ruled by psychopaths

It’s like Nomura personally met with John Lasseter and had an elaborated talk with him about his humongous Disney fanfic

Nomura: Hi thank you so much for coming.

John: No problem. Let’s get down to business.
Nomura: Okay so I have this Disney crossover game coming along about a chosen boy who wields the keyblade (a blade but shaped as a key) to keep the darkness at bay and protect other worlds from falling into it and save his friends oh but get this he isn’t really the chosen wielder of the keyblade because other people can wield keyblades too even his friends and so the kid is up against these 13 bad guys who at first thinks is Organization XIII who are basically people that have no hearts or existence in the world but in actuality the boy finds out that the true bad guys are these 13 Darknesses that’s ruled by an elderly psychopath man and when I mean elderly I mean really old like an old coot who kinda splits himself into those 13 Darknesses and time travels to conquer the one thing every world dominator wants: Kingdom Hearts (my title for the game, clever huh) and Sora, the kid, has to make his way to meet with 7 Lights in order to stop the old man but in order to do that he’s got to free some of those Lights from their fated dooms in the past and everyone counts that he will
And I would like feature Toy Story into this universe
John: Sounds enticing. I love it

Father Forgives the Green River Killer for Murdering his Daughter

At Gary Ridgway’s trial, after he was convicted of murdering 49 women, Mr. Rule and family members of other victims were given the opportunity to address the killer directly.
During his trial, Ridgway remained cold and without remorse. One by one, his victim’s loved ones stood up and spoke from their hearts, expressing their hatred for the killer sitting before them.
It wasn’t until an elderly man — Robert Rule, father of victim Linda Rule — stood up that Ridgway finally broke down. What Robert said shocked everyone, including the cold-hearted killer.

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hello! i love your prompts ^-^ i'm writing a story where the protagonist finds out her best friend is a psychopath. although, i don't know how to write this kind of stuff. any tips? dialogue, maybe? thank you in advance! <3

Hey there!

♤First off, I’d do ALOT of research. Its also important to figure out whether you really want your character to be a psychopath rather than a sociopath. Here’s some places to start:

♤ A blog you should really check out and search their archive is @scriptshrink

♤ Assuming you truly want your character to be a psychopath (not a sociopath or someone with a different mental illness), here’s the basics:
• Can’t form emotional attachments
• Can’t feel empathy
• Often charming and manipulative
• Can easily gain people’s trust
• Meticulous, calm, and organized
• The result of genetics
• Don’t feel remorse or guilt

♤ Sociopaths, on the otherhand, can rarely feel empathy or form emotional attachments, are disorganized, are easily agitated, are erratic, usually cannot hold down a job, and can be made as a result of past trauma. Both have a disregard for society’s rules, but psychopaths are better at dissociating from their actions.

♤ One common analogy to distinguish the two are that psychopaths at cold hearted and socipaths are hot headed.

♤ Again, if your character really is a psychopath, then they don’t have a true relationship with the protag. The protag might think they do, but they’re actually being used.

♤ Dialogue:

• “You’re a psychopath? Like Sherlock Holmes?”

“Sherlock is a sociopath at least according to his own words. They’re very different; get it straight.”

• “So, what we have, it’s never been real?”

Their friend shrugged. “Nope. Just using you to my benefit.”

“How can you not feel the least bit bad?”

“Psychopath, remember? Guilt isn’t in my vocabulary.”

• “Are you going to kill me?”

“Not all psychopaths are violent. And if I wanted to kill you, I would’ve done it already.”

• “You should become an actor.”


“You’ve done an amazing job at pretending you care about me.”

“Pretending? What do you mean?”

“People like you are supposed to be smart. What do you think?”

“You were never supposed to find that out.”

• “Isn’t it nice, not having a conscious to hold you back?”

“I suppose. I’ve never quite understood how people let a silly thing restrict them when they could just do whatever the hell they want.”

• “How could you never tell me this?”

“It’s not important.”

“You lacking the moral barrier that prevents you from killing me in my sleep is important.”

“Knowledge wouldn’t change anything if I wanted you dead.”

• “You feel nothing towards me? All those years of friendship, promises to watch each other’s backs, good memories… and you don’t care about me at all?”

“Let’s just say that if you were shot in the head right now, I wouldn’t flinch.”

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I saw that you personally don't use Amazon and I was wondering if you don't mind sharing the reasons why. I find it really convenient to do online shopping for things and was also wondering if there are other alternate sites. Thank you!

