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Donald Trump has just reinstated the global gag rule which will have huge effects on women’s health – not just abortion statistics – all over the world

Just 48 hours after millions of women across the world marched to advocate for their health and rights, Donald Trump has signed off on the first abortion restriction policy of his term. President Trump has reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which would block federal aid to foreign organizations that provide abortions or even abortion counseling.


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Jesus you act like Donald trump is the worst thing that happened to America. What about the bombs that Obama dropped every 20 minutes during his 8 years? Like trump is pretty shitty but def not the worst

Barack Obama didn’t brag about sexually assaulting people. 

Barack Obama didn’t instate this many controversial ~unconstitutional~ executive orders within his first two weeks in office. 

Barack Obama didn’t gaslight the entire country by lying about the size of his inauguration, which will surely progress into lying about much, much more important things.

Barack Obama’s election didn’t lead to swastikas being drawn - and normalized - all over the country. 

Barack Obama didn’t have over a million people take to the streets on one given day to protest him.

Barack Obama didn’t have every news outlet except for fucking Fox and Breitbart bashing him.

Barack Obama didn’t violate the law by pushing forward with the Keystone pipeline. 

Barack Obama didn’t have the Pope comparing him to Hitler. 

Barack Obama didn’t win through a rigged election. 

Barack Obama didn’t silence the EPA and the National Park Service from communicating with the public - which is literally their job. 

Barack Obama didn’t reinstate the Global Gag Rule, which will lead to hundreds of thousands of pregnancy and abortion related deaths. 

Barack Obama didn’t deny that climate change existed, for the sake of his own business interests. 

Barack Obama didn’t have his spokesperson promoting his daughter’s clothing line while he was serving in public office. 

Barack Obama didn’t issue a Muslim ban in 7 countries, yet failed to include the 2 countries with the highest number of terrorist attacks 

Barack Obama wasn’t best buds with fucking Vladimir Putin. 

Barack Obama didn’t forbid legal residents from entering their own country. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate a Secretary of Education who was so unpopular that a tiebreaker vote had to be issued by the VP. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate an Attorney General who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge, and who thinks grabbing people by their genitals isn’t sexual assault. 

Barack Obama wasn’t perfect, but he sure as hell wasn’t Trump. 


The Netherlands fights back against Trump with “international fund” for reproductive rights

  • Trump signed an executive order Monday to reinstate the global gag rule.
  • The rule effectively denies federal funding to any nongovernment organizations worldwide that provide abortion services, or even just offer educational information about abortion.
  • The Netherlands is stepping up to the plate with an “international fund” to support birth control, reproductive health and abortion access in the developing world, the Independent reported Wednesday.
  • Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, announced the plans Tuesday, saying it will “compensate this financial setback as much as possible,” the Associated Press reported. Read more

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The Swedish government is trolling Donald Trump with photos that bring attention to the ridiculous gender imbalance in his cabinet

In late January, a photo of Trump and his close circle went viral because it was the literal definition of a boys’ club. The kicker? The president was signing a law that blocks foreign organizations from receiving federal aid if they provide abortions or even abortion counseling. On Friday, Isabella Lövin — Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate — posted an eerily similar photo.

Images: Isabella Lövin/Jessica Valenti
In 1938, L.A. woman went to jail for wearing slacks in courtroom
By Los Angeles Times

Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick made Los Angeles court history — and struck a blow for women’s fashion — in 1938.

Hulick arrived in downtown L.A. court to testify against two burglary suspects. But the courtroom drama immediately shifted to the slacks she was wearing. Judge Arthur S. Guerin rescheduled her testimony and ordered her to wear a dress next time.

Hulick was quoted in the Nov. 10, 1938, Los Angeles Times saying, “You tell the judge I will stand on my rights. If he orders me to change into a dress I won’t do it. I like slacks. They’re comfortable.”

Five days later, she returned to court in slacks, angering the judge. She was told to return the following day “in acceptable dress” or risk being found in contempt of court and punished.

The next day, Hulick showed up in slacks. Judge Guerin held her in contempt. She was given a five-day sentence and sent to jail.

“After being divested of her favorite garment by a jail matron and attired in a prison denim dress, Miss Hulick was released on her own recognizance after her attorney … obtained a writ of habeas corpus and declared he would carry the matter to the Appellate Court,” The Times reported.

Hundreds sent letters of protest to the courthouse. Guerin’s contempt citation was overturned by the Appellate Division during a habeas corpus hearing. Hulick was free to wear slacks to court.

A couple of months later, Hulick came back to court. Her point made, this time she wore a dress.

Dear anti-feminists, please stop using women you don’t care about in other countries to silence the women you don’t care about in your own country.

Anti-feminist individuals do not care about women who are oppressed in other countries. They only seem to bring them up when it’s in effort to minimize and silence American feminists.

Millions of people around the world stood up for women’s rights on Saturday during the Women’s March and the most common things I’ve heard from people in opposition to that display of solidarity are things like “You aren’t even oppressed - won’t you think of the poor women in other countries?” “What have you done for women in other countries? How selfish!”

Then - two days ago, as their president, Donald Trump, re-instated the “Global Gag Rule,” they were silent, if not praising his actions. This action will either take extremely valuable health services away from “those poor women in other countries” who are lucky enough to live somewhere where they are allowed to access safe abortion, ending the lives of thousands, OR take away their access to safe abortion, also ending the lives of thousands. Yet - no one who had previously begged me to stop thinking of my own rights and defend women in foreign countries has displayed any outrage.

Today, their president, Donald Trump, has decided that he will bar refugees and immigrants from many of these countries where women are oppressed, condemning them to suffer and prohibiting them from seeking refuge in a place where women *apparently* have every right and privilege they could ever imagine. Again, those in opposition to the march seem to be very pleased with these actions or have nothing negative to say, despite how much they pretended to care about these poor women on Saturday.

Stop using women you don’t care about in other countries to silence the women you don’t care about in your own country. You are not fooling anyone.