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academic writing and sexuality vol 3,952,300:

Historians and biographers who like to psychoanalyze celebrated figures of the past will find no more fascinating subject than Frederick the Great. He embodied many of the contradictions of his age.


He subscribed to many of the Enlightenment’s ideals, such as religious toleration, but he ruled with an iron fist and used his army as his principal tool of foreign relations. 

yes, right, that doesn’t make sense! contradictiory policies on everything from religious tolerance to torture to the rights of the peasantry vs the aristocracy –

He loved French literature and Italian opera, but never traveled to France or Italy. He disliked to speak or write in German (preferring French), but worked throughout his reign to increase the strength and size of his German-speaking kingdom. 

this has begun to get a little weird simply because even for an enlightened despot forcing everyone in your country to speak french would be…hard….but YEAH like being remembered as founding a sense of national identity you didn’t actually….

He married, but he lived apart from his wife, had no children, and preferred the company of men.


truly this embodies uh, the internal contradictions of i guess the entire 18th century and also the enlightenment. 

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How well does hitting someone in the throat work and how long will they be affected by it?

Like everything, the answer is it depends. There are many different ways to attack the throat, depending on what your goal is. There are a lot of different ways it can go, and the effect can last anywhere from a few disorienting, terrifying seconds of panic to choking and, eventually, death.

Think about the throat, the front of your neck.  What primary bodily function resides there that is absolutely necessary to your survival?

Your ability to breathe.

The throat acts as a conduit for air from your lungs and your mouth. If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight. If you can’t breathe, you can’t scream. If you don’t breathe, you don’t live. A crushed windpipe is neither a fun nor quick injury to die from.

There are certain parts of your body that you have a biological imperative to defend (these usually only kick in after you’ve received damage). This is your natural instincts respond with a panicked, “OH GOD! NO! I NEED THIS!” and, for most people, that’s how they’ll respond.

You hit them in the throat and their hands will immediately rise there, they’ll stumble back coughing, and their number one priority their brain has focused on is protecting their throat.

So, much like a sucker punch, striking the throat will result in giving you open access to their whole body as it is now defenseless. You, the attacker, moves on to other, better strikes while they’re caught up trying to breathe.

When someone punches someone else in the throat (as opposed to another kind of strike), this is the hoped for response. They want to open up their opponent. “Open up” is one of the terms for “lowering defenses”, because when your opponent’s defenses are up you cannot reach the nice soft spots on their body where you’ll do the most damage.

The throat is one of those nice soft spots difficult to hit if your opponent is mentally prepared to fight. You’ve got to be within arm’s reach, and within the grappling sphere, to land the hit. So, if you’re not close enough to reach out and grab hold of their neck, you’re not close enough to land the strike. If the hit doesn’t come as a surprise attack, then you’ll have to fight for it.

Learning to measure distance between fighters in a fictional context when you’ve no experience judging it with real people is a difficult one. Most people never realize there are different spheres of distance around the body which define what attacks you can make before moving inward. For them, two people fighting is often a one hit exercise and not a strategic contemplation involving multiple attacks, breaking past defenses, and taking advantage of your opponent’s mental faculties/body’s instincts/physiology to hit your goal. Then, consider that most fights are finished in under 30 seconds.

These are not “safe” combat techniques by any stretch of the imagination and some are far more dangerous than others. Some will also break your fingers if you try them without having a fucking clue what you’re doing.

So, how can you attack the throat?

I’ll give you three of the common attacks on the trachea, there are more.

1) You can punch them in the throat.

This is more of a stunner, and not as likely to crush the windpipe or the larynx. The reason is that the fist actually spreads the delivered force over a wider area. So, you punch them and it’s likely to hurt and scare the hell out of them, Punches, while effective, are a great deal safer than a knife hand or a palm strike to the opponent because of that dispersal of force.

The more pointed the force, the deeper it penetrates.

2) The spear hand to the throat.

