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hisoka for the ask meme please! :)

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
    • you’ve seen the butcher - deftones, pet - a perfect circle
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to
    • somewhere close to chrollo. they have rules, hisoka.
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at
    • those stupid fucking trivia games that everyone loves. how does he know so much useless crap?
  • the emoticon they’d use most often
    • (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep
    • the literal devil. please have a glass of wine and go to bed.
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.
    • hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump
    • he fights someone usually. nothing like sticking your fist through someone’s face for self-care.
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up
    • an actor or some kind of entertainer. i’d say he accomplished his dream - he’s pretty entertaining.
  • their favorite kind of weather
    • super hot weather so that he doesn’t have to wear clothes.
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)
    • his level of ability increases with the number of drinks he’s had.
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle
    • he’s really not bad. he paints scenery. mostly creepy circus stuff.

i. there’s a ghost standing at the foot of my bed and it’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it was you ii. i can’t stop thinking of all the things i should’ve done that i never did, all the things that i should’ve said that i never said iii. say goodbye and don’t look back, so long to happy every after iv. all those words we wrote are just the rules of the game, and the rules are the first to go v. your disappearing act is getting harder to bear vi. and i’ve forgotten just how you smell, i only remember i loved it so well vii. if you are chased by a nightmare i will dive into your dreams, and if you are followed by old ghosts i will watch them till they leave viii. follow me back home, ‘cause the night is young and i’m tired of being alone
     / / / a mix for emily and alison during ali’s missing years | 8tracks | playmoss

Tag Game!

Tag game!

Rules: Answer 20 questions, then tag 20. Thank you @procrastination-powers-activate for tagging me!

Name: Carolyn
Nickname: CJ (but mostly people call me Carolyn)
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 5′4″
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Asian American
Favorite fruit: cantaloupe and watermelon
Favorite season: fall
Favorite book: The Catcher in the Rye and Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger (they’re tied for first)
Favorite Animal: rabbit!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: tea
Average sleep hours: Well, according to my Fitbit, I averaged 6.23 hours/night last week :’(
Cat or dog person: dog (but I own cats)
Favorite fictional character: Uzumaki Naruto or Ender Wiggin
Number of blankets you sleep with: two in the winter, so…two!
Dream trip: Ireland (I love James Joyce)
Blog created: February 6th (2 weeks ago)
Number of followers: 301

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10 songs and 10 mutuals // tagged by @durararas

i don’t know what the rules for this tag game are. so im assuming that i just pick ten songs i love.

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tag game?

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag ten people.

i was tagged by @letmarktakeanap2k17 ty for tagging finally i can spread good western music

  1. you & the 6 - drake 
  2. brave for you - the xx
  3. summertime sadness - lana del rey
  4. poplar st. - glass animals
  5. house of cards - bts
  6. cave me in - gallant x tablo x eric nam
  7. remain nameless - florence + the machine
  8. last love - red velvet
  9. money power glory - lana del rey
  10. Madonna - drake

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music tag game!

rules: spell your url with song titles (only using each artist once) and tag ten people


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K - killing me soflty with his song by fugees ( i haven’t even finished killing stalking yet wow)

A - always by panic! at the disco

T - two more minutes by jaymes young

S - sinners by lauren aquilina

U - uma thurman by fall out boy

G - goner by twenty one pilots

A - awake by BTS

Y - you only live once by wataru hatano (sorry not sorry for being yoi trash)

S - sweater weather by the neighborhood 

that was so much harder than i thought it would be omg


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Alphabet game Rules - copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that tagged you…most importantly, have fun.

a / age - 25

b / biggest fear – snakes, talking to strangers on the phone?

c / current time – 1:12pm

d / drink you had last – water

f / favourite song – Hoodoo by Muse

g / ghosts are real? – maybe?

h / hometown – I’d rather not say. I’m paranoid

i / in love with – fictional characters

j / jealous of – people who have their shit together

k / killed someone – lol no

l / last time you cried? – over a fanfic, a few days ago

m / middle name – don’t have one

n / number of siblings – none

o / one wish – for my MA thesis to be written by July

p / person you last called/texted – owed a friend some replies, been a bit like a hermit lately

q / questions you’re always asked – How can you be Hungarian if you’re from Romania? // How often do you have to dye your hair? 

r / reasons to smile – fics, good books, friends, chocolate, food, dogs, people liking the stuff I write

s / song last sang – Super Psycho Love by Simon Curtis

u / underwear colour – orange/grey stripes :))

v / vacation destination – we’re doing a study trip with the class to Croatia and Serbia, don’t think it counts? I’m not excited about it, because it will probably cost a fortune and I’d rather spend it on something else

w / worst habit – my desk is a mess and I bite my nails

x / xrays you have had – dental, hands, lungs, kidney, spine

y / your favourite food – bro, you can’t make me choose… Spaghetti Carbonara? Bibimbap? Mum’s meatball soup? listen, I like food way too much

z / zodiac sign – Capricorn

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music tag game!

