rules and regulates

Walking down the street to the public library on a windy day, Abby struggled with the stack of books she was carrying in one hand while the grocery in the other. It had been a long day and she was overly exhausted with all the efforts she was putting in at work and the extra shifts she was doing because one of her colleagues was on vacation.

The librarian was her friend and would have not minded her returning the books even on a later date but Abby was not the kind to go against set rules and regulations, nor did she like to seek favours even if it were from a friend.

She wanted to be done with today’s errands as soon as possible so that she could return home, soak in a hot bubble bath and then lay on her warm bed with eyes closed till she had to get up to go to work again at dawn. It was only Tuesday, but she already felt like she had done a whole week’s work in those two days. 

The library was only a 10 minutes walk from the grocery store but the pace at which she was walking would have taken her no less than 30 minutes to cover that not very long distance.She wanted to walk fast and all though she was a slim built, tall, middle aged woman but at the moment her body was too weary to even carry her own weight,.

With every step she could feel her boots getting heavier.

While she continued her walk with no enthusiasm, on her way, she met with 7-year-old boys who were giggling and cracking jokes about her stooped posture and her slow as a turtle pace. She wished to scream at those kids and scare them away but she was too tired to waste her energy on them and instead cussed in a low exasperated voice. 

Oh, how she always disliked kids and this incident didn’t make it any better.

Though, she always wanted to change that by having kids of her own but all her relationships had been a fail so far and now she had even lost hope of being into one ever again which would not turn out to be a disappointment like all the others.

She tried to divert her attention from the nasty remarks of those kids and glanced at the sky but the grey and gloomy clouds didn’t make her feel any better, rather she felt even more dejected.

To her, it felt like the worst day ever and she just wanted it to end.

After 30 long minutes, she finally reached the library and at the sight of its front door, she became teary-eyed as she had thought she would never get to it today. It felt like a great accomplishment. 

And just when she thought that this day could not get any worse and that the rest of it might be better, she received a last minute call from her office.They wanted her to get back in an hour for a night’s shift. Her voice choked as she answered the call and she fell to the ground at the library gate breaking down into tears.

She had thought the library to be her final stop before home but now home felt like a distant dream. And all she knew was that the night was yet not over and that it was going to be one long night.  

She no more had a final destination in sight as it seemed nearly impossible tonight.

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I'm a wiccan who want incorporate hellenic gods in their practice, any advice?

My advice would be to separate the practices. Wicca is a religion in and of itself and so is Hellenic Polytheism. Wicca focuses primarily on two deities, the God and Goddess, whereas Hellenic Polytheism is focused on the worship of all the Theoi.

To be respectful of both traditions, I suggest creating two boxes for yourself. Your Wiccan box and your Hellenic box. When you step into the Hellenic one, worship as a traditional Hellenic and all that entails. When you want to step into the Wiccan one, same deal. Respect each tradition separately, because both of them have rules and traditional practices.

My advice on the whole is to be respectful above all. Each practice has its own rules and regulations and the PSG will always advocate for a multi-faith practice rather than an inter-faith one.

As far as Hellenic Polytheist resources go, Baring the Aegis is always going to be my first go-to. That blog has just about everything you need to know about traditional reconstructionist Hellenic practice. I’m on mobile so I can’t link, but just google ‘Baring the Aegis’ and you’ll get the blogspot and the Tumblr blogs.

If you have any more questions regarding Hellenic Polytheism specifically, feel free to hit me up on my blog @crystalizedforest.


Here’s @baringtheaegis and the “Baring the Aegis“ blogspot, for others with navigation difficulties.  :)

- mountain hound

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities; the political, the religious, the educational authorities, who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, “informing”, forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness; chaotic, confused, vulnerability to inform yourself.
Think for yourself. Question authority.
—  Timothy Leary
Why hating on MMA is bullshit.

A hobby of mine is to go onto sports pages of national significance and searching out MMA inspired posts to point out ignorance of MMA haters. I love doing it because they’re so ignorant to the rules and regulations. Here’s a few of my favorite things to say:  

“They get concussed all the time! Way too risky!”

 Boxers and rugby players have a higher rate of concussions, plus they play on. If a fighter is concussed the fights stopped. Perfect example below. Gus protecting himself, just not fighting back. Fight stopped.

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“All it is human dog fighting!”