You take your fingers, brace them together, and drive them forward, palm down. (You can also strike palm up, which is done if you’re striking on an upward diagonal from the hip. This can also be a referred to as a palm strike, knife hand, etc.) This is windpipe crushing territory. The force is confined to the first two fingertips, a much narrower vector, and will penetrate into the neck. Doubly more likely if you grab their head/throat first with your other hand so they can’t run/stumble back at the moment of impact.

A good general rule in martial arts is the smaller the tool, the more dangerous the strike, and the deeper into your body it goes.

This may break your fingers if you’ve never been taught to perform it properly or how to lock your fingers/wrist/arm together. So, don’t expect an untrained fighter to pull it off. Or even know it exists unless they’ve been watching a lot of Japanese/Chinese language films.

3) Half-Palm to the throat.

Instead of your fingers, you use your knuckles. Bend your fingers, so your fingertips touch the top of your palm. Brace. Then strike the same way as you would with #2.

This will, more than likely, break your fingers if you’re not careful.

This, of course, assumes that a denial of breath is your end goal. You can always knife hand (blade of the hand, opposite the thumb) the side of their neck, which has the added bonus of potentially closing off the arterial blood flow between your head and the rest of your body. Most likely not, though.

None of these are “guaranteed kills” (not that you’re guaranteed anything), the possibility of death is there and they are dangerous. They are very effective if they can be landed. However, your character should not be doing these unless their life is in danger, their willing to accept the consequences of killing their opponent, and the situation calls for it.

Fiction often struggles with this, but proper application of force to the circumstances is one of the hallmarks of a responsible martial combatant. Being able to adjust according to the situation (and knowing what techniques are warranted) is one of the signs we use to judge in real life whether or not the person in question knows what they’re doing. A person who doesn’t self-moderate is a danger to themselves and others.

You can, in fact, blend Rule of Cool with the knowledgeable, responsible combatant that sells themselves as awesome and skilled without coming off as a reckless fuckhead.

If your character is using these just in general, then they just don’t care. They’re also a reckless fuckhead. Have others treat them accordingly.


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Friendly to-do list tips for my fellow ADHD followers

- Be realistic. People with ADHD tend to put way more on their to-do lists than they can actually get done in a day. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t cross everything off your list; instead, use it as inspiration to plan more realistically.

- Break down projects into bite-sized individual tasks. Putting entire projects on your list will make you feel overwhelmed and procrastinate. Break them into steps: for instance, instead of ‘Find apartment’ write ‘Call realtor’, etc.

- Set a time limit. People with ADHD are notoriously bad at estimating how long things will take. We end up procrastinating big tasks because they feel like they might take forever. So give yourself a time limit: ‘Answer emails (20 mins)’, ‘Work on paper (1 hr)’. Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need and vow to stick to that time limit. Don’t freak out if you can’t get the job all ‘done’ in one go.

- Mix it up. Break up difficult tasks with easy tasks, boring tasks with interesting tasks. Factor in breaks and downtime, and throw in relaxing or fun activities. Your day shouldn’t look like an endless stretch of work, work, work – you’ll burn out.

- Remember what the to-do list is actually for. A to-do list is supposed to be a helpful reminder and time-planning tool. It’s not a rule book or a test. It doesn’t determine whether you’re a good or ‘productive’ or ‘organized’ person. It’s literally just supposed to make your life easier. If it’s stressing you out, you’re taking it too seriously.

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i saw your coloring tutorial, and there was a part about layer masks. can you explain how you did that? thanks in advance!

Its fairly simple. I usually use this when I have to highlight specific area(s) in pictures. In gifs, it works best if the object isn’t moving too much. 

In this gif, I want ONLY Peter’s face to be bright, and nothing else.

Without Layer mask:

With Layer mask:

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@chomra I couldn’t help but write it :>

The Port Mafia, mention that name in the Underworld and it would send shivers to the spine of the people listening. There was an unsaid rule in the Underworld; “never mess with the Port Mafia if you want to live another day.”  

