“to see you do that laugh behind your hand that you do, like you think you shouldn’t be smiling”

Yeah. More SLGN inspired shit. Get used to it I duckin love this fic and I love these boys ugh

Meet Soldier 63 (my friend is much more clever with names than I am, I was gonna call her Soldier 69)
This was way more fun to work on than it should have been since I have other things to work on, but they’re not Overwatch related and I’m in Overwatch hell :’)

I do have a version of her with the visor on that i’m going to finish tomorrow, idk why I gave her an eye patch it just seemed like a good idea

Good morning

Good morning to all of you beautiful tumblers.
Breathe in the beautiful air
See the beauty that passes your eyes
Listen to the wonderful sounds of the day
Feel the love of others
Take all this in and enjoy the day

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