I don’t mind talking about it! Basically I think Amazon has shitty labor practices and a ruthless megalomaniac leading it. 

At this point it’s mostly just habit, though, not shopping there; I don’t follow news about Amazon’s bullshittery generally, so I don’t know if they’ve amended their ways (deeply unlikely). I did a post about three years ago regarding why I stopped, and that’s got a lot of links, but of course they’re out of date. Still, as that post says, it’s easy to find information by googling things like “amazon labor” and “amazon fail”.

Oh look. Amazon’s planning to take Whole Foods and make it competitive with Wal-Mart. Because what we need are more Wal-Marts. 

Still super shady when it comes to compensation practices, too. 

There are no alternatives that compare to Amazon in terms of comprehensive product listing, low pricing, and free shipping. That’s why it’s such a monster; it has no competition, and when it sees competition, it either kills or acquires it. You watch – in the next five years, if Alibaba keeps pushing into the Western market, Amazon and Alibaba will go to war with one another. And because Amazon is ruled by a psychopath, it may win. 

Usually if I need to buy A Thing online, I go to that thing’s maker’s website, or I google. I have go-to sites, like Target, which retail various materials and in addition have brick-and-mortar stores where I can pick up what I order. If I’m buying something like camping gear, I look for specialty sites that cater to those needs in specific – and often there are bargain or second-hand sites for stuff, like SteepAndCheap or GearTrade. 

So on the one hand I think probably I pay about the same for my stuff as I would on Amazon, maybe a little more. But what I do takes more effort, and sometimes it does cost more, especially for shipping. So I always say this: I don’t morally judge people who do shop at Amazon, just like I don’t judge people who shop at Wal-Mart, because not everyone has the money or time to shop in the way I do. 

But yeah – I think Amazon is brutal, vicious, and dangerous, especially since Amazon servers host a lot of the internet’s web content, and Jeff Bezos has enough money and power that if he wants to set labor laws back by 200 years he probably could. 

Doctor Who Sentence Starters

-Suggested by speedysiobhan

  • “Basically, run.”
  • “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”
  • “Books! The best weapon in the world.”
  • “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”
  • “This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!”
  • “I am and always will be the optimist.”
  •  “Everybody lives!”
  • “You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.”
  • “There is a considerable difference between courage and reckless stupidity.”
  • “What’s the point of being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes?”
  • “In the fight for survival there are no rules.”
  • “Fantastic!”
  • “The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely.”
  • “Anybody remotely interesting is mad in some way.”
  • “Oh baby I’m beating out a samba!”
  • “Demons run when a good man goes to war.”
  • “Silence will fall.”
  • “Let’s go and poke it with a stick.”
  • “Stop it with the eyes.”
  • “I’m 31, I don’t have a Christmas list anymore.”
  • “It’s not supposed to make that noise.”

Blaming conservatives is way to easy when liberals are literally trying to rewrite history, they love the End of History myth because they hate subculture, hate direct action, hate the idea that reality is messy and impermanent. We live in somewhat more precarious times because we’re ruled by a fucking billionaire psychopath but make no mistake it’s never not been this bad. Just cause the cancer went into remission for awhile doesn’t mean it still wasn’t there. Wha we’re seeing is the Left+ starting to get wind in their sails again, realizing that history is never over. We don’t have to live this way.

Fic: The Unnatural

Title: The Unnatural
Rating: T for heavy flirting
Summary:   A starry night, Scully in his arms, the perfume of oil and dirt and leather rising from the field.

This is properly part of The FBI’s Most Unwanted, but I’m posting it because h0ldthiscat requested it and because I’m in Season 2 with that and oh god the angst.

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The signs as murderers

*this is just for fun so don’t take it too seriously. I realize that most of you are probably not murderers*

Aries: Non-meditated murder. They would initiate some sort of a fight not meaning to KILL, but accidents can happen when fury gets the best of you. 80% chance of being caught. They would avoid the questions during interrogations and just insult the detectives, but the evidence against them would be pretty obvious.

Taurus: Serial killer. Prefer strangulation; maybe with their bare hands if it’s personal. They would plan ahead, being very patient. Mainly learning their victims routine to ensure they aren’t seen by anyone else during the act. If they are caught, they will never, I repeat, N-E-V-E-R confess. They can literally sit there for days without giving up.