Their connections were as tangled as webs; reaching out the last person on Earth. Their influence and power was widely heard. Rumors of the destruction brought by the Port Mafia were awed, feared and no one in the Underworld didn’t know the name: Port Mafia.

A smirk grazed his lips. He wonders if how high his power would be if he brought the Port Mafia to their knees. He sees his target; walking and basking in the sunlight of Yokohama, like he wasn’t a murderer on the streets. Once he had fooled him, he could rule the Underworld.

“Nakahara Chuuya is a power tool who is easy to manipulate.” The voice whispers inside his head; like a lulling lullaby. “Your power would rise up once you fooled him. You would be able to kill those who oppose you. No one would be able to defy you.”

How he could taste the power right at the tip of his tongue.

His ability; Demons in Thee was an ability that got him out of tight situations, it was an ability he would always be proud.


His target; Nakahara Chuuya stops. His eyes narrows, brows rising inquiringly. “What do you want, Dazai?”


“Can’t I just greet you, Chuuya?” He asks; in a cheerful tone he knows Dazai Osamu would use when talking to the Port Mafia Executive. “Where are you going, Chuu-ya?”

Chuuya’s brow raised in confusion. “Oi, are you sick or something?” He asks; placing a hand on Dazai’s forehead. “You must’ve bumped your head and what I do is none of your business, you bastard.”

Hmm. Nakahara seems to be in a bad mood today. A smirk grazes his face. Perfect. It’s easier to manipulate someone who’s moods are either angry or happy; the most sensitive emotions of all.

“What do you mean, Chuuya~” He says, smirking. “It’s not every day I get to bump with you in the streets~”

Chuuya gives him a deadpan look. “Yeah, whatever. Let me pass.”

“Where are you going, Chuuya?”

“That’s none of your business, bastard.”

“But Chuuya’s safety is my business.”

“Fuck off.” Chuuya rolls his eyes. “I can take care of myself. I wouldn’t be a Port Mafia Executive otherwise.”

Perfect. It seems that Nakahara Chuuya trusted his deception. Ha. How low is the security in the Port Mafia anyway? How could Nakahara Chuuya trust someone who has betrayed the Mafia so easily? How could he make an Executive when his sense of danger is as low as the ground he is walking on?

Oh well. This makes everything easier.

Chuuya enters a bar making him scrunch his nose in disgust. He’s not very fond of loud music vibrating in his eardrums. Groaning silently, he follows Chuuya; who sits in the stool, nodding at the bartender who placed a drink in front of him.

“How is the Mafia these days, Chuuya?”

Chuuya rolls his eyes; raising the glass to meet his lips. “Why would you care? You left, didn’t you?”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, Chuuya.”

“Keep lying to yourself.”

He was losing him. No, he was going to extract the information even if it’s the last thing he does. “How is Akutagawa?”

Chuuya snorts. “The usual. He goes off on missions alone and he prefers to work alone. I don’t even know why Mori had let him handle a squad.” Chuuya shakes his head. “Ever since Higuchi rescued him, he opened up and softened to them a little. There’s still the barrier between them that cannot be broken.”

He hums; a small smirk on his lips. Perfect.

“How you even predicted to have him and the man tiger to work together is beyond me.”

“It’s how great minds think, Chuuya~”

Chuuya rolls his eyes. There’s silence between them; filled in with the loud barrage of music in his ears. Irritated, he clicks his tongue. Chuuya places his glass on the counter, grabbing his hat.

“Put it in my tab.”

“I’ll pay for it.” It may be your last drink, after all.

Chuuya shrugs. “Do what you want.” Chuuya drapes his coat around his shoulders before turning his heel. He slaps the money on the counter before following the red head out.

“Are you going home, Chuuya?”

“I have reports to do unlike you.” Chuuya snorts.

