Spoiler Room: Scoop on Supergirl

Hi, what’s next for Mon-El and Kara from Supergirl? — Maria

Well, Kara and Mon-El may have reconciled, but there are certainly challenges moving forward considering the Daxamites are slated to become the new big bads. “Isn’t that how things work that just when you get things settled, some wrench has to fall into the gears?” Melissa Benoist says. “The Daxamites pose some problems. Rhea is not necessarily a sweet prospect for a mother-in-law, but it’s really fun to see the way these characters interact.”

thatkevinsmith MONDAY NIGHT, the 2nd @supergirlcw I was lucky enough to direct airs! I got to fly around on a space ship! And that’s all because of @andrewkreisberg! Kreis Almighty has been like my savior for the last year, gifting me with gigs on both @cwtheflash & #supergirl. In a year when some folks were using @yogahosers to say I’m a bad director, @thecw shows I helmed served as proof I hadn’t lost my mind. Never mind the colorful characters he writes for and makes amazing episodes of TV about every week - #andrewkreisberg is my real hero. #KevinSmith #flash #daxam #daxamite #supergirlseason2 (via @thatkevinsmith on insta)


rhea: you think you’re sooo funny and soooo cute…. i mean yes, you are both of those things, but watch your back!

shiro: watch my back for what??

rhea: you’ll never see it coming… but the one thing i always get is revenge!

shiro: all i did was give you an amorous hug! woowww a guy can’t even show his affection for the girl he likes anymore??? this is preposterous!!

rhea: show your affection by bringing your cute little butt over here & kissing me immediately!! 


So real TOO REAL 

“So I started texting my barber, because our relationship is on THAT level.”