 Actually no, its a mix of many disciplines that are all Olympic grade sports minus Jiu Jitsu. Their are many ringside doctors, cutmen, a referee that stops a bout when a fighter is not fighting back and strict state commissions that regulate the bouts. 

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 “UFC is not a sport." 

Well you’re not wrong, its an organisation. The sport is MMA. Like calling football Fifa. 

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 "Boxing has far more rules and regulations.”


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 “Its pretty much a bare knuckle fight." 

 The gloves are the furthest thing from bare knuckled. 4 ounce gloves plus a hand wrap. They have to be that small for grappling. Boxing gloves are 20 ounces. Which sounds and according to ‘Fight Science’ is more painful to be hit with. Kicking is also used in MMA by most fighters. 

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 "Its a miracle only one person has been killed!" 

Well, more than one has. Sheer fluke accidents happen in every sport, and MMA is actually one of the safest in regards of injury and death. You can get back up in boxing and can recover from being rocked. In MMA if you’re rocked you can get taken down and submitted or the referee will step in way earlier than a boxing referee would. 

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 "The head is targeted all the time!" 

 Body shots, leg kicks, submissions. Your head is less at risk in MMA than in any other  large contact sport. Plus, similar to boxing, its all about someone finding your chin. Not your temple etc. less likely to be concussed in MMA than in  boxing. 

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"Glorified barbarism for simpletons." 

MMA fighters are quite intelligent actually. Dominick Cruz has an IQ higher than most and is a very good analyst in all sports. The fighters have to train and remember how to execute a lot of holds and have to have the discipline to make weight. Simpletons isn’t even close.

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And finally… “The fighters are bad role models.”

This one just makes me sick that anyone could think it tbh. Many fighters are great to their fans and a vast majority are fantastic people. Ronda Rousey changed the face of womens sports in general, let alone combat sports.

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I want to preface this post by saying I’m not bashing folks. I’m just giving my OWN opinion. You can agree or disagree. But this is my see on it….

I don’t like Wicca. I studied with Wiccans for 2 years and it didn’t work out. Wicca is really white. I’m almost a neo Panther. It was doomed from the start.

In addition to not caring so much for Wicca, I see a flaw. Wicca unapologetically touches any pantheon it wants to. There are rules and regulations to most religions. Wiccans be like…. “I like them, therefore I can do what I want.” And that’s not true.

You can’t just work with African religions without a formal introduction. Egypt is in Africa. What do you think is written on all those temple walls? Asian, Hindu, Polynesian, South American, etc. religions all have methods for appropriate worship. You just can’t do what you want. Ex: If you feel drawn to Hindu gods, join a temple. Catholic saints? Catholicism awaits you. You see where I’m going with this?

Just don’t choose or collect gods and decide you wanna work with them. You wanna worship, be appropriate and do it right. Don’t be lazy and colonial.

  • Newt: I would say that I consider myself to be above reproach.
  • Graves: You snuck into this country while transporting an untold number of creatures that vary from ridiculous to mind blowingly illegal breaking numerous rules, regulations, and international treaties. Not to mention the fact that those very same creatures have broken the international statute of secrecy twelve times in this week alone. And you constantly drag the same no-maj into your shenanigans and call it coincidence. So forgive me if I don't believe you.
  • Newt: That hardly means I ate your lemon tart.
But conservatives have their own, nationalist version of PC, their own set of rules regulating speech, behavior and acceptable opinions. I call it ‘patriotic correctness.’ It’s a full-throated, un-nuanced, uncompromising defense of American nationalism, history and cherry-picked ideals. Central to its thesis is the belief that nothing in America can’t be fixed by more patriotism enforced by public shaming, boycotts and policies to cut out foreign and non-American influences.

Insufficient displays of patriotism among the patriotically correct can result in exclusion from public life and ruined careers. It also restricts honest criticism of failed public policies, diverting blame for things like the war in Iraq to those Americans who didn’t support the war effort enough.
Long Exposure Casting Call
Deadline is March 31 Have Fun and good luck! Google Doc: Casting Call: h...

After a few months of work, finally, I have the ball rolling. @smokeplanet Has granted me permission to make a comic dub of her webcomic, Long Exposure. 

I am so excited to get this project going. Please follow the rules and regulation fro submission other than that Have fun and I can’t wait to hear you all. 