He licks his lips. Perfect. Now, he would also know where the Executive lives. “Did you move apartments, Chuuya?”

Chuuya stays silent. He walks towards a dark and abandoned alley. Furrowing his eyebrows, he follows the redhead. “This is where you live?”

“No.” Chuuya shakes his head and in a swift move, Chuuya had him pinned on the wall; both of his arms on his back. “This is where you die.”

“Wha…” There’s confusion all over his face. “How? I… I didn’t… I thought…”

Chuuya snorts. “You underestimate how much of an asshole Dazai is.”

“I’m hurt, Chuuya~”

Chuuya rolls his eyes. “Talk about the Devil and he shall appear.” He murmurs. He watches as a person emerges from the shadows. It was like standing in front of a mirror. The person, Dazai Osamu had a smirk on his face, walking towards them.

“How? When did you know?!” He shouts.

Chuuya raises a brow. “The first time you blocked me on the street. Nice try imitating his bandages but Dazai would never tie his bandages where they could be seen.” He snorts. “He likes to leave it as it is, parading it around.”


The real Dazai Osamu shakes his head, tapping him on the shoulder nullifying his ability. “Haru Yoshida. A thief and a slave in the Underworld who has the ability to change his face and form with any person he desires.”

“You made a fool of me! You bastards! I will get you for this!”

Dazai sighs. “Now, now. Try to be quiet or you’ll disturb the whole neighborhood.”

“As if you care about that, Shitty Dazai.”

“Chuuya, I am a kind person. What do you mean?”

Chuuya snorts and rolls his eyes. He grip the man’s arm tighter; until the bones cracked and the man’s shout echoed throughout the place. “I’m hungry. This bastard ruined my day.”

“How… how is this possible?! He assured me victory! He guaranteed I would be able to manipulate you!”

“He?” Dazai asks, brows raised. “Who?”

“A man…violet eyes, tall, dark bugs under his eyes.” He was saying it hysterically. “I… He told me! He promised me! How could anyone defy God’s orders?”

“Tall, dark bugs, violet eyes?” Dazai asks; he cocks his head, looking over Chuuya who nodded grimly. “Looks like it’s going to be a reunion in the making, Chuuya~”

“I’d rather not face him again.”

“But you still will, won’t you, Chuuya?”

“Both… you… who are you both?! I… You dare defy a God’s orders?!”

“Us?” Dazai smirks; the smirk oh-so-familiar; like a demon smiling in front of him. It’s a smile he flashes before he enters the torture chamber. He inches closer, making the man whimper and wish he was one with the wall. “Haven’t you heard? We’re Double Black.”

Double Black.

Ah. He remembers, like a fleeting memory as his eyelids close; his consciousness drifting away; the warnings on his head like a faded memory.

“If you heard Double Black, run; run until your legs give out, run and never look back if you want to see the light of another day.”

He picked the wrong people to deceive, didn’t he?


donniedrinkscoffee  asked:

hi! im hoping to become a storyboard artist but im not sure where to start learning... any tips? love your art btw💕

Hi! Thank you!

First of all I’m sure many people have taken different roads in storyboarding so there’s no RIGHT way to become a storyboard artist - these are just things that help me all the time. 

 REAL ADVICE: JUST START BOARDING. You can read all the books and tips in the world, but there’s no better learning tool than just going for it. 

Rule number one - Have fun! If you don’t like it, its fine. One of the first boards I did was in high school as my part in a group book report just because I wanted to and it was awful, but it was fun! :) 

If you’re looking for drawing tips I would say just start keeping a sketchbook and draw in the free time you have - observe from life, if you can go figure drawing that is also amazing for seeing and analyzing form. Be a sponge! 

For drawing and storyboarding - the goal is to not show a series of pretty drawings, the goal is to draw well enough so your drawing skill level doesn’t restrict you from telling the stories you want to tell.  Storyboarding isn’t really a drawing job, its a filmmaking job that uses drawings. 