rules: spell your url with song titles (only using each artist once) then tag 10 people 


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P- pray for plagues by Bring me the horizon

H- hallelujah by Panic! at the disco

A- american beauty/american psycho by Fall out boy

N- na na na by My chemical romance


O- one dance by Drake

F- fake you out by Twenty one pilots


K- king for a day by Pierce the veil

I- i would like by Zara Larsson

C- castle on the hill by Ed sheeran

K- Kick me by sleeping with sirens


T- touch by Troye Sivan

H- hands on me - Ariana Grande

E- easy target by Blink-182


S- soap by Melanie Martinez

T- that should be me by Justin Bieber

I- i feel it coming by The weekend

C-colors by Halsey

K- king by Years & years 

Z- zero by Chris Brown 

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Name: Diane
Nicknames: Deedee/Didi, Di, Disney
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Pisces
Height: 173cms or something
Sexual Orientation: Do I even know. Straight-ish I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hogwarts House: /
Favorite Color: Black, blue, red, teal
Favorite animal: Ducks
Average Hours of Sleep: Around 8 hours
Cat or dog person: Cat
Favorite Fictional Characters: Floki, Daria, Nicky Nichols, The Cheshire Cat
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 2
Favorite Singer/Band: Edguy, Sonata Arctica, Vexillum, Freedom Call, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Airbourne, Serious Black, I’m probably forgetting a lot of them.
Dream Trip: Sweden!
Dream Job: Translator
When Was The Blog Created: September 2013
Current Number of Followers: 628
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: I had a friend who had one and I needed a place where I could post whatever I want without worrying about some people seeing it.

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a tag thing

@trained-cormorant tag me for this little game, and decided to give it a go :-) (thanks, dear, it was nice!)

alphabet game

Rules - copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that tagged you…most importantly, have fun!

a / age -40

b / biggest fear – house fire, dying of an illness, 

c / current time – 23:34

d / drink you had last – earl grey tea with sugar

f / favourite song – today it was Aurora’s whole album

g / ghosts are real? – nope

h / homeareacountry – Southern Quebec, Canada

i / in love with – Simon, my husband. also, cake. and tea. 

j / jealous of – meh. im not a jealous person. envious sometimes, yes a bit, but not that much. 

k / kink - heheh not drunk enough to tell you yet :p

l / last time you cried? – last week. when my little siamese girl passed away.

m / middle name – Lucie

n / number of siblings – 2

o / one wish – for things not to go the way they seem to be going

p / person you last called/texted – My husband Simon

q / questions you’re always asked – Do you have X book/game/movie/CD in stock right now? (eh i work retail what can i say)

r / reasons to smile – my home life with Simon, this place, the fan side of my life, my art supplies, my yarn stash, my memories.

s / song last sang – crowded house “four seasons in one day” (as i was cooking lunched for the week)

t/ time you woke up – 7:30. 

u / underwear colour – pink polka dots on black.

v / vacation destination – Planning on going to Sept Iles, maybe Toronto too.

w / worst habit – I am very forgetful. 

x / xrays you have had – apart from yearly dental ones, 2. one when i had a bike accident as a kid, and one of my lungs when i had respiratory problems (that turned out to be distress cause by accute anxiety. *shrug* me is stressed)

y / your favourite food – morrocan/lebanese food, and indian food. and scones.

z / zodiac sign – Capricorn.

not tagging anyone, I’m scared of forgetting someone ! i tag all of you who feel like it!

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rules: enter your answers then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name to answer each question. real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice.

  • Name: Kathrynn
  • A four letter word: Knee
  • A boy’s name: Kaine
  • An occupation: Kitchen supervisor
  • Something you can wear: Kimono
  • A food: Kale
  • Something you can find in a bathroom: Keratin
  • A place: Kansas
  • A reason for being late: Killed your car (aka stalling a manual transmission)
  • Something you shout: Knock-Out!
  • A movie title: Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Something you drink: Kahlua Coffee
  • An animal: King Cobra
  • A type of car: Kia
  • Title of a song: Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran)

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Bard of Doom classpect and powers please? :3

The Bard of Doom

A Bard invites destruction of their aspect or invites destruction through their aspect

Doom is the aspect of obligations, entropy, and sacrifice

A Bard of Doom would be an optimistic rulebreaker. They’d hate obeying others and hate to owe favors. They prefer to live a laid-back and positive life. When they enter SBURB, they’d despise the rules of the game and would potentially lead to many problems for their team, such as unintentionally creating doomed timelines or a null session. Eventually, they would have to come to terms with their fate and duty as a Hero of Doom, but their innate nature would lead to anarchy in their session. A Bard of Doom’s goal would be to come to accept their role and strike a balance between obedience and chaos.

