’s goals irl

6. is treasure planet a great movie?????? answer wisely
I can’t watch the beginning because I cry but yes

7. where/what do you want to be in 20-30 years? (fantasies are welcome)

8. WOW U MORPHED INTO A DRAGON!!! what do you breathe?
pop tarts

9. dude how the hell did you end up in prison??
i am actually piper chapman

10. I AM A VAIN AND SELFISH PERSON SO, do you have a fav memory with me??? ;;;;;;;;;)
Just looking forward to future memories in scotland cuz yup

11. is there a fad you wish would just die out and never return? ya know, besides institutionalized racism…


i am done with this fad but im really vain so i love answering questions