Good draftsmanship is just the tool to convey the ideas in your head, whats really going to make a good story artist is your attention to the filmmaking. Here are some quick bullet points I can think of for that sort of big “filmmaking” blanket term. 

1. Characters and character relationships are key. Study screenwriting and take note of people in your life that have specific things about them that convey their unique personality! Your mom always taps her fingers on something when she’s thinking? Small things like that make characters feel real. They need to feel real to you when you’re drawing them! :) 

2.  Try to make your boards clear, concise and pay off whatever story you have set up. Show them to your friends and ask their opinion “Did that make sense?”. 

3. Learn the language of film. What is a close-up? Whats the difference between a “pan” and a “tilt”? Why does that cut work or not work?

4.  Watch movies and do film studies. Studying film is important. A lot of people will leave a movie and think “Hm. I didn’t like it.” yet not be sure how to articulate why, but they felt it. Start asking your self why.  

5. Vary your shots and try different tones (esp when starting out!) Comedy, drama, action, romance etc. It not only helps you become a diverse storyteller, it also points you in the direction you like best. 

6.Technical tip. Pay attention to geography in the shot, the 180 degree rule, making sure the space you’re drawing is convincing (this is where I’m trying to improve the most right now). You can draw a beautiful character, but if the space doesn’t feel right, then that’s going to distract from your storytelling. Remember to have the characters interact with the environment occasionally, it grounds any scene more! 

7. LOOK UP TO THE PEOPLE storyboarding now! There’s so many incredibly talented artists working now that are literally a Google search away. Check out their blogs (Mark Kennedy’s is particularly a treasure trove of knowledge) and just stay excited! Whatever storyboarding job you aspire to whether its independent, TV or feature animation - set your bar there! 

Hope that helps and good luck! 


So, what do you actually do as an agnostic secular witch?

(here’s and draft of expert from the zine I’m working on about my personal practice of witchcraft)

I’ve joked that my personal practice of witchcraft looks like a cottage or hearth witch got set loose in a punk house of a Philosophy major drop-out who read too many Discworld books.

However, that statement doesn’t mean much to you if you don’t know what a cottage or hearth witch is, some aspects of Philosophy, or the glory of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld witches’ concept of “headology”.

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Determining an Artist from a Writer

Typically, any desk photo can have several things that point to an artist and several things that point to a writer. However, the line can be blurred when it comes to things such as a multitude of notebooks and pencils.

While looking at an artist, typically their notebooks will be specific to not have lines, as lines can get in the way of a drawing. While looking at a notebook, if it says “college-ruled” or “wide-ruled”, it is a notebook meant for writing, and points to a writer over an artist. (Noting that this works for people who own drawing pads/notepads that are spiral)

The amount of pencils can go either the way of an artist or a writer. However, an artist tends to have other things, ranging from pens to markers to colored pencils, that set them apart. If you only have pencils, you will have to cross-reference with other details.

Typically, if it is a desk photo that shows someone’s desktop, an artist will be identified through apps such as MS Paint or Photoshop. Meanwhile, a writer will have Microsoft Word and many word documents sitting on their desktop. However, if there is a multitude of folders, try reading the names of the folders to see if it gives any hint of what may be inside (i.e. “screenshots” or “fandom photos” for a drawer, “stories” and “fanfiction” for a writer).

As review…

  • SPIRAL notebooks can point to a writer or an artist. An artist will likely have blank spiral notebooks for drawing. Look for key words on the notebooks such as “college-ruled/wide-ruled” as your key.
  • Look at the types of writing tools. An artist will have things outside of pencils and pens, such as markers, colored pencils and graphite pencils. This deduction does need to be cross-referenced with another deduction to be 100% sure.
  • If you can see the contents of someone’s desktop (which is not frequent), use it to your advantage. An artist will have apps like MS Paint and Photoshop, whereas a writer will have Microsoft Word.
  • If there are many folders on a desktop (if you are examining a desktop), try and read the folder names and cross-reference with what you have to find out if they are an artist or writer.

