When this list of Woody Guthrie’s “New Year’s Rulin’s” popped up on the internet a year ago, it became an instant classic of the season. Which means that the time  has rolled around to remember it, reread it and take it again to heart. There’s a rulin’ on it to suit just about anybody because it never hurts to be reminded “Don’t get lonesome,” “Stay glad,” “Dream good” and “Love everybody.” Also, “Wash teeth if any.”

Happy New Year everybody!

Via Lists of Note

Powers 1.10

Terrific performance from Eddie Izzard is the highlight of a superb season finale. Action, developments, character stuff, etc. The story arcs for Calista and Zora reach conclusions that are much, much better than I was expecting them to be. Olesya Rulin is excellent in all her scenes with Izzard and her final scene. Zora’s final scene made me suddenly much more interested in seeing what happens next to the character. 10/10


[ Só dizendo que existe SIM um vídeo da Olesya Rulin (aka FC da Lily), ensinando a fazer coroas de flores. Porque ela é LIENDA. ]

Radio Jiro -24th August 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Radio Jiro #19 - 24.08.15
Malcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra - Call A Wave (DFC Dance Mix)
Richard Sanderson - Check On The List
Gianni Riso - Disco Shy
Project Sandro - Blazer
Soft House Company - What You Need
Vincent Floyd - Your Eyes (Instrumental)
The Police - How Stupid Mr Bates
Xclusiv - Fools Are Friendly
Cabaret Voltaire - Crackdown (12" Mix)
Larry Ubozoh - Party Tonight
Crimea X - Liubov (Daniele Baldelli Remix)
Serge Gainsbourg - Love On The Beat
Jolie - Mise au Point
Gene Lawrence - After Sunrise
Michael Brook - Distant Village
Yuji Toriyama - Maze
Veronique - Jungle Man Afrikan Man (12" Version)
The Police - Voices Inside My Head  (Superministry 8AM ‘Rulin’ Mix)
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (12’’ Extended Version)
Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line
Sting - Shape of My Heart

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Yapım: 2008 – ABD Tür: Dram, Spor Süre: 112 dakika Yönetmen: Ryan Little Oyuncular: Penn Badgley, Arielle Kebbel, Sean Faris, Sean Astin, Neal McDonough, Olesya Rulin, Lauren Mcknight, Britani Bateman, Tyler Kain, Gary Cole, Shareece Pfeiffer, Savannah Ostler, Julie Warner, Jeremy Earl, Carly Johnston, Carleigh King, Eliot Benjamin, Jimmy Chunga, Ivan R. Bird, William Rubio, Morgan B. Ackerman, Patrick Gibbs, Steve Luna, Teddi Siddall, Junior Salt, Andrew Roach, Big Budah, John Kepa Kruse, Maclain Nelson, Emily Tyndall, Nathan West, Larry Bagby, Max Kasch,

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❝ I want to wake where I was born…❞

NAME: Robin Anita Fields
D.O.B: July 31st
TYPE: Wallflower | Composer
FACECLAIM: Olesya Rulin

❝ And breathe the old air in.

THE PAST:   Most of Robin’s past is something she’d like to keep a secret, so if she ever does open up to you, know that you’re especially important to her. Because her past is her deepest and darkest secret.
Robin had been a quiet child since day one. She didn’t have many friends and preferred to keep her head down most of the time. This was a defense technique, because she didn’t want anyone to know where she came from. She never wanted anyone to find out about her mother, an alcoholic who brought home a new guy every week, usually closer to her daughter’s age than her own. Many of the men gave off creepy vibes and would show much more interest in Robin than Meg, though they never touched her enough to raise an alarm.
Growing up, Robin’s mother had always had trouble making connections and, as a result, was abandoned by the people she depended on one too many times. When she had Robin, she saw her daughter as being the one person who could never leave her and decided to make sure that that never happened. Throughout her life, Robin constantly had to deal with her mother hovering over her shoulder at all times. She was only allowed to leave the apartment for school or otherwise she had to be accompanied by her mother. If ever she expressed an interest in going out on her own, her mother filled her mind with fear of the world around her to keep her compliant.
Often, her mother tried to make her and Robin into a “proper family” and, whenever she brought home a new boyfriend, she would try desperately to have them all “bond” and, when Robin refused, she would be forced to feel her mother’s wrath. More times than Robin could count, she was forced to sit through ridiculous board games and uncomfortable movies just to please her mother. Often, she was forced to endure this with her mother’s boyfriend-of-the-month’s hand on her thigh. When Robin couldn’t bear it, she’d go and hide in her room with her desk chair holding the door shut so nobody could come in. To this day, she still never sleeps with the door unlocked.
Growing up, if she found her mother passed out on the couch from drinking, Robin would skip breakfast and not pack a lunch for fear that the noise would wake her mother up, and if she’d locked herself in her room but forgot her backpack where she often left it by the front door, she’d leave her homework unfinished rather than risk going to get it. As a result, her grades suffered greatly.
It was courtesy of her third grade teacher, who saw a love for music in Robin’s eyes, that Robin learned the piano. They spent every lunch and many a recess in the music room, learning, and when Robin was about to move onto middle school, the teacher passed her a pile of song books for her to continue to teach herself. She taught herself the guitar, after she received one during one of the better periods of her life, when the man her mother was dating was a decent fellow who treated Robin like his very own daughter. For a while, she believed that as long as he was there, her life could be normal. Her mother was sobering up and even allowing Robin to go to the convenience store across the street on her own. She no longer had to sleep with her door blocked and he even talked her mother into buying her a cheap guitar at a garage sale with a few song books. But then it was revealed that he’d been having an affair and, though he had promised Robin’s mother many times that he would be leaving his wife soon, it never happened. Six months after he entered Robin’s life, his wife found out and Robin never saw him again after that.

❝ I need a haunt from a ghost that I knew…

THE PRESENT:   Following that, her mother’s boyfriends only got worse. When she was seventeen, two things happened. The first was that her mother began to date Trevor (or maybe his name was Travis), who was certainly not subtle about his interest in Robin. The other was that Robin met Winston – a kind boy who was as interested in music as she was. They began to write songs together, then started to date. He was one of the few people she confided in about her homelife and he was a safe place for her.
Her story is one that she carries around with her – literally – in the notebooks she keeps close to her at all times. She can be a bit of a hopeless romantic at times, but her insecurity and strong beliefs that certainly anyone could do better than someone as emotionally damaged as herself keeps her from getting too close.
Shortly after befriending Winston, she was introduced to his friend, Julia Meng, and through Julia she met the band, Bad Whiskey. A series of events led her to become the band’s new lead singer and she’s found a safe place with her new friends.

❝ Way back then.

PERSONALITY:  ✓ Imaginative, patient, compassionate
                          ✗ Over-emotional, easily-jealous, timid
                          ✓ + ✗ Good Liar

❝ I hope they left the light on.

CONNECTIONS: Winston Wagner - Boyfriend
                           Julia Meng - Best friend
                           Austin Page - Friend
                           Taralynn Sage - Friend
                           Kaleb Brewer - Friend
                           Elijah Kinney - Friend
                           Ophelia Wagner - Friend
                           Hunter Vaughn - Acquaintance