Also I started on the gun for the bodyguard. The first of three cyclic ion rifles. It’s not glued on as I still need to add to it and also add his shoulder guard before I glue it in place. I’m using the parts (but not the rules) for the iridium suit for all three bodyguards and adding all the extra armour I can just to make them look as mean as possible. Trying to get the poses to fit their role as well.


Suits Appreciation Week | Day 4: Favorite OTP

“Rachel, you know I told you I loved you from the second I met you.”

“Well, you loved my pencil skirt.”

“I loved your face. You’re the most amazing woman I have ever met. And you’re not just beautiful but you’re sweet and caring and kind and brilliant and tenacious.”


me: :o

wildberrypoptartstuff asked:

Hey I'm a big fan and I think you do great work! I'm a level one judge and my issue is that I'm the only one in my playgroup with formal rules training. Sometimes they feel like I'm "making up" rules to suit me and my board. Do you have any tips for navigating the situation? Thank you very much!


One suggestion is to familiarize yourself with the Comprehensive Rules so that you can actually show them the rule in question. 

Another suggestion, but it only works for some things, is to give counter-examples showing why the way they want things to work wouldn’t work.


all the dresses!

day dresses in beautiful pastels with delicate embroidery
ballgowns in bold colours because screw the ton’s rules

Imagine the suit jackets not boring but full of interesting clever details
And the mother-of-pearl buttons

imagine the glimpse of gold sequins on a delicate slipper

imagine how they look by candlelight crumpled on the floor
(imagine wine-red and cobalt blue silks and openwork lace details)

the crisp white of a shirt against the dark navy of fitted pants
the delicate rose pink muslin stained with ink

imagine the pearls and the emeralds. the crystals and gold.


purementrose asked:

{+} !! i must've forgotten to send this the other day ahh / n \ i got distracted after lottie got excited about being tall ;u; )

kisses ur sweet cheeks
no worries friend ok i am just glad you sent it in at all uwu!!
also lottie is gonna be excited about being tall but also still tiny future bf is Strong and will lift her for funsies and i am Ready

thefreckledone asked:

BUNNIES! for yagura or tobirama

The last queen of the wilds had been old and well on her way into the next life. Her empire was poised for change, but no one believed it would be shifted into the hands of a nameless nobody girl without a clan or lineage to speak of. 

There was nothing special about this underdog of a girl that emerged from the wilds like the first, rumored queen from myth, and the stories about how she had won for herself the crown of the world was a fool’s song. 

Those lands deserved to be in the hands of someone suited to rule, someone fit for leadership, and when his brother declined the challenge, claiming he had no desire to fight for more land’ Tobirama took the burden upon himself. He would set the world straight if no one else would. If he didn’t, one of the Uchiha heirs would go after it.  

The land was wide between where he was and where she waited. The grasslands were vast in a way that drove lesser men mad. Sometimes they seemed to stretch on for days, and if you tried to cross them without a horse, they could. 

She met him in the skirts of her borders with the wilds that still technically fell under her protection atop a speckled gray war horse that looked like it was bred on bones and flesh. She dismounted in a single fluid movement and turned to kiss her mare’s neck before walking away from it. She rode in no saddle, and carried no weapons he could see.

For a queen that refused the title of empress, she was even less intimidating in person. Tobirama was struck by her small frame and stature. She was a girl, yes, but even so he expected an amazon when he heard the stories of how she split the world open.

‘Just stories.’ 

“You wish to fight me for my lands?” she asked, tilting her head to the side. She didn’t dress in armor, but simple cotton clothes that caught the wind and flapped around her waist and arms. There was a cord of navy blue around her neck studded with tassels and the wrap around belt that fit under her chest bindings was the same rich color. Everything else about her was faded and white. 

Tobirama was a man of few words, so he nodded and fell into a stance. If he tried to talk now he was afraid of what he might say. He felt a corner of his heart rot with guilt about what he would have to do to such a young, pretty thing. She likely didn’t deserve this, but it was for the good of the world. 

Looking back, he knew that the moment he lost was when he didn’t take her seriously. She was a wraith in white between the grasses and he had no time to move to the offense. She never ran out of energy as she matched him in speed, something he was famed for, and never seemed to sweat when they came in close to trade blows. 

He fell not soon after, clutching the side of his face where her nail grazed him earlier on. “It’s paralysis,” he choked, eyes wide.

“Yes, but it wont’ kill you,” Sakura answered, sitting down next to him. She smiled and it looked sad. “Sorry, you’ll be stiff for a while. But you deserve it for not taking me seriously. I didn’t even have to use much of my chakra. I thought I might lose to you to, with all the stories I’ve heard. If you had bee serious from the beginning this might have ended differently.”  

“You’ll kill me now, or hold me for ransom.” His jaw tingled as the rest of his body stayed numb.

Sakura hummed, looking off to where her war horse grazed. “No, I’ll stay with you until you can walk again. I trust you to find your own way back afterwards.” She closed her eyes as another breeze passed over them and the shriek of a hawk made the grasslands shiver. It would be dark soon, and wild things stalked in the night. 

She pulled him onto her back and lifted him like it was nothing before carrying him to her horse before riding to a camp. She set up a fire and made food for them, feeding him when his arms refused to move past his elbows. 