The power of courage is more than that of any leader, you are worth more than their rules, their regulations and their conduct. You voice is loud, your heart is strong, and your belief is worth more than a dime. Do not let them win. You are the world, you are freedom, you are peace. Be peaceful, be powerful, be brave.

power by Amy Kennedy

Judge Blocks Texas Rule That Would Require Burial Or Cremation Of Fetal Tissue
The rule was written to apply to all miscarriages and abortions and was due to take effect Dec. 19. A hearing on a lawsuit filed by abortion-rights groups is set for early January.

A federal judge in Texas has issued a temporary restraining order blocking new state rules that regulate the disposal of fetal remains from miscarriages and abortions.m A preliminary injunction hearing has been set for early January. Abortion-rights groups filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming the regulation unfairly “burdens women seeking pregnancy-related medical care” by imposing “a funeral ritual on women who have a miscarriage management procedure, ectopic pregnancy surgery, or an abortion.”


Wait, What? (Drabble)

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Julian Albert x Reader

Summary: You’re best friends with Iris and Barry. With this new timeline, Barry finds out you’re dating his newfound work nemesis.

A/N: I’m such Julian Albert trash rn. I’ve always loved Tom Felton.

This timeline, for the most part, seemed back to normal. Everyone was fine and the same…except one person: Julian Albert. Who the heck even is this guy? Barry thought to himself.

Barry asked around and people said the usual: He and Julian didn’t get along. After some days working with him, he could figure out why. Julian Albert was a stickler for the rules and regulations of the CCPD. Barry…well…ya know.

Barry dreadingly made his way to his shared lab thinking. He tries his best with Julian. He really does. But then Julian just ends up insukting him and his work ethic. Barry couldn’t understand how people thought he was a nice guy! He felt sorry for whoever Julian’s supposed girl-wait what?

“Woah,” Barry stops as in the doorway as he sees you sitting on Julian’s desk kissing him.

You immediately break away from the kiss and blush to see Barry, “Oh, uh, hi Barr.” You waved at him embarrassingly.

“H-Hi, Y/N. Y-You’re dating Julian?”

“Oh, uh,” you looked at Julian then to Barry, “Yeah. For three months now.”

Barry walked up to you still a little bit in shock, “How come you never told me? Does Iris know?”

You nodded, “Yeah she knows. And, well, I didn’t tell you because-”

“-Because she knows how you feel about me, Allen. We don’t get along and she figured you’d be upset with her if you found out.”

You but your lip and avoided Barry’s gaze, “Yeah, because that.”

“Aw, Y/N.” Barry hugged you, “I’m not upset. Shocked, yes. But not upset. I could never be upset. If you’re happy, then that’s great!”

“Really, Barr?”

“Of course. How about you two come to Joe’s place for dinner tonight? That way Julian and I could get to know each other a little better?” He looked to Julian, “What do ya say, man?”

“What do you say, Jules?”

Julian nodded, “I have a lot of paperwork to-”

“Jules, come oooonn. Pleeeaaasse! It would really mean a lot if you could get to know my second family better and they you.”

Julian thought about it then said, “Alright, I’ll give it a go.”

You immediately broke out into a smile, “Yay! I’m so happy!” You looked at your watch, “Aw dang! My lunch is almost over. I need to get outta here.” You gave a quick kiss on the lips for Julian then hugged Barry as you rushed out of there. Both Barry and Julian stared at the doorway.

Without looking at him, Barry said, “If you hurt her-”

“Don’t worry about that, Allen. I don’t intend on losing her. Ever.”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(Steggy AU for @infinitypeggys)

The year is 1926 and Steve Rogers is returning home to Brooklyn to write a book about his adventures across the globe documenting magical creatures. He might have slipped home to his old neighbourhood if it wasn’t for a misplaced case, some contraband creatures, and a witch named Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter.

“Mister Rogers, you, as an American, should know the rules and regulations for wizarding and the trafficking of magical creatures?” Peggy asks.

His jaw works, mouth opening and closing and a light flush warms his cheeks. “Do you?”

“Excuse me?” Peggy says, narrowing her eyes.

“Well, you’re English,” Steve says. He raises his hand up to run through the wild tuft of dark blonde hair. Something digs sharply into his chest. His hand flutters down to smooth over his lapel.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Steve says, voice slightly strangled.

