Magic: the Gathering - Evergreen Keyword by Color

If you are new to Magic: the Gathering or just getting back into it (‘cuz you hate money), here is a very handy ’Evergreen’ Keyword Colour Pie Chart posted by DrNevermore

The second table below provides much of the same evergreen ability / action referenced to colour but is updated to reflect more contemporaneous abilities now in standard format.  The term “evergreen”, as in the context of “an evergreen keyword”, refers to keywords or keyword actions that can be used in any set.

Would you like to learn more ?

Suggested reading - ’The Colours of Magic’ over on Wikipedia as well as MaRo’s ’Evergreen Eggs & Ham’ over on the mothersite.



8 Rules For Using Art From Artists

I had a lot peeps asking, if it’s ok to use my undertale fanarts for stuff on websites or their music remixes. Following rules are ALWAYS a thing you should consider and remember when aksing any artist on the web. I also added experience in there, it happens more than you might think:

1a. Ask first before using. Not use it and THEN ask if it’s ok.

1b. ASK before using the art. (I write it again, because it’s still the main thing people like to forget.)

2. Don’t remove or change anything in the picture without asking the creator and make sure you show/link to the original source. Removing signs is also a no-go. Explain what you wanna do with the picture, only modify the drawing when you GET the CLEAR ok from the artist.

3. Always make a clear statement/ desription from who and where you got it. It’s only fair to be honest and say who made it. At the end people will find out anyway and you get busted as a fraud/thief.

4. Make it clear for everybody, that you asked for persmission first. People tend to think that when you used it, that you just used it without permission and its ok for them to use it too.

5. Don’t sell it or reproduce it.

6. Don’t give other people the picture, just because you got the ‘ok’ from the artist. Each person should ask the artist. It’s no ‘ok’ for ‘filesharing’.

7. When the artist says ‘no’, then accept it. ACCEPT IT. Don’t use it anyway.

8. Tracing is not an option.


I am rather sad to see so many minors NSFW (smut wise) rps. Just be honest if you aren’t 18+ just don’t smut. It ain’t that hard. And it isn’t worth ruining the other person’s life. Just respect the law and be mature about it. And if someone says “You shouldn’t be doing that” They aren’t attacking you, they are concerned and looking out for you. PLEASE help me get this around the rp community.

Havolina Day! It’s coming!

Hey guys! 

Havolina Day is on Saturday, February 20th, 2016, just 11 days away! So, I wanted to write up a big masterpost Rules post just to have it circulating, so everyone would know what the protocol is!

This is the first Havolina Day, and my first time running a Ship Day of any kind, so please be patient with me!


1) We are accepting ANY and ALL creative submissions for Havolina Day! Be it art, writing, gifsets, songs, photomanips, sketches, whatever you want to contribute! We simply ask that it revolve around Jean Havoc and Rebecca Catalina.

2) There will be no contest portion for Havolina Day, just a simple celebration of the couple! So nothing will be judged, simply enjoyed!

3) In order to have your creativity seen by the two lovely ladies behind Havolina Day, when you post it, we request that you BOTH:
Tag @havolinaday within the piece itself, AND
Tag #havolina day in one of the first five tags of the piece as well. 
We will then be able to see the piece in our searches, and reblog it to @havolinaday, so that everyone can enjoy!

4) We ask that you please follow the blog @havolinaday, as that is where all of the information will be coming, and where you’ll be able to see everyone’s creative submissions! However, it is not required. :)

5) We do not discourage mentioning any other ships in your piece, we just ask that you please tag accordingly and keep other ships to a minimum. This is a day about Jean and Rebecca, who are very often side characters in other pieces, and we don’t want them to be delegated to the side on their own day, of course!

6) No hate of any kind, please. We will not reblog anything that expresses negativity for any other characters or ships. This is meant to be a fun, positive day for everyone that loves and enjoys this pairing. 

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing your Havolina Day submissions!!


Elle (@stupidsexymustang) and Kayla (@pahndah)