While she cleaned the hides from the rabbit dinner, she told him stories elders told children and then went on about the tattoos she hid under her sleeves and what they meant. She asked him about his but he kept silent, not knowing how to respond. 

She stayed awake the night he slept, and when he woke in the morning, he could move again. She stood on the edge of came watching the sun from her perch with her arms cross over her chest. The gold glare of their naked sun set her hair afire from where it whipped about her neck. 

She left without another word more, seeing he could walk and limp about on his own. Weeks later, the memory of her wordless departure still haunted him. 

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Breaking Rules.

I wore this suit jacket Monday. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “I don’t care.” I’ve always been intrigued by chalkstripes because they separate well. Look at old Apparel Arts images if you don’t believe me. If only I had a pair of oatmeal or ivory colored flannel slacks. I don’t have either, so I had to make do. The contrast with the luster of the navy slacks looks better in person.

The iPhone is good at many things, taking great photos is not among them. And yes, Nespresso is great. My usual coffee routine is coffee at home while I sit and read, or an Americano when I get to work. I usually save the Nespresso for an afternoon pick me up with some Girl Scout cookies I have stashed away. But today, it’s wet and cloudy. I needed some caffeine in a hurry.


Street Style photo shoot with Lucie behind the camera! 

Since entering my thirties I have found a new love for mens tailoring and I like to mix things up. Why not team a suit with a pair of Stan Smiths. Fashion is all about breaking the rules is it not! 

Suit - Selected Homme

Pocket Square - Paul Smith via Mr Porter

Trainers - Stan Smith, Adidas

Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

Photos by Lucie

The Game: Rapper loses $10 million to sexual assault law suit

Golden rule for rich male celebrities, never flaunt your bank account because a certain reality TV star might just be on the prowl. Story has it that American rapper, The Game is $10 million less rich after losing a sexual assault court case.

The Game: Rapper loses $10 million to sexual assault law suit was originally published on For Naija

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for asking this, but what's a silky? It sounds like a maid to me but like a ghost one. And again, sorry for asking this.

Haha, its okay! I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know what a silky is ;^~^

A silky is a house spirit that chooses a home, and… uhh… Possesses (?) it. Normally, a silky just comes out at night, and completes household chores that the family wasn’t able to complete. They finished churning butter, or cleaning the kitchen, etc. 

I took the idea of a silky, and…well… butchered it. Our silky comes from the original idea of a house spirit that cleans at night, but I added my own mechanics and rules to suit the story. Silkies don’t connect to people, they don’t make friends with the inhabitant, they don’t like getting clothing as gifts…. but hey! That’s what writers do, right? Fuck things up and twist them to their whim to create their own original stories? 

That’s what Fanfiction is… right?

blondyn-z-szaflar asked:

Numbers 2, 7, 14, 22, 33, 41 and 47 for me please.

2| Do you have a ski jumper’s autograph?

No 😢

7| What do you think of the stricter rules for suits (that were followed by a lot of disqualifications)?

It’s annoying and I don’t know whether fair (I’m talking about some cases that have been accepted)
14| Did you ever read ski jumping ff?

Yes, I love reading it! 💕

22| What would you ask the jumpers as interviewers?

It’s hard question. Probably, is he satisfied with his jumps etc. As a fan I would ask for something else
33| Who of the current jumpers might be trainer a few years?

Maybe, Kamil Stoch? I don’t know 😁

41| Would you enjoy mixed competitions (2 girls and 2 boys)? Should there be more in the WC?
Yes! I’m waiting for this!

47| What is your favourite ski jumping meme?

I don’t have my favourite.

Thank you! 😘

anonymous asked:

7 26 41 48

7| What do you think of the stricter rules for suits (that were followed by a lot of disqualifications)?

Hm I guess it’s fine as long as everyone follows them

26| Do you rather miss the retired jumpers or are excited for the new generation?

Answered that one already :)

Both, I guess… I mean the retired jumpers remind me of how I used to watch the competitions when I was a kid but it’s normal for new guys to come, win, break records, etc.

41| Would you enjoy mixed competitons (2 girls and 2 boys)? Should there be more in the WC?

Yes, they can be fun, but I feel bad sometimes cause only two jumpers from the best male/female team can compete. I mean, it would be hard to decide who to kick out between Iraschko, Hölzl, Pinkelnig and Jaci or between Fannis, Kenny, Tande, Forfang etc., I hope you understand what I want to say with this? hahah

48| Which jumper would you like to have by your side at a zombie apokalypse?

Ok, this is one of the tougher ones, but… I say Gregor, just bc he’s my all time favourite :)

Finally Cocoa child slaves can have their freedom.

Finally Cocoa child slaves can have their freedom.

External image

On January 11, amongst all the bad news which has been surrounding the news channels, finally a good news came out like a ray of sunshine. On Monday, The Supreme Court ruled that the law suit can move forward which was filed by former child laborers against big corporation Nestle.


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Windsor Digs Its Own Hole

Windsor Digs Its Own Hole @DrewDilkens #YQG #WindsorPoli #OptOutCampaign @LernersLLP #CharityBingo

External image

By Robert Tuomi (WINDSOR, ON) – If nothing else, and there are probably a number of something elses, the bureaucrats and the local city council suffer from a severe lack of parental supervision. Too often they behave like spoiled brats, which is both a disservice and often costly to taxpayers. The mayor himself is the most out-of-control, with his spending of $21 million for a flash-in-the-pan…

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