Dum-Dum the bowtruckle nips at his fingers. “Oh ow. Stop it,” he hisses under his breath. The bowtruckle pokes at his fingers again before the tiny green body ducks out of sight. “What’s a witch like you doing in New York?”

“I work here,” Peggy says. Her mouth forming a grim line. She tucks her arm into his and hopes they look like they’re a couple of lovebirds out for an afternoon stroll. “Come with me, Mr. Rogers.”

“I really rather you call me Steve.”

“Come with me, Mr Rogers.”

“Where to?”

“To find the no-maj with your case.”

When you did your best
but your best is not enough
When you pour your life and blood and insides out
and you sacrifice everything else
and it is still not enough
When every step up is two steps down
and everything you do is an uphill trudge.

Shouldn’t it be something like
Do your best and everything else will turn out okay?
Yet life doesn’t seem to work that way

Suddenly you found life has its own rules
and regulations
that you are not aware of,
and pitstops
and hidden tunnels
and sinking holes
that you never sign up for.

I’m confused, you say.
How did everything turn out like this?
It used to be rainbows and fairs
and cotton candies and laughters that
never seem to end.
When did the rules change?
Now everything else you do
seems to turn into ashes
and dust moats
and a pile of stinking garbage
for the future generations to tread on.

Why did everything change?, you asked
but no answers came,
just the sound of the howling wind passing by
and with every minute
that ticks
and tocks
you are left with a growing anxiety
that never stops.

—  cynthia go // Confused ( @cynthiatingo )

“Rules, Regulations, and laws are followed by our rationality. But if someone of power makes an unreasonable line and tells us to not cross it, then that is wrong. If you are afraid of violence or pain so you don’t cross the line, then your rationality is not real. My emotions are a way of expressing what I solely have. To put it simply, it’s like saying ‘No! I don’t want to do that!’ I have the freedom to not do something. So don’t trap yourself inside that cheap rationality. If it’s wrong, you need to tell them it’s wrong. The reason I can say this is because my shining emotion is still high above my cheap rationality.”

“규칙, 규율, 법규를 지키는 것은 이성이야. 그런데 누군가 권력을 가진 사람이 합당하지 않게 줄그어놓고 나가지 말라고 한다면 그건 틀린거잖아. 그 때 권력자가 폭력을 휘두르는 것이 무서워서, 아픔을 느끼기 싫어서 그 선을 지킨다면 그건 싸구려 이성이야. 내 감성은 나만이 가지고 있는 것을 표현하는 것이야. 더 간단히 말하면 ‘싫어! 안 해!’ 하는 것, 나는 안 할 자유가 있잖아. 그러니까 그런 싸구려 이성으로 스스로를 가두지 말아라. 틀리다면 틀리다고 얘기해야 할 것 아니야. 내가 이렇게 말할 수 있는 것은 아직 내 빛나는 감성이 싸구려 이성을 이겼기 때문이야.”

Philippians 3:10 I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection..
Christian life is not a set of rules and regulations in order to climb the ladder to heaven. Rather it is a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Therefore the goal of every Christian should be to know Christ. Jesus said, “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent” (John 17:3). Do you know your Lord? Have you spent time with Him, getting to know Him? Have you spent time reading His word?

Lifting Kik Group Terms and Conditions

The following is a list of rules, regulations, and disclaimers for the lifting group created by Haullsey. This post may be edited over time in response to change within the community or group. By joining the lifting kik group created by Haullsey you are hereby adhering to the rules and regulations and failing to comply may result in being reminded of the rules or eventually being excluded from the group. These rules are not to oppress anybody, all terms and conditions are put into place for the safety and wellbeing of the group members.

1: You must have a lifting blog to join the kik group.

2: Haullsey is group admin. Only Haullsey may add people to the kik group.

3: You may recommend that someone be added, but you must first ask permission from me (Haullsey).

4: To be added to the kik group, you must message me (Haullsey) via tumblr with your lifting blog and ask permission to join.

5: You are allowed to give personal info i.e state you live in, name, pets, and send pictures of yourself. You may not ask anyone for information they are unwilling to give. You may ask for a name for addressing someone, however, no one is obligated to give anyone their real name. You may give a nickname, first name, or whatever you prefer to be called.

6: This group is not intended to be an outlet for the perspiring of romantic relationships and such behavior won’t be tolerated. In other words: no hitting on people, no trying to date people, no sexual advances. Anyone who tries to solicit sexual pictures or messages will be kicked out immediately! This rule is taken especially seriously.

