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Huxlolidays - A Kylux Summer Event!

Welcome to the Huxlolidays ! Here is a little presentation and more information will follow.

Version française ICI (art by @artful-leo)

What is it, and when?

Huxlolidays is a French-English event based on prompt memes. It will run through July and August and will follow the adventures of our two evil space boyfriends during their holidays – which they deserve because ruling the galaxy is exhausting after all! We’ll release (very soon) a calendar with a prompt every two days, so that everyone can work at one’s pace.

There will be two categories: one for the artists, the other for the writers. Of course if you’re both a writer and an artist, feel free to do what you want: only a fic, only a drawing or even both if you feel it. All participations are welcome – the more the merrier!

How can I participate?

There won’t be any subscriptions. And there is no obligation to fill ALL the prompts. All you have to do is read the prompts, select those which inspire you, and create something! Also there won’t be any deadlines. If you didn’t have the time to finish your work, we’ll still look forward to see it. Just post it or submit it as soon as it’s finished.

For the artists:

On the day of the prompt, you can post it on your Tumblr (in this case please @ mention us and tag us so that we can find it and reblog it here), or directly submit it.

For the writers:

It’s the same as for the artists. If you wrote something on AO3, no problem! You can submit the link and we’ll post it here. Works can be original stories or translations (in this case please ask the author before). You can write in English or in French (or both if you feel brave enough). One of our aims is to meet new French Kyluxers so don’t be shy!

Also we consider the possibility of creating two collections on AO3, one for the French works and one for the English ones. Of course we don’t want to separate them because we don’t like each other (on the contrary!!) but French writers are presumed to be far fewer and we want to keep their fics easily findable for the rest of our little community.

I still have a question…

Maybe we have an answer! You can use our askbox and we’ll try to answer you asap. Please note that your friendly mods (coeurd-art-tichaut and artful-leo) speak English but it isn’t their first language so be kind to them… x)

therock Yeah so this cheat meal went down at 11:45pm last night. 8 slices of sour dough French toast topped with loads of apple pie. Sat on the couch like the big, brown, bald, tattooed glutinous version of Jabba The Hutt and watched the Force Awakens again.
It was my Christmas gift to myself and I want everyone out there to remember one of our golden rules during the holidays, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself”. #TheForceIsStrong #SoIsMyPieGame #DwantaClaus🎅🏾

anonymous asked:

can i ask ronan x gansey for that ship meme? or ronan x kavinsky? thanks!!

ok im having rovinsky feels tonight so here goes

Gives nose/forehead kisses

  • but like at first he does it “ironically” bc it pisses ronan off and he’s a shit
  • and then somewhere along the line it becomes not so ironic and he’s like oh my goD 
  • ronan actually loves getting them but he’ll never admit it 

Gets jealous the most

  • K A V I N S K Y 
  • its honestly ridiculous
  • pls try to imagine him getting all competitive w gansey though
  • bc he thinks ronan has feelings 4 gansey 
  • and then ronan is like omg k gansey and i aren’t like that 
  • and k’s like “oh” and he sort of sadly puts away the 6 weaponized tanks he dreamed up
  • im laughing about this so much

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

  • this would be the most hilarious thing either way
  • bc k would make literally everything into some sort of sexual pun like
  • “ok since your place is down that way, I’m turning left” 
  • “haha and then what ;)” 
  • ronan: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office]
  • k is the thirstiest i s2g
  • or ronan being like the sad existential drunk nd probably dramatically reciting shakespeare or something (tbh both he and gansey would do this) so k picking him up like
  • “hey babe, wanna go back to my house and fuc-”
  • k: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office]
  • k secretly thinks its super hot though. he’s shakespeare fanboy trash fiGHT ME 

