She’s a cool enough cat if you get to know her.

Here’s a short haired version since I usually like to keep the hair length the same, but I think the ponytail version has a bit more of a sleazy feel to it, which is good 8)


(Whoops these are kinda old)

Anonymous said:
could we ever see some genderbended kurcro? with both of them as ladies please Anonymous said:
Rule 63 Cromit please <3 ?

[CHURNS BUTTER YURIS VERY QUICKLY] (Also many thanks to all you cute peeps who came to the stream!)

I was commissioned for some flirty DaveKat and I turned it into an awful session of truth or dare + typical dirty joke I’m very professional.


Genderswap Dancestors Photoshoot was really fun.

have some flirty Cronus to get you through the day. There were actually a lot but these are the ones I really liked. More to come most likely.

Photographer: rawrimamidget

Male Meenah: theartistisme
Male Porrim: fudge-yeah-america
Female Mituna: ninja-downey
Female Cronus: hita-lia
Female Kankri: askdatcosplayer