I might be a slow hoe, and I’m relatively new to the tumblr fandom so this might be old news BUT THIS JUST OCCURED TO ME

Okay so, Rules of Engagement, The Royal Romance and Endless Summer all take place in the same universe, right?

I mean, in RoE we meet Blair Hall, mother of Grace from ES. And in RoE we meet Leo and is introduced to Cordonia (aka TRR)

So, depending on ones final choice in ES


Not to mention that Damien from Perfect Match was tailing the Royal couple aka Liam and MC.


Like damn PB, I know you like killing characters but shiit

Choices stories as b99 gifs

the freshman

most wanted

rules of engagement

the royal romance

the crown and the flame

endless summer


the haunting of braidwood manor


high school story

it lives

red carpet diaries

home for the holidays

perfect match


veil of secrets

americas most eligible

desire & decorum

across the void

big sky country

@playchoices Can you maybe give us another way to get gems? Because I really want to unlock some of the special scenes but I can’t afford to buy diamonds. Maybe we could watch an add for 5 diamonds? Or if we play for two consecutive days, we get 2 gems, for three days, we get 4 and and for four days we get 6 and so on until maybe 7 or 10 days? This would be really cool! please do this. What do you guys think? 

choices stories explained badly

the freshman: become a grumpy old dude’s entertainment slave to get money for school where you’ll up liking it, then learn that anything that seems too good to be true (i.e. three people lowkey being in love with you at once) probably is and will evidently fall apart. oh and for some reason it’ll be your fault. it isn’t, everyone’s gonna blame you tho. but it’s cool, friendship prevails or whatever and everyone’s gay.

the sophomore: it’s the freshman except everyone looks like suburban middle-class parents now.

the rules of engagement: don’t marry cheating, lying scum bags who are predestined to be named something fratboy-esque like trent. marry hot men you meet on a cruise after three months of knowing them for money instead.

the crown and the flame: uniting divided kingdoms takes a lot of death and money, also you may or may not have some sexy times with the enemy’s son. the fire nation is the last surviving type of bender and bradley james turns into a dragon. avan jogia is hot and mysterious.

lovehacks: date men for work they said. it’ll be fun they said.

the royal romance: who needs a comfy life in new york maxwell i love you when you can have adventures maxwell why won’t you love me back in a far off country with a handsome maxwell prince? leave your life behind. leave your friends. it’s all good.

most wanted: murder, scandal, and revenge. you’re gonna ship massey and dave and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. and not to be that guy but where is book two. not to be shady but we’re moving on to the freshman: senior home and most wanted hasn’t even—

endless summer: you just came out here to have a good time and you’re literally being attacked right now. your entire life has been a lie and your gbf was stolen by sentient plants. you’ve sold your morals so that your fave would like you. why is tony stark so sketchy.

haunting of braidwood manor: you go on a haunted slumber party with a family of ghosts because you wanna help your ghost brother and oh hey, ghost girl is pretty cute. actually she’s really cute. the power of the lesbians has made ghost girl a normal girl again. this is my not-ghost girlfriend and we’re in love, thanks for your support best-male-bro-pal-who-i’m-not-interested-in-because-i’m-gay.

hero: everyone bullies you because you’re broke and don’t have the diamonds for this and that’s all we know so far

Meeting of the MCs

HSS MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day of High School. I also showed some bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution

Sophomore MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day of college. I also showed some bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution. And I wrote a book.

LoveHacks MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day in a new city. I also showed some bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution. And I started my own company.

RoE MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day on a cruise ! I also showed some bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution. Also my grandma forced me to marry a man I just met for money.

TRR MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day in a small foreign monarchy! I also made dangerous enemies and got threatened and my good name was dragged through the dirt. All because the prince wanted to propose to me….. but I’ll show those bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution ….oh and maybe the old king is secretly a murderer but that’s not out ye…..

THoBM MC: I’ve made great friends on my first day in a haunted house. They’re ghosts. Also I was attacked by my brothers ghost and the burning ghost mother of my not burning ghost girlfriend . But I showed those bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution.

Hero MC : I’ve made great friends on my first day as a superhero. I also showed some villains that treating others badly isn’t a solution and one of my LI almost died! Also there’s a supervillain who’s plotting something but I don’t even know he’s a villain yet.

Everyone: And what about you, Taylor?

ES MC: Well….. I’ve made some great friends on my first day on a tropical island….

Everyone: aww, that’s nice!

ES MC: …. just to find out that they’ve already died over and over again. 2139 times to be exact. And each time I saw them die and couldn’t do anything, even though I’m a practically immortal being who will still exist when there’s nothing left of the universe anymore. I exist out of time and used my time traveling abilities to create a whole religion with me as it’s god. I waged a civil war. I collected my dead friends blood to forge idols out of it that should guide them. I found myself. Literally. I’ve been killed countless times and resurrected always. I fought a high tech killer commando, a giant sea monster from ancient mythology and faced unimaginable dangers. I’m up against a real supervillain, who sank the world into the apocalypse. I’ve seen the whole world burn.

Everyone: What the heck…?!

ES MC: …and I showed some bullies that treating others badly isn’t a solution?


every episode of roe


european guy: *does kickflip on skateboard* i hate my parents… and my hometown….. *takes bite of pizza*

bartender: i… have a mysterious past…….. don’t get near me,,,

business guy: we boutta do some moTHAFUCKIN’ BUSINESS y’ALL

party twin: the entirety of “gasolina” by daddy yankee

bookish twin: i get real wild… i once stayed up past nine thirty…. i can say a swear…. *whispers* heck


blake: simmer down now children simmer down

mira: WHAT ARE YOU???? “an idiot sandwich”

audrey: i’m GAY, i’m WILD, i’d KILL A MAN for FORTY DOLLARS,

paolo: curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

brother: what the FUCK am i gonna DO my BUSINESS is FAILING and i have a BONER for my ASSISTANT what the FUCK

elena: what the FUCK am i gonna DO my BUSINESS is FAILING and i have a BONER for my BOSS what the FUCK

Choices MC Survey Results

Last week I put up this survey about your Choices MC preferences, and it got over 500 responses! Here are the results:

The Freshman: 

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The Crown and the Flame? More like “OMG THERE ARE DRAGONS IN THIS ONE”.

Most Wanted? More like “We’re never getting the sequel”.

The Freshman/The Sophomore? More like “I’ve got 99 problems and like one of them is actually mine”

Endless Summer? More like “Endless Suffer”

The Royal Romance? More like “#MurderKing”

#Lovehacks? More like “Friends, but one of them used to work at BuzzFeed”

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor? More like “GHOST LADY!”

Rules of Engagement? More like “I’d sell my soul to the devil to get that money”

Hero? More like “DIAMONDS”


Choices Transparents Masterpost

To make it easier to navigate, I decided to make a masterpost of all the transparents I’ve done and (mostly) shared with the fandom. This is long overdue but I’ve finally gotten to finish it!

The more recent requests have all been added to this post. I didn’t do previews for them like I always do since they were piling up and that I got lazy.

The links will direct you to the characters’ transparent folders in google drive. Every one of them is up to date so check them out! Do let me know if there’s any error or mistake in the links.

Last update: 10/18/2018 ***

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When you want to collect all the idols, get Jake to love you, have a beautiful wedding, get Kenna a nice wedding dress, wear pretty outfits, have fun with your friends and romance Maxwell but you only have like 5 diamonds:

MCs as Leslie Knope gifs















can you imagine the trr mc and the roe mc being sisters-in-law and just hating each others’ guts