Takes care of on sick days

  • the best thing about this is neither of these trash bunnies would have any idea how to take care of a sick person 
  • but like they’d Try lowkey so the other doesn’t know 
  • if k was sick he’d be coughing dramatically and moaning about how it’s probably cancer, it runs in my family, Lynch what would you do to me if i was going to die in 24 hours- 
  • and ronan’s just like nah get up bitch you’re fine 
  • while exasperatedly passing him every warm drink, tissue, and cough medicine known to man
  • or like ronan sick would be like no fucking way man i don’t need ur help 
  • and k’s like well good cause I’m not fucking giving you any
  • ronan gets back from the bathroom and there are about 5000 new blankets in a giant messy heap on the bed with a pair of pyjamas thrown on top, the blinds have been broken in an obviously aggressive attempt to close them and theres a pot of half-burnt chicken noodle soup on the counter 
  • “wasn’t me”
  • im dyNGI
  • also k would definitely have bad depression days and he’d just sort of lie there feeling terrible for holding ronan back 
  • and then he’d text him and ronan would be there as soon as he could
  • and he’d just hold onto him and they’d talk about what k is feeling and then they’d fall asleep together 
  • pls also see: this thing that ruined my life 

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

  • k because he loves swimming 
  • ronan hates it but when k grins and says ‘race you’ his pride practically demands it 
  • and then they do best out of three and then they fuck around and jump on each other’s shoulders and have splash wars 
  • and then they make out underwater nd make all the families so uncomfortable they leave
  • lowkey let me die

Gives unprompted massages

  • ok my first instinct is k but consider 
  • ronan giving k random massages on the scalp and back bc he loves the way he curls up and hums happily like a cat 
  • esp on bad depression days for k
  • hold mE

Drives/rides shotgun

  • this question was literally made for this ship
  • i feel like if they were A Thing they’d start racing together and taking turns driving/riding shotgun
  • if k’s driving, they’re in the Evo 
  • ronan is always frustrated by k’s inability to hit the sweet spot on the clutch 
  • like tbh he spends 90% of the time jokingly insulting k’s driving 
  • until one day k doES IT 
  • and he just looks over at ronan w the most wicked grin
  • who is suddenly embarrassingly turned on
  • k does it more often after that 
  • also ronan is in control of the music
  •  and sometimes they go driving on late nights and ronan starts playing his bagpipe music nd he wants k to like it so bad and k does and it makes him so happy
  • if ronan’s driving, they’re in the Bmw 
  • and k is just completely silent for once bc the way that ronan drives turns him on so much
  • the way the muscles shift in his arms when he turns, the savage pleased smile on his face when the light turns green and he accelerates…
  • and ronan KNOWS and he teases him mercilessLY
  • like he’ll sort of casually reach over and slide his free hand up k’s thigh to listen to his breath hitch, or stroke the shift while he licks his lips
  • car blowjobs are pretty well a must with these two 

Brings the other lunch at work

  • i find it so hard to imagine either of these two working tbh
  • or eating actually

Has the better parental relationship

  • ronan when his parents were alive 
  • as for k: this pretty much sums it up 

Tries to start role-playing in bed

  • honestly this could be either one of them 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

  • but like he’s less embarrassing and more actually really good. also slutty 
  • also he sings along and his singing voice is actually fantastic 
  • probs to trashy pop songs too
  • if you don’t think k has every single taylor swift album and concert t shirt I’m sorry but you’re lying 2 yourself 
  • ronan sort of outwardly scoffs but is so so so turned on 

Still cries watching Titanic

  • boTH OF THEM 
  • k is like loudly singing along to my heart will go on and eating chocolate and using up like 3 boxes of tissues 
  • ronan laughs and sort of pets his hair and pretends to be manly af 
  • but like. he’s silently crying 2 so k looks up grinning and he’s like aw babe u crying??
  • and ronan just sort of nods 
  • gansey walks in to see these two manly ass drag racing pieces of shit eating chocolate and loud ugly sobbing over the titanic 
  • also: “id totally bang dicaprio” “right with u babe”
  • gans just kind of sighs bc this is a regular occurrence now 

Firmly believes in couples costumes

  • kavinsky would suggest this but he doesn’t want to die so 

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

  • at every birthday/holiday they have an escalating game of dream one-upmanship
  • like for k’s birthday ronan dreams him a new car and he’s like pssh is that the best u can do??
  • so on ronan’s birthday k dreams him an exact replica of the barns that is secret that he can go to 
  • like it just escalates more and more tbh
  • ronan says he misses new york (and so does k tbh) so k literally dreams them NEW YORK
  • gansey eventually gets them to stop somehow
  • this involves a lot of k calling him ‘daddy’