Have fun deducing photos!


(P.S. As a side note, please try to submit to me some things you would like me to point out in photos. Also, if you wish, send me photos of your desk/bookcase so I can deduce what I can!)

My take on the Afterbuzz Interview with Josh Keaton “Shiro You’re Like a Brother to me”

I can understand the attempt at peacemaking on a program like this. The interviewers and Josh himself do not want to alienate any fans. They want to create a welcoming atmosphere for as many people as possible and to say inoffensive things that appeal to all.

I also don’t think these people are necessarily aware of the extent of fan-content that exists out in the voids of the internet. There is some really, really, um, specific content that exists on the web. So when the interviewers and Josh say things like “Love is love, it’s all good! Ship what you like!” I’m not sure if they’re aware of the things like torture porn, etc that exist.

Keep in mind what Josh keaton said, he supports AUs where fans interpret Shiro and Keith to be of appropriate age and relationship.

I agree with his stance in some ways. If a fan wants to write an AU where Shiro and Keith are both 23 years old, and like, both veterinarians, I don’t really give too many fucks. I won’t consume that content, because I don’t like sheith, but it’s not canon Voltron. It’s an original story about two strangers who happened to be named “Shiro” and “Keith”.

He does NOT like it when it is established that Shiro is an adult and person in power and Keith is a minor. Especially if you’re creating porn, or other graphic, explicit material. And this is what makes antis upset. It is when shippers know, support and fetishize the age difference between Shiro and Keith and sexualize them anyway. No AU, no aging up, no alteration to make the relationship appropriate.

This is the crux. People going “your interpretation and portrayal of this ship makes me uncomfortable” and other people going “I don’t care, I have no responsibility to curb my tastes in explicit content when creating fan-content for a children’s show”

This… doesn’t mesh.

I agree with Josh and the interviewers that blocking is a very helpful tool, but I also agree that, as this is the internet, there is some really unhealthy stuff out there that minors should not be coming across and shippers need to do a better job of making that content inaccessible to minors and CSA survivors.

I disagree with Josh and them about “learn the definition of pedophilia”. Pedophilia is an umbrella term. If you choose to ship, in your interpretation, a 25-year-old Shiro with 17-year-old Keith, that falls under statutory law in many areas. Also, in a lot of cultures, it’s generally considered taboo even if technically legal. It lies outside the golden rule of age difference.

There’s a little handy tool that has no legal bearing that helps people understand what is an “uncomfortable” age difference.

Half your age, plus seven.

Half your age, plus seven is the furthest you could comfortably be dating younger than your age.

Shiro is 25. 12.5 + 7 is 19.5. The furthest age for Shiro is 19.5 years old. (and keep in mind, this is just a simple tool, not like, a law)

This is why so many people feel uncomfortable about Shiro and Keith. They feel like the gap is too much, Shiro’s position of power over Keith is too much to make up for any attraction shared between them.

And shippers, you need to acknowledge and respect that. Acknowledge and respect that your ship makes certain people feel very uncomfortable. And instead of getting smug and snide, you need to dial it in and admit that this is a shared space. And I’m not saying you can’t ship it, and I certainly have no power to stop you, but for the sake of getting along, there needs to be less fingers in the ears and more listening from both sides.

Feel free to send me anon hate from both sides. I’ll try to respond in a polite manner if I have time.

A brief guide for new witches

First of all, welcome to the craft! You’ve discovered one of the most wonderful worlds there is, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

To really summarise this short guide, it is going to explain in the simplest way possible how to get started on witchcraft but keeping it open for you to interpret and adapt. I’ll add some links at the end so you have some resources to help you get started.

So let’s begin!

- The craft has no rules, nothing obligatory. You are free to do as you please with your practise. You are independent, and your craft is simply put, an extension of your personality. 