They would be capable of saving a doomed session. By destroying the universe’s obligation to fail, they would allow their team to continue their journey to create the new universe. In a way, they are a team’s final solution in the event of total failure. However, they are just as capable of dooming any session, so tread lightly.

Either way, they have some spectacular fashion taste!

Spellcasting Combat Narration for D&D

image credit: Ben Wootten

So I was gonna include this in my other article on narrating combat, but it proved far too lengthy, so I made this into part 2! 

Combat is easy to describe compared to narrating spell attacks. I ran into this problem last session when I was getting into detail telling the barbarian how they tore off an ogre’s head but then the druid just kept using Fire Bolt and I kept defaulting to “you shoot a bolt of fire at his face.” I’m going to try and vary things up with these lists and help everyone else in the process! I am organizing them by energy type.

Mode of Attack

Half of a spell’s attack is how the caster shapes their spell. The same spell can look very different with every casting if you have a creative DM. Feel free to switch it up each time it’s cast, or vary the same spell when cast by different characters of different classes.

Attack Words

Generic shapes and terms that will launch from the caster’s hand.

Helix, Spiral, Beam, Erratic, Mote, Bolt, Stream, Blast, Burst, Blade, Arc, Miasma, Cloud, Eruption, Wave, Cone, Missile, Rune, Glyph

Class-Based Ideas

  • Bard
    • Energy manifests from thin air a foot in front of their instrument as they play
    • Energy is shaped like ribbons of written music that ripples towards enemies
    • Several tiny motes of energy appear with each note sung or played. Each point of damage comes from a mote hitting the opponent (rolls a 4 out of a d6, 4 of the 6 note-motes hit)
  • Cleric
    • Energy falls from the sky or emerges from the ground as the cleric prays
    • Beam of energy originates from holy symbol
    • Spell attack should highlight that the cleric is granted their powers from a greater power, don’t have the energy come from their hand/finger. Have the energy come TO them, and then be thrown at the enemy.
  • Druid
    • Energy is shaped like an animal.
    • Energy rushes forth from the surrounding wilderness and zooms past the druid and toward the foe.
    • Much like Cleric, energy shouldn’t come from the caster. It should come from elsewhere before being thrown at the enemy.
  • Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
    • Energy blasts from their bound weapon pointed at the enemy.
    • Energy fires from their mouth as they yell.
    • Energy surrounds their weapon and is used in tandem with it (if close enough)
  • Monk (Way of Four Elements)
    • Literally just watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and do that.
  • Paladin
    • Most Paladin spells are smite-based, so they usually happen when an attack hits. Otherwise, let the energy come from a higher power like the Cleric.
    • Energy bursts forth from within the creature hit
    • Energy surrounds weapon right as the strike lands
    • Energy falls from the sky or erupts from the ground
  • Ranger
    • Honestly, most Ranger spells often seem a lot like man-made traps like Cordon of Arrows (arrow traps), Fog Cloud (smoke grenade), or Grasping Vine (slipknot trap). But otherwise, Play it like the Cleric where the energy comes from a higher power.
    • Energy takes the form of the Ranger’s animal companion or an animal they associate with.
    • Spells seem to cast automatically whenever the Ranger is in a tight spot, almost as if nature itself is protecting them. The Ranger gives an approving nod whenever this happens in thanks.
  • Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
    • Energy is always accompanied by a shimmer of glitter
    • The Rogue plays with the energy over their fingertips as they whistle before casting the spell.
    • Energy enchants one of the Rogue’s daggers and casts the spell by tossing the dagger at the intended location or target.
  • Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)
    • Energy takes the shape of a dragon of your bloodline.
    • Energy surges forth from your breath
    • All energy takes the shape of your bloodline dragon’s energy type, regardless of the actual energy type. For instance, a sorcerer of a blue dragon’s bloodline that casts Burning Hands or Cone of Cold keeps the energy type but shapes the fire and cold damage into the form of a bolt of lightning. 
  • Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 
    • Energy takes on many random forms, never under the full command of the Sorcerer.
    • Energy erupts from random places in the environment when the Sorcerer calls upon them.
    • Energy bubbles and fizzes with all energy types (but mostly the one called upon), as if a piece of Limbo was thrown at the enemy.
  • Warlock (Archfey)
    • Your energy shimmers with iridescent colors and showers enemies with sparks of glitter.
  • Warlock (Great Old One)
    • Your magic corrupts and twists the flesh of the target of your spell, regardless of the energy type.
  • Warlock (Fiend)
    • Energy takes the shape of the unholy symbol of your patron.
  • Wizard (Abjuration)
    • Energy shoots forth from your magical wards, arcing towards your enemies.
  • Wizard (Conjuration)
    • You conjure a short-lived elemental of the energy type you need. It soars at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Divination)
    • You weave the glowing threads of fate in the palms of your hands, tweaking reality to cast your spell.
  • Wizard (Enchantment)
    • You enchant an object to exude the energy and toss it at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Evocation)
    • I mean, you just sorta blast them. That’s what this school’s about.
  • Wizard (Illusion)
    • Your spell usually spawns two or three illusory copies. When the attack misses, the enemy simply managed to dodge the right duplicate.
  • Wizard (Necromancy)
    • Your energy takes the shape of a skull screaming as it flies toward the enemy
  • Wizard (Transmutation)
    • You transmute the energy out of the surrounding environment and fire it at the enemy