7: By joining this group, you agree to listen and be kind to people. You may give advice for personal matters and lifting if asked, but there will be absolutely no hate or discrimination. This is a bonding experience.

8: It is recommended that upon entering the group you share your gender so you can be addressed as such. You may disclose sexuality and age as well.

9: It is also recommended that you use a kik aside from your personal one or an anonymous kik unrelated to your lifting blog for safety.

10: I am not responsible for any conversations between members of the kik group that take place outside the group.

11: once in the kik group, you may have separate and private conversations between persons in the group, however, please make sure that the person you wish to engage in private conversation with wants to talk to you one to one as well.

12: what happens in the kik group, stays in the kik group! This is a safe place for lifters to unite and talk about lifting and personal matters. Screenshots of anything from the kik group or mention of its conversation on liftblr is not allowed.

13: Absolutely no screenshots, usernames, or names and personal information shared within the kik group may be leaked onto Tumblr. Anyone who disclosures a members personal information onto tumblr, specifically liftblr, will be blocked permanently on both kik and tumblr.

14: any information shared in the kik group is susceptible to being leaked. As much I believe everyone in liftblr is kind- hearted and has best intentions, stuff happens. Any pictures you send to the kik group, personal information, and messages sent are at risk of being exposed. Please proceed with caution and choose what you say and do wisely. I am not responsible for any leak of information resulting from this group.

15: lifting tips, tricks, and advice are welcome. Haul pictures are welcome.

16: you may vent about school, work, life, and anything you’re passionate about, but you must respect other peoples’ triggers and boundaries.

17: only rules stated in the original post are valid. If you have rule suggestions or anything to add to these terms and conditions, I would love to know them. Please message me them. Please do not add your own rules as you reblog because they will have no ground.

18: the final and perhaps most serious rule is to KEEP THIS WITHIN THE LIFTBLR COMMUNITY. **Do not** add hashtags to this post or reblog if you have any non-lifting blogs following you. Never tell anyone outside of liftblr about this group. **Do not** share the kik usernames of anyone within this group.

19: by agreeing to these terms and conditions, if you fall victim to any abuse or malpractice within this group by any member, I (Haullsey) am not responsible.

Thank you everyone. I love you all, and welcome! I am so looking forward to entering this beautiful experience which will hopefully be a benchmark in the liftblr community.

I know this post seems super serious, and it really is tbh, just because I want to lay out any and all information needed. I do not want to encounter problems in which I will be told I didn’t inform anyone of rules or potential issues.

If anyone has any questions or comments, I would love to know. You can send me an ask (anonymous or not anonymous), message, or say it in a reblog 💖



If you care about the environment and the life therein (including you) , contact your senators to oppose this unqualified cabinet pick.

Bill Moyers: Scott Pruitt Will Make America Great Again for Polluters

President Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency might put it on the endangered species list.

Bill Moyers takes on President Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has a track record of putting the business interests of the energy sector before the environmental and health interests of the public. He has spent his career fighting the rules and regulations of the agency he is now being nominated to lead. His expected confirmation threatens to make America great for polluters again.

PSA admins can do whatever the FUCK they want in their own rp! if they wanna kick someone out because they’re making them uncomfortable they CAN and they don’t owe an explanation to any damn one because it’s their rp!!!! they also reserve the right to decline applications, say no when people want them to change something about their rp, etc. admins can be both nice AND be in control of their rp (shocking, right?). ppl need to stop getting so butthurt when an admin actually sets boundaries and rules! like i know everyone has been so babied lately in the rp world and admins are always like “i don’t rly like that but… if you really want to i guess…” like FUCK no – there are rules and regulations and admins have things a certain way and if you don’t like it then just find another one! i hate how admins feel like they have to give in to each and every person just to have a “good reputation” fuckin stand ur ground you bad ass babes !!!! also i wanna start a petition to bring back app rps for fuckin good bc when people actually sat down and put thought & love into their application because they really wanted a role things were so much better. like appless is bomb ok i join em too but i promise people who actually spend hours on an app (i know for a FACT bc i have) will not give up that role very quickly and i promise they’ll be way more dedicated then someone who applied without even reading the plot or anything just bc the fc they wanted was open and they wanted to get it asap ok bye