- Get stuck in. Just go for it. The easiest way to really get to know yourself as a witch is to just submerge yourself. Start with what drew you in. Are you into divination? Herbs? Astronomy? Use that as a starting point to research, look out for witches who share an interest, they may be able to help you (and you might even make a few friends!)

- Spells.  There are no rules in spell writing. Ever. Use what you like, use nothing at all and just dance, write an incantation, use tools if you want, there are no rules, and you can use just about anything. You’ll find in time what you work best with.  If you are stuck for inspiration in finding a style, searching #spells helps. There are infinite ways of creating spells. Just go with your gut!

- Which leads to experimentation. Not everything will work, we’ve all been there. But if you don’t try it once, you’ll never know. Erase the fear of failing, and just try that technique or write that incantation. Even the most experienced witches go wrong!

- Altars are wonderful, but they aren’t a requirement. Same with witches tools. But, if you do want one, here’s how you set it up; however you want.

Use a table, a tin, your back garden. It’s a space sacred to you, and if it brings out the best in you, then it’s your altar. 

- Take advantage of your surroundings. Collect stuff from it, grow stuff, use your local parks and lakes and beaches, anywhere to your advantage. Adapt to your home, and everything around it.

- Don’t be afraid to approach other witches, make friends, get to know those from other styles of witchcraft, learn from each other and be nice! We are a warm friendly community!

@wiccanfan @justa-babywitch I made this with both of you in mind c: I hope this helps a little

Wishlist item giveaway!

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Rules: you DONT have to be follow me, but first place drawing will only include those that are.

ANY item. literally any item! if you don’t have a wishlist already set up, you can tell me a list of things when the time comes c:

One like-one entry
Multiple reblogs accepted as multiple entries


Basic Book of Shadows Layout- Updated!

After reviewing an old post I wrote and seeing how naive I was when starting down my path, I’ve decided to post an updated example of a BoS layout. Some sections may not apply to you. That’s okay! This is what MY BoS will eventually look like once completed. This post is meant to be a template of sorts. Give it a look!

Section 1:

*Book of Shadows Blessing
*Magickal Rules
*Statement of Beliefs

Section 2:

*Magickal Definitions
*Tools of the Craft
*Symbols and Their Meanings
*Animal Correspondences
*Basic Altar Setup
*Circle Casting
*How to Consecrate Items
*Deities and/or Pantheons
*Moon Phases

Section 3:

*Oils and Incense
*Crystals and Gems
*Candle Magick
*Color Magick
*Animal Magick
*Moon Magick
*Ocean Magick
*Kitchen Magick
*Techno Magick

Section 4:

*Astro Projection
*Lucid Dreaming
*Spirit Guides
*Ghost/Spirit Work

Section 5:

*Spell Writing
-Jar Spells

Section 6:

*Favorite Shops
*Favorite Websites/Blogs
*Favorite Books
*Favorite Podcasts

Potentially a separate book for Dream and/or Shadow work.

Hybrid Part 4 | {Pack Imagine}

Hybrid Part 4 | Pack x Reader

Warnings: Pain, Description of ‘Medical’ Procedure, Not for the Squeamish/

Song Suggestion:

Ants by edIT

A/N: I don’t know about you but I love the ending of this part.


You wake up into a haze,

Your eyes flicker open as you adjust to the scenario.

Your body is strapped to a metal table,

Both your arms and legs tied by a leather strap to the cold table.

You look around,

You are in some sort of lab,

You can sense that you are underground.

You see pipes with small leaks in them and different mechanical almost medical tools.

You see a figure coming towards you as you snap your head their way.

“Look who finally woke up” Theo said in a slightly taunting tone.

“What did you do to me Theo!” You shouted at him trying to wiggle out of the straps.

“Sweetheart, I didn’t do anything. Not yet..” He said.

You hear their footsteps coming,

The mechanical crackling that becomes louder and louder with each footstep they take.

As  they come closer to you Theo starts backing away.

