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Appeals Court Says AR-15s Are Not Constitutionally Protected
Sorry, NRA: the Second Amendment does not guarantee a right to assault weapons.

This federal appellate court decision is significant for several reasons. One, the decision itself: the AR-15 assault weapon is not constitutionally protected. Two, other semiautomatic assault weapons are probably also not protected, if the reviewing court applies the standard applied by the 4th Circuit in this opinion. Three, the court that issued the opinion is known to be conservative. Four, the opinion is clear, with no room to legitimately find wiggle room or support for a a “yeah, but….” outburst from the right.

We have to remind ourselves that the constitutional checks and balances include the judicial branch. Sometimes we don’t agree with the judges, sometimes they piss us off, and sometimes we’re pleased. But the judicial system presents, right now, the most likely source of resistance to an out-of-control executive branch and a gutless, spiteful, vindictive, destructive legislative branch.

Another example emerged today of the judicial system stepping. A federal judge in Texas has temporarily blocked the state from removing Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood, at least until an underlying lawsuit is settled.

See, it works. (Sometimes not so much, such as when Bush became president instead of Gore.)


AR-15s and other assault weapons with large magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment and can be lawfully banned, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday.

The federal appeals court – based in Richmond, Virginia, and known for its conservative bent – upheld a Maryland prohibition of assault weapons in unvarnished language, writing that “the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are not constitutionally protected arms.”

The Fourth Circuit ruling re-affirms previous court decisions that also placed assault weapons outside the scope of Second Amendment protections of gun ownership. But this ruling – decided 10-4 – goes further by addressing the AR-15 by name, tracing the weapon’s military pedigree from the M-16 rifle and finding that the AR-15 can be banned based on the plain language of the Supreme Court’s infamous Heller decision. (That ruling, written by the late activist conservative justice Antonin Scalia, discovered a constitutional right for individual gun ownership.)

The Heller Court had ruled that “weapons that are most useful in military service – M-16 rifles and the like – may be banned.” The Fourth Circuit picks up that language and runs with it, judging that the semiautomatic AR-15 retains key military characteristics that make the M-16 a “devastating and lethal weapon of war” and that the AR-15 can likewise be banned. “Simply put,” the Court ruled, “AR-15-type rifles are ‘like’ M16 rifles under any standard definition of that term.”

Lucio headcanons:

☆ Concerts are always dedicated to specific causes, always grassroots and aimed at helping the local disenfranchised peoples in the area. So far proveeds have helped improve hospitals, provide repairs to buildings and homes in low income areas (without pricing out the people who live in those neighborhoods), buying land for public gardens for vegetables and fruits in food deserts (aka places where grocery stores are an unreasonable distance away), and creating legal funds to protect and advance the work of local activists.

☆ Lucio trademarks his songs but rarely the music - he wants to encourage songwriters and amateur musicians alike and feels that his healing songs are too important to be kept to just those who can pay for it.

☆ Is 100% a social rebel and agitates for causes in areas that need it. Where there is police violence, Lucio lends his voice - or his social media presence, if he can’t be there in person - to shame and bring change to those in power. Where there is gentrification, Lucio is there to support the people in rebelling in anyway they can, be it through the legal system or through rioting against the people in power.

☆ Smiles not just because he’s upbeat and cheerful but because he believes in spiting oppressive powers and refuses to let them change him.

There was this post earlier, from someone whose mother was born to Gentile birth parents and adopted by a Jewish family. This person was raised Jewish, and is now worrying that they’re APPROPRIATING Jewish culture from ‘ethnic Jews’.

And I still see people fretting over how they want to be able to control what Jewish culture is adopted by converts, especially ‘white converts’.

Said it before, I’ll say it again. The way race/blood/ethnicity/culture etc. are defined and policed by Tumblr’s social justice wing is completely toxic to Jews. A two-thousand-year-plus tradition clearly designating the process by which you join our people, and how you are to be seen and treated once you do trumps a set of rules set up by armchair activists to make sure that everyone ‘stays in their lane’ and adheres to a concept of race and culture that comes straight out of Anglo-American racism.

Adhering to TumblrSJ ™s version of cultural appropriation in this case is to throw out our own tradition in favor of a set of gentile quasi-academic concepts, and call it a win for the Jews. How does this make sense?