Gemini: Weapon of choice is a gun. They would kill people they didn’t like even if they had done the smallest thing like cut them off on the highway. living by the “Don’t piss me off or I will actually kill you when no one’s looking.” rule. Very smart psychopath. They can and will literally talk their way out of everything. Even if the cops don’t believe them, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves.

Cancer: Serial killer. Stalks their prey months in advance; learns their routines. Grows an attachment to the person/people. Madly obsessed with their target whether it be in a romantic way or simply craving a friendship. Originally had a great plan, but when it get down to the dirty work it’s a little sloppy. 70% of being caught.

Leo: Serial killer. Lures their victims in with their charm. Very bold; they kill in public spots. 50/50 chance of being caught. They would think wisely and hire a boss ass lawyer, but since they were so bold and outright with their murders, they would still be convicted. But its all cool, prison is a pretty fun time for them. They rule that fucking place.

Virgo: Crime of passion. (one time killer) It was in the moment and they didn’t exactly plan on it happening, but they sure don’t regret it. Meticulously covering their tracks every way possible. No one ever so much as suspects them.

Libra: Serial killer. Would think of a great ploy to get their victims lured into their trap. Easily gets out of trouble if they were suspected. Airtight alibi planned beforehand.

Scorpio: Sadist. They’re quite torturous. They enjoy watching their victims suffer. Scariest kind of killer out there. 30% of being caught. But even then, good luck finding them.

Sagittarius: Kidnaps random people in public for the thrill of it and then takes them to an isolated second location. Might experiment with methods of killing. Very bold, very risky, very dangerous. Would hightail it out of the country if they felt like someone was catching on.

Capricorn: Most likely a normal person who just snapped one day. Serious regret at first, but has a mental breakdown and keeps at it. More of a revenge killer. Would most likely turn themselves in after some self realizations. Most likely would be scared of the person they’ve become.

Aquarius: Would be the leader of some weird murder cult. They could easily talk people into joining. Their murders would be more like rituals with victims they’ve labeled as bad people. Very powerful.

Pisces: Insanity. They would develop some weird MO like putting clown makeup on their victims or drawing butterflies on their neck. Their murders are by far the most absurd. Crazy shit. 90% chance of being caught (they’re not really worried about being caught. They are in their own hallucination of a world), but serve no jail time; they instead are sent to a mental facility.



It’s never meant much of a damn thing to Emma.

It’s one of those things she’s encountered in passing, that are rumored to exist somewhere out in the wide world, like comprehensible IKEA instructions, or changing lanes into the one that speeds up, or not doing something terrible the instant you put on your nice clothes, that she knows vaguely might somewhere someday be real, because someone has to have it. Not her. Not with the constant shuffle from foster home to foster home until she was spat out of the system at seventeen (or rather, ran away) to start a relationship with an older (she had no idea how much) man and live in a car. Jail, maybe, that was stable, if you can count eleven months of being pregnant, having a baby chained to the infirmary bed, and losing your mind, while at least being in one place the whole time, to be stable. It was the longest she’d been anywhere since the Swans gave her back when she was three.

Not Storybrooke. Storybrooke never was. Curses this and danger that, big bad this and fairytale that. But she had Henry there, could see him at least, and that was a small bright point. Then lost him again, journeyed to a dark, demented netherland ruled by a psychopath, came back but not home, had to run from another curse, had to leave again.

And then, into dreamworld. False memories of stability, of holding a job, of raising Henry, of being happy. Walsh, just a regular nice-guy furniture-store owner, a normal relationship, Chinese takeout and watching HBO once Henry had gone to bed. But then this mysterious man in leather and eyeliner showed up and wouldn’t stop hounding her and wouldn’t go away and finally she trusted him somehow, did the unforgivable and drank the unidentifiable substance offered to her by a clearly unstable individual in New York –

and remembered.

Waking up from a long, bizarre, really good dream, back to the true oddity of her life. Kept thinking she had to be able to get it back somehow. Would do what she had to do here and leave. Better for Henry, she told herself. Knew deep down she was terrified. Running, just like she had when she was younger. Running. Running.

Straight down a time portal and into an adventure she never expected.

Came home just like Dorothy and found it had been waiting all along.