Makes the other eat breakfast

  • w/o him ronan would only drink beer 
  • and k would literally only eat candy
  • gansey adopts k okay do not even fight me on this 

Remembers anniversaries

  • ronan but he pretends he’s forgotten 
  • k thinks that stuff is stupid
  • but he’s still happy to spend the day lying in bed with ronan dreaming cool stuff in their boxers with their arms and legs tangled together 
  • or driving to the barns and ronan shows him around 
  • k is fucking WEAK for the baby mice 

Brings up having kids

  • neither of them wants kids right now obviously
  • it sort of just happens when they’re older
  • k and ronan would be the ultimate Hot Dads tbh 

send me a ship for headcanons   (sorry guys I’m not taking more rn)

Zero to Three | One

(Jungkook vs Taehyung) x Reader
 It all started with a double dare, the dare was you. And though the textbooks never taught you about love, you knew very well that in a relationship, One equals Zero and One plus One equals One but even a 3 year-old could tell that One plus Two equals Three.

Genre: Fluffy angsty Rom-Com (I tried)
Word Count:  6,851 words
A/N: The word count! Trust me it looks like a lot but it’s really not, cause we have 2 main characters, it’s really just moderately worded I promise!~~~

Chapter: Zero | One | Two | Three

Chapter 1

Three: The Consequences: Three confused hearts

Into the second week of the dare, you were so glad that the mid-term exams were finally over and the short semester break had just begun. While most students have already returned home to spend the one-week holiday with their family you decided to stay in the hostel. One week was too short and your family lived in another province which required some travelling hours. It was inconvenient during holidays but at the same time, very convenient because you did not like being home. All the stress and high hopes coming from your family members for you to succeed in life so that your whole family’s life would improve as well. This made you suffocate. Exams were stressful enough and you needed none of that during the holidays.

It was a Monday night and you had obtained permission to leave the school for your dental check-up. Apparently, the hostel rules were still in place even during holidays, so permission was required to leave the school at night and you had to be back before the doors were locked – at 10.

As the dentist was your aunt, you would get your check-up for free but it had to be after her business operating hours. She finally agreed that your braces could be removed and she replaced them with fixed retainers on the inner side of your teeth. The whole process took such a long time that it was almost half past nine when you were walking back to school. The streets leading back to school were dimly lit and signs of living were scarce. You were dressed in your casual wear, which consisted of only jeans and hoodies and a whole bunch of plain t-shirts. As the night was getting colder, you tucked your hands deeper into the pockets of your hoodie. Your steps were brisk but you knew you could not get back by ten at this rate. After a round of mental argument, you decided to take the shortcut through a dark narrow alley behind a row of shops which should lead you right to the backdoor of the hostel.

The shops, however, housed pubs and bars and so the alley was dirty with the reek of alcohol and vomit contaminating the air. You found yourself increasing your pace but the alley seemed so much longer than usual. All you could think of was to reach the hostel in time and get into your cosy bed.

Suddenly a drunken man came out of the backdoor of a pub to ease himself of the queasy feeling from all the alcohol he had been drinking. You stopped in your steps, afraid to move forward. You cringed at the sound of the man emptying his stomach by the drain. When he was finally done, you prayed that he would quickly return to the pub and not notice you.

Your worst fears struck you when you saw him looking in your direction. The fear written all over your face have successfully garnered dark interests inside him. An unidentified smirk appeared on his face as he wiped away disgusting residues from his mouth with the back of his hand. Your legs started moving backwards instinctively when the man made his way towards you.

What was this man doing? What does he want? What should you do?

Questions flashed across your mind.

“What’s a young girl doing out here at this time?” the man said, a cheeky grin spread across his perverted face, “How ‘bout you join oppa and have some fun?”

Your survival instincts told you to run but your legs would not obey. It went jelly instead and you felt yourself fall backwards as you stepped on a glass bottle and lost your footing. You thought you were doomed but a pair of warm hands caught the sides of your shoulder as you fell onto the owner’s solid chest. Turning around, you found yourself looking at a familiar face – Jeon Jungkook. He tightened his grip reassuringly as he moved you out of the way and then pulled you to stand behind him.

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