“Theo!” You shouted trying trying to resist being tired down.

“No, No Let me go!” You shouted as one of the doctors tightened the leather straps around you.

They tie down your head and open your jaw revealing your now fully visible fangs.

You sense them taking some sort of metal wrench.

You feel them pulling out two of your teeth near your fangs and placing painfully a pair of canines,

You continued fighting against the strapping but you were too weak and the pain was too powerful.

After that they took two syringes with what seemed as yellow liquid and injected it into your under eyes.

You felt the liquid run through your pupil and around your veins in your eyes.

Seconds later you hear a loud bang from near bye and see Scott, Stiles, Liam and Kira rushing towards you.

As Scott Liam and Kira were fighting the Dread Doctors Liam helped you out you out of the straps and quickly threw your arm around his shoulder while his arm grabbed your waist helping you walk out of the lab since you were weak.

“You okay?” He asked.

You nodded out of pain as Scott Stiles and Kira caught up to you two and helped you get to Stiless Jeep.

In the Jeep Scott and Stiles were sitting in front and you sat in the back between Kira and Liam.

You were so weak and in so much pain you couldn’t help but fall asleep, resting your head on Liams shoulder.

“Y/N, Stay awake! We’re almost there” Liam said moving his shoulder as you wince in pain.

You groan in pain as you can’t help but close your eyes again.

“Hey, Hey stay awake Y/N.

It’s going to be okay.” He said in a soothing voice.

It was clear to everyone you were in great pain and you could feel the burning tears stroll down your face.

“Y/N look at me” Liam said holding up your cheek;

“It’s going to be okay” He said pulling you into a kiss.

You feel his soft smooth lips press against yours.

The kiss was full of love and passion.

His veins turn black and you feel a weight being lifted from you.

You gasp as you both break away.

“Thank you.” You whispered to him as you look into his crystal blue eyes.

Your eyes were thanking and loving but full of sadness.

You arrive to The Animal Clinic and Liam helps you walk in there.

He and Stiles help you up onto the table and you wince at the touch of the cold metal pressing against your back.

Even after taking part of your pain it all came back and you couldn’t hold back the tears.

Liam stroked the side of your face,

His touch sent you shivers down your spine but also relaxed you.

You felt safe under his touch.

Deaton quickly came over to you as he opened your jaw carefully and shined a flashlight to reveal both a set of fangs and canines.

“Interesting..” You heard him say as you groaned in pain from the touch of his hands against you jaw.

He then moved the light to your eyes causing you close them immediately.

“Use your other eyes, they won’t be blinded”

You try to switch to your vampire sight which resulted you to scream from the sharp pain it caused,

You felt Liams hand holding your helping you through the transition.

You feel them changing and slowly opened them.

Deaton shines the light and is shocked from the reveal as well as the rest of who was there with you.

Your eyes were like your normal vampire eyes - blood shot eyes with black pupils but now your black pupils had yellow shining through them, reminding the look of lightning.

Liam helps you sit up and Deaton and Scott leave the room to talk.

Liam sits next to you still holding your hand tightly in his.

You rest your head against his shoulder as both Kira and Stlies join you two for your support.

Deaton and Scott come back with both serious looks on their faces which caused your heart to race.

“Y/N, this might be hard to understand considering I have never seen this before but you’re Hybrid.”

“What? What does that mean?”

“It means you are now both vampire and werewolf.”

“B-But how is that even possible?”

“I don’t know, The Dread Doctors have the tools to bend the rules of the supernatural world, allowing them to create mixtures of supernatural creatures.”

You felt the tears starting to stroll down your cheeks and your vision getting blurry.

The lump in your throat and your heart rate increasing as well as your chest burning up.

“W-Well what do I do now?”

“You’ll need training, different training.”

Scott started.

“We’re sending you to train with someone else, who have seen this before and know exactly what to do.”

“And who are they?”

“The Salvatore Brothers.”


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