Now. Stable. She can’t get used to it. Knows that Killian will be there when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep, or at most, will be only a phone call away (she’s been trying to teach him to use a smart phone, with indifferent success; the man does only have one hand, but he catches on quick). Knows that if she wants, she can lean in and curl herself into the angles of his body, lie tangent to him, grip both hands in that silly leather jacket (she thinks she’s almost convinced him to shuck it, but she knows how long old habits take to die). Can run her fingers through that ridiculous hair (it is unfair for him to look like that) can open her lips for his, can laugh. It’s not a dream. It’s real. And the bittersweetness of it pierces her to the heart.

She can touch him all she wants. She can hold his hand (or his hook; she doesn’t mind, it’s part of him). She can sit down with him and Henry on the couch, squashed between her boys. She can take the chance and slowly, at last, invite Killian into her bed, undress with him there together in the darkness, running fingers over each other’s scars both seen and unseen. Can feel what it’s like to be completed by a half of herself she never even knew she was missing.

She can roll her eyes at him, or snark at him, or point out he’s still a selfish bastard sometimes, as he happily does the same for her. Sometimes they fight, though mostly in pithy remarks. She knows it’s a huge change for him too, that it took just as much bravery for him to come out from behind his walls. Three hundred years of living on a ship, roaming from place to place, serving nothing but hell and darkness and a broken heart, always confronted with the ghosts of everything he’s lost, and then to give that all up for her. And apparently has never even thought twice about it.

He’s horrible at cooking breakfast.

He tends to hog the bathroom (divas and their eyeliner).

He just won’t go away. He never quits. He never leaves.

Her fingers know him as well as her heart.


It is like that after all, Emma Swan thinks.

It’s so.


Dick Durbin wants to remove free speech from the internet…

Are bloggers not free to express what these sons of bitches are doing to humanity? 

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It just kills me that all Hook has ever wanted in his life is love and family (like a certain saviour we know?). I mean, every time he pushed his true self further away (the "hero") it was because that was taken from us. It crushed me seeing Hook crushed in the Hook/Bae episode. As you reminded us, he had hope for love and family again and he was willing to give up his revenge but it wasn't too be. Finally he has a shot again at the only thing he's ever really wanted.


the REASON Killian is so broken and hate-fueled and vengeful and vicious when we meet him is because he’s been shattered and lost OVER AND OVER AGAIN. His father abandoned him, so then he was with Liam who he adored and idolized and he thought that would be okay. Then he lost Liam in like the worst way imaginable and became a pirate (I imagine he’s never stopped thinking that Liam’s death was his fault). Then Milah. Then Bae. And half his crew at least in the Echo Caves, when they were his friends and his comrades. Now he just had to watch Emma (and Henry) drive away for what at the time was supposed to be FOREVER. The amount of courage it took to do that, to love her in the first place, to risk giving up his own happiness for hers… I just, wow.

People can break and go bad after just ONE traumatic loss like that. Hook has endured at least FIVE (his father, Liam, Milah, Bae, Emma). When you keep repeatedly getting your heart crushed into pieces, especially when you’re someone who loves as instantly and deeply and eternally as Killian does, you see how long you can keep up the cheery optimist routine and not just go (as he did) completely and catastrophically dark. Especially when you’re stuck in a dark magical world ruled by a pubescent psychopath and are being used to do his bidding while trying to get out to kill another psychopath. Now he has a chance, somehow, again, after 300 years. That’s why (among all the other reasons) the HOOK IZ GOIN BAD AGAIN!!!!! morons miss the point. Killian’s motivation is LOVE. It was confirmed in the Echo Caves. If he’d been lying about moving on from Milah and falling for Emma, the place would have killed the shit out of him. Plus I know he’s a terrible villain, but going to the trouble of defying the Dark Curse… and finding Emma in NY when she doesn’t remember him… and bringing her memories back… and BRINGING HER HOME TO HER FAMILY TO FIGHT…. if he just wanted to join forces with the WW (lolololololololol) and be BAADZZZ, that seems like WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE TO GO TO. Just saying.

Also, the scenes of him with Henry. Taking care of him and having a campfire and teaching him to stargaze. Off alone together. This would never have happened if Emma didn’t have a say in it. Hook and Henry are together because Hook’s the person she trusts most, and as we’ve seen time and time again this season, Hook has made the right decision in terrible circumstances. So when it’s his family on the line (as they will be, seeing as they’ve just spent a year together) and his home and the woman he loves and his second chance, you can bet he’s fighting like HELL for them and with them, and you can also bet that Emma will notice.