Guess who?  Zecaeru!

Here’s a preview of my 3D Adventures with Matthew.  Isn’t he a cutie?  This project was a super AWESOME way to work on 3ds Max skills.

If anyone is interested, perhaps I’ll post a ‘making of’ post soon.  Thanks for watching!

Update 1:  Added basic skin and hair textures, body animation, eye reflection (he’s looking at you!), and sunlight motion

Update 1.5: Fixed sunlight to be less strobe and more gentle summer day, adjusted facial expression timing, significantly reduced reflections for less “milky” looking eyes, and enlarged irises so Matthew doesn’t creep out my Pixar-phobic friends (and now me as well) ;)

Quick close-up for those tired of scanning the one-second clip:


  • Character inspiration, 2D background, and audio clip are from the Seduce Me Otome game belonging to Michaela Laws (@thebunnyofevil)
  • Abs-laden 2D character art by Camille Ruley (@unruleyart)
  • Voice Acting provided in the audio clip was performed by Ethan Nakashima (@ethannakashimava)