So if half of a spell’s attack is the shape and travel of the spell, the other half is when the spell hits. I organized this list by energy type, as different energies will do different sorts of things when they hit a creature. This is mostly a collection of interesting effects, colorful language, and examples.


  • Your bolt of fire singes their armor (burning cloth, blackening leather, discoloring metal)
  • A tiny bead of fire explodes on contact
  • Showers them with red sparks
  • Your attack leaves behind a billowing trail of smoke
  • A fast-travelling meteor of flame soars from the sky towards the enemy.
  • Your flames leave blisters and cracked skin in its wake.
  • Your fire blackens the enemy’s flesh


  • You freeze the moisture in the air into icy daggers that fall onto your enemy
  • You freeze the water in their blood to damage them
  • Their skin turns blue and numb
  • You literally hurl a snowball at them.
  • Your spell leaves them covered in a layer of frost
  • A buildup of ice covers where your spell hit. (it’s easily shattered once they move, though)
  • A blast of icy wind and rain leaves them shivering.


  • A crack of thunder pummels your foe
  • A high-pitched, deafening shriek focuses itself on the target
  • A thin trail of blood races from the foe’s ears from a sound no one else can hear
  • The enemy falls to their knees cupping their hands over their ears, gritting their teeth
  • You buffet the target with waves of thunderous sound
  • The ground shakes with the force of your spell. Brittle glass objects nearby shatter.


  • Lightning comes from the sky to smite your foe
  • You all smell the faint odor of ozone before a bright bolt of lightning streaks toward the target of your spell
  • Before your enemy can blink they are showered in electrical sparks followed by crippling pain
  • The enemy’s back stiffens as the powerful current of lightning surges through them
  • Your attack leaves a permanent web of lightning shaped burns all over one side of their body
  • Your blast of lightning causes their skin to rupture as it travels through their body


  • Your acid sizzles as it burns a new, unnatural color into their skin
  • The attack melts their flesh, leaving them permanently disfigured at the site of the spell
  • Your spell’s acid causes blue fire to burn where it hit their skin, and bleaches their armor and belongings
  • A rancid smell fills the foe’s nostrils as the acid bubbles on their bare skin, burning through the simple cloth of their shirt.


  • You spew a poisonous cloud from your mouth at your opponent
  • A spectral viper or insect is flung at the opponent, biting them and filling them with magical venom
  • Your index and middle finger each grow a poisonous fang which you sink into your opponent’s arm (melee range spell attacks only)
  • The enemy’s mouth fills with a foul tasting liquid which forces its way down their throat


  • Your target’s flesh bubbles and boils as a black ichor sputters from the spell’s origin
  • The foe’s flesh festers with magical disease as boils and wounds quickly cover the affected area
  • A skeletal hand wriggles free from beneath the earth, flying towards the target
  • An incorporeal undead shrieks as it flies from your finger toward the enemy to deliver the spell’s effect
  • Black energy swirls around your arm before launching towards the enemy as if it had a life of its own
  • Your iridescent blue magic enters the target’s body and afflicts their soul, making them momentarily dazed as their eyes glaze over.


  • A holy light shines from the skies to harm your target, regardless of time of day or obstructions
  • A halo of radiant energy surrounds your head and blinds the target as they gaze upon it
  • Enemies that aren’t of your alignment hear the whispers of your deity moments before being enveloped in a blinding white light
  • The foe’s eyes and mouth emit warm light and they howl in pain
  • A blade of radiant energy slashes through the victim, leaving a trail of blinking motes of light in its wake
  • The enemy’s skin blisters from the raw positive energy surging through them

So essentially this whole post was a creative writing assignment for myself, but I hope that it gives you guys new creative ideas for new spells or new ways to describe existing spells! They don’t much affect the mechanics of the spell at all, so most DMs I suspect will be fine with most of these descriptions if you want your character to cast spells a certain way.

IG: @brittanie_evans

doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.