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I don’t usually go for Young Adult Dystopian, but I just read the most amazing book. 

The Scorpion Rules is set in a world where global warming sparked as series of brutal resource wars near the end of the 21st century.  The United Nations tasked their best and brightest AI, Talis, to come up with a solution.  The AI ended up infecting the Earth’s computer-controlled weaponry and taking over the world, implementing a series of laws: 

  • Combustion engines are banned
  • Anyone who starts a major war gets nuked
  • Anyone who wants to be  general or high-level politician needs to have a child
  • The first-born children of all these leaders are raised by the AI’s flunkies in undisclosed locations (though they are allowed to visit a few times a year to build bonds with their families).  If two nations start a war, the hostage children are all killed.  So you’d better be serious about fighting if you don’t want to talk things out. 

Naturally these schools are Circle-type institutions.  The students get a premium education, but they are subject to blatant conditioning towards the programs’ ideals. 

Into one such school comes a teenaged boy – the grandson of the new President of MURICA, who is too cool for school!  So rebellious and not conditioned!  Charming to everyone, never giving up or giving in!!  Totally ignorant of the destructive impact of his actions have on bystanders!!! Waking up the squares and the sheeple!!!!  YEAH MURICA. 

BUT.  He is not the hero.  Or even the love interest. 

(Though KID MURICA does have sympathetic motivations and is a likeable guy.)

The hero is the Princess of Halifax, who is maybe definitely certainly going to die because this kid’s country intends to attack not!Canada for access to the Great Lakes. Meeting Kid America wakes her up to some of the uglier realities of her life that she’s been wilfully blind to… but she is still totally prepared to die to enforce the peace.  Her quest is not to rebel but to find leverage that will allow her to negotiate an acceptable outcome with MURICA and the all-seeing robot overlords.

I just.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to see such a Canadian story in this genre.  And maybe it plays to stereotype a bit, but who cares?  So do Iron Man and Captain Kirk; that doesn’t mean that Iron Man and Star Trek are garbage. 

Now if you excuse me, I have to go read the sequel. 

Society grows great when old people* plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Greek proverb

Photo: Steven Godfrey

(* The original quote uses the word ‘men’ rather than people. Planting trees is a responsibility of all of us; not just some of us. 🌳)

spawnofinterest  asked:

Hi! I think you did a post a while ago with LGBTQ books that don't deal with coming out or, like, "oh no I'm gay" crises- could you link me to it? Otherwise, if you haven't and I'm fabricating a memory, could you rec a few? I'm looking for some out and proud characters whose story revolves around something other than their sexuality or gender :)

You got it! There are a lot of potential answers to this - @nitatyndall has a huge post on it - but these are my faves where sexuality also feels to me to be the most independent of the main plot:

Contemp (w/a little historical or spec thrown in a couple)


I have yet to read a book with a trans MC that isn’t about gender, but I’ve heard the MC’s genderfluidity in Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller (out Sept. 5) is a good one for that, and I’m guessing Not Your Villain by CB Lee (also probably out in September) probably is too, since the trans MC is already out in Not Your Sidekick, where he’s a secondary. I’d still rec When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore because I think it revolves around their romance more than anyone’s individual identity, but there’s definitely some of that element too.


Study Serves Huge Blow to ‘Any Remaining Climate Change Deniers’
By Hannah Osborne April 14, 2014   International Business Times

Climate change deniers have been dealt a huge blow following the release of a study that says the natural warming hypothesis can be ruled out with 99% accuracy.

Scientists at McGill University, Montreal, have said they can say with overwhelming confidence that climate change is the result of man-made emissions. Published in the journal Climate Dynamics, the researchers analysed temperature data since 1500. Their findings almost completely rule out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is a natural fluctuation in the planet’s climate.

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IMAGE: Scientists are seen during a study of Arctic sea ice in July 2011 Reuters/NASA

SCOTUS rules for limits on EPA global warming rules

AP: The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the EPA lacks the authority in some cases to force companies to evaluate ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

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