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 Does It Pass The Aila Test?

We all know the rules of The Bechdel Test. In recent years, fans of more feminist-friendly films have included their own character tests, like The Mako Mori Test, The Furiosa Test, The Sexy Lamp Test, the list goes on. While these are all helpful (though comical) tools feminists have used to criticize media narratives, very few of them seem to empower or apply when viewing Indigenous and Aboriginal women in media narratives / storytelling.

As a Native woman, I’ve experienced disappointment and heartache from the way Native women were represented on film, television, cartoons, and other forms of media. From stereotypical “Indian princesses” to the distressing amount of physical and sexual violence in live action period pieces, it felt that a Native woman was not a character you were meant to love and root for. She was never a character you were supposed to relate to or want to be. In almost every role she’s in, she cannot exist without being a prop for another character’s story, and if she has a “happy ending,” it’s usually in the arms of a white colonist or settler.

I’ve created the Aila Test to bring my own concerns to the table when feminists criticize media. Not only should these issues be analyzed and addressed, but content creators who write about Indigenous / Aboriginal women should consider writing characters who pass this test. We need them now, more than ever.

To pass the Aila Test, your film / animation / comic book / novel / etc, must abide by these three important rules:

1. Is she an Indigenous / Aboriginal woman who is a main character…

2. Who  DOES NOT fall in love with a white man…

3. And DOES NOT end up raped or murdered at any point in the story.

Do you know characters that pass the Aila Test? Please submit them to this page!


so theres this FUCKING AMAZING AND ODDLY ACCURATE movie that was released in 2016.“Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life”. It deals with some insane shit many middle schoolers go through. i watched as a “reward activity” on the last day of 8th grade. it got cheers, sobs, and all around agreement THAT EVERY U.S. SCHOOL OFFICIAL NEEDS TO WATCH IT. It deals with school administration’s useless fucking rules and dress codes that suffocate children’s creativity and individuality. It shows what a principal will do, has done, and can do, to get perfect scores. Perfect scores that hinder a child. Perfect scores that turn us into mindless rule following robots. It shows the impacts of standard tests, both on teachers who agree with them, those that don’t, and the children being turned into robots from them. It shows how much a teacher that actually takes the time to understand and involve their kids can alter a kid’s life. IT ALSO HAS A PLOT ALONG WITH IT FOR A SHITTY FATHER, A MOTHER STANDING UP TO SAID FATHER, THE LOSS OF A TEEN DUE TO CANCER, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; Rules Aren’t For Everyone.

so yea… even if you have no relation to the majorly flawed U.S. School system, watch it. It’s from a kid’s perspective that actually is in the system and is so accurate in it’s own goofy way. Especially parents and teachers- y'all in for an eye opener.

Astrology & The Body
  • Aries: Rules the Head, Eyes & Face
  • Taurus: Rules the Neck, Ears, Throat & Tonsils
  • Gemini: Rules the Arms, Shoulders, Lungs & Hands
  • Cancer: Rules the Stomach, Cheeks, Middle Back, Uterus, The Womb, Breasts, Digestive System & Upper part of the Liver
  • Leo: Rules the Heart, Upper Back, Spine & Vertebrae.
  • Virgo: Nervous Sytem, Nails, Brain, Intestines & Lower part of the Liver
  • Libra: Rules the Kidneys, Lower Back, Loins, Appendix, Buttocks & Skin
  • Scorpio: Rules the Bladder, Prostate, Anus, Rectum, Colon and Organs of Reproduction.
  • Sagittarius: Rules the Hips & Thighs
  • Capricorn: Rules the Knees, Skin, Teeth, Joints & Hair
  • Aquarius: Rules the Circulatory System, Eyesight, Calves & Ankles
  • Pisces: Rules the Feet & Toes
  • ---
  • Sun: Rules the Heart
  • Moon: Rules the Digestive System, The Womb, Pancreas, Uterus, Ovaries & Breasts
  • Mercury: Rules the Brain, Tongue, Nerves, & Respiratory System
  • Venus: Rules the Lips, Kidneys & Reproductive System
  • Mars: Rules the Muscles, Arteries & Reproductive System
  • Jupiter: Rules the Pancreas, Liver & Blood
  • Saturn: Rules the Veins, Skin, Bones & Skeleton
  • Uranus: Rules the Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves & Endocrine System
  • Neptune: Rules the Endocrine System, Brain & Mental Health
  • Pluto: Rules the Testes

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Draw the Schuyler sisters as cats

Ideally you can tell who’s who

Angelica is an Abyssinian, Eliza is a Ragdoll, and Peggy is an American Shorthair

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I've been vegan for four months and I've been loving it but I've recently gotten ill and pale and my mum has been saying that it's because I'm not getting the right nutrients and is telling me to eat dairy. I really don't know what to do and I'm scared to tell her that I really can't give up on veganism as I feel like it's one of the only things that gives me structure and I really don't want to eat dairy or meat. What should I do?

Oh god..dairy..please there’s few things worse to consume health wise. That’s sadly what most people believe though so i’m not like hating on her, we’re conditioned to actually believe that stuffs good for us. Some links you can show/read her (x)(x)(x). If your mom is worried about calcium get some almond milk (chalk full of calcium, and minus all those hormones and other junk) Milk actually depletes calcium but I’m not gonna get into that right now this ask is already going to be embarrassingly long. Other foods high in calcium- almonds, (dark leafy greens - collard greens, kale), broccoli, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, tofu and more. If you’re pale that points me more towards iron than anything else. Beans and lentils, nuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, greens, blackstrap molasses and way more! You also have to remember you’re only four months in, a lot of people struggle at first with eating enough. There’s the whole vegans are deficient in protein! thing which is total bullshit by the way but, a lot of the time it’s people not getting enough calories. Your body does go through a a transitioning detox phase (headaches, stomach cramps, feeling overall pretty shitty) you’re getting rid of a lot of nasty shit in your system. It takes some time to figure out what to eat and how much of it to eat. Snacking is important and full balanced meals. Paring foods and whatnot (rice and beans for an obvious example). What do your meals look like? I’m not a doctor though, get a blood test and rule out anything serious but I’m sure you’re fine, but a blood test will show any low levels and if anything just make your mom feel better. Good luck love, take care!

