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Now that Eggy has won 26 years later. We should throw him a party. and give him hundreds of different awards. What do you think?

That won’t be necessary. As the literal king of the world, Robotnik can just take all the awards for himself without opposition.

And he’ll constantly show off and gloat while doing it.

“Yes, I’m very honored to have gained this award. Such an achievement to have come so far after defeating the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Who would have thought that I would become the ruler of the world? No one thought I could rule the world, but sure enough, I now rule the world! If Sonic were here, I wonder what he would think about not winning and being dead…


Public domain kaiju and tokusatsu artwork from Alpha Video.

Their releases were complete and utter dreck, but I always enjoyed the bright, colourful, imaginative covers Alpha conjured up for their budget releases.

  • nominative: if you were choosing a new name, what would you pick?
  • genitive: what's your favorite possession?
  • dative: what's the best gift you've ever received?
  • accusative: you've been accused of a crime. what is it?
  • ablative: what would you carry out of a burning building?
  • vocative: do you have any nicknames?
  • present: where do you live now? do you like it?
  • imperfect: what is something you used to do regularly and miss?
  • future: what is your utterly unrealistic dream life?
  • perfect: your favorite memory.
  • pluperfect: your first memory.
  • future perfect: what do you want to have on your gravestone?
  • indicative: what one thing would you change about your current situation?
  • subjunctive: what would you wish for if you had one wish?
  • imperative: what would be your first order as ruler of the world?

“Lady Tia, Lady Tia! You’ve received a missive!”

~”How Curious…”


Lady Tia is somewhat of a ruler in this world of blood and ponies. Her messengers would be delighted to bring her your questions. 

Mod: Ask box is open! I’m really excited to see where this ends up going, I hope to keep updates pretty regular, hopefully I’ll be able to do one every weekend but no promises. 

  • Reaper: (Practicing his ruler of the world speech in front of a mirror) Obey! Conform! Abstain! Ignore! Deny! Refrain! Cease! Appease! Shun! Avoid new sensations. Avoid all sensations! Avoid any sensation! Avoid unnecessary pleasantries! Avoid necessary pleasantries! Avoid libation! Avoid fermentation! Avoid all these in combinations. Save often! Floss regularly! Floss meaningfully! Floss athletically! And above all, never forget who is the boss of you. ME! I am the boss of you! I am the boss of you! I am the boss of you!
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Ruler AU

In a world where power is like the lottery, Character A has never been interested in winning. Their name is entered once – as per the law – but Character A never paid the ridiculous price for more entries. One day, Character A gets a phone call. Character A’s name was drawn out of thousands of participants and they are the new ruler of their society for the next year.