Friendly to-do list tips for my fellow ADHD followers

- Be realistic. People with ADHD tend to put way more on their to-do lists than they can actually get done in a day. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t cross everything off your list; instead, use it as inspiration to plan more realistically.

- Break down projects into bite-sized individual tasks. Putting entire projects on your list will make you feel overwhelmed and procrastinate. Break them into steps: for instance, instead of ‘Find apartment’ write ‘Call realtor’, etc.

- Set a time limit. People with ADHD are notoriously bad at estimating how long things will take. We end up procrastinating big tasks because they feel like they might take forever. So give yourself a time limit: ‘Answer emails (20 mins)’, ‘Work on paper (1 hr)’. Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need and vow to stick to that time limit. Don’t freak out if you can’t get the job all ‘done’ in one go.

- Mix it up. Break up difficult tasks with easy tasks, boring tasks with interesting tasks. Factor in breaks and downtime, and throw in relaxing or fun activities. Your day shouldn’t look like an endless stretch of work, work, work – you’ll burn out.

- Remember what the to-do list is actually for. A to-do list is supposed to be a helpful reminder and time-planning tool. It’s not a rule book or a test. It doesn’t determine whether you’re a good or ‘productive’ or ‘organized’ person. It’s literally just supposed to make your life easier. If it’s stressing you out, you’re taking it too seriously.

Bootleg/Parody Cognitive Function Test

We have all been discussing strange mbti quizzes, some of them seeming like bootlegs.

I have wondered for a long time what an actual bootleg mbti quiz would be like.

Like u know how some bootleg toys look funny.  That kind of bootleg.

So I made one.

This test will not give u a direct type, u have to determine what type u would get from ordering ur function scores from highest to lowest, highest being ur dom function.

If for some reason ur actual type matches the type u score as here, then idk what to say except “D:” .

Most of these qs will be based on stereotypes of things that aren’t inherently/exclusively about that function/are things everyone does, most will also be parodies. Some will be things that seem like they are about that function, but are actually things that everyone does.

Reblog this with ur actual type and the type(s) u got in this test.

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Imagine Your OTP

-Imagine your otp outside by the lake, the sun is setting and the lake is giving off a chilled breeze, as calm gentle waves fills their ears while they are blissfully watching the sunset in each anothers arms

- Imagine your otp taking a cooking class and them horribly messing everything up to the point that the instructor can’t even help them

- Imagine your otp taking their dogs to the park and them meeting another couple who are as enthusiastic about dogs as they are

- Imagine your otp as spies and each of them are sent to see if one another is a mole but they end up falling for one another

- Imagine your otp in high school and them both in the same sex ed class

- Imagine your otp arguing over who is the better ping pong player

- Imagine your otp is living together in a small apartment with dreams of having children and animals one day, and them being super excited that it will be a reality soon

- Imagine your otp is going on a road trip but instead of finding their hotel, they get horribly lost and now they have to sleep in their vehicle and it is such a shame the vehicle is so tiny, and there isnt much space for two, what ever shall they do

- Imagine your otp are both trying to get use to being vampires and since they are both new, and don’t know the rules they test every hollywood movie rule

- Imagine your otp getting stuck in a tree because both of them are scared of the spider at the bottom

- Imagine your otp having to babysit their bestfriends child and both of them having no idea what to do

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first rule: everyone please get tested for STDs beforehand to ensure safe sex

This should be done regularly regardless of context.

tadhdfw you try to be an adult and fail miserably, go to get rediagnosed so you can access school accommodations + professional treatment………. and when you tell your mom about how the diagnostic exam went and she asks why they didn’t do a blood test to rule out if I was just not eating well enough…………… as if that would mimic the exact symptoms of adhd………….. yes mom I have tried yoga and eating kale


That poverty feeling when your doctor declares you healthy because they did the cheapest test to rule out the single most common cause of one of your symptoms and it came back negative, and like hell are you worth ruling other possibilities out you impoverished bio-trash.

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What do you think is the farthest actions(affection wise) that Sana and Yousef will show on Skam? Due to both their Muslim faith(on the show and in real life), I'm interested in the romantic affection aspect that will be shown between them. Asked by a fellow skam lover x

Hello there! Honestly its up to them! Islam is a religion and it has rules. God says that I have these rules and the test is for you to struggle and figure your way through. You probably will screw up and cry and it’ll be hard but remember I am always here for you and that I am your Allah (god). Islam is a religion about inner peace and many of the rules that are there. Are for a reason. Reasons we understand now and reasons we may never be able to understand ever. Boyfriends/ Girlfriends, lowering our gazes, and being alone with one another (opposite gender) are tests all Muslims face around the world. Its okay in Islam to fall in love, to like someone, to think someone is cute! But how you act and listen to Gods words is all up to the person. Now watching the show.. I have no idea I feel like maybe a really strong, close and comforting hug is where they’ll end up ( secretly I WANT MORE. This is a first for me to ever see a girl who looks like me and a cute Muslim guy together so I’m overjoyed ) but.. I’m not sure. Thank you for asking I’m open for more questions xoxo