Genderbend!Katnep for followers~! I didn’t expect them to be so highly requested. O//u//O (it’s just a doodle, sorry)

Nep is fidgety cause he really wants a hug from that grumpy nubby-horned girl and he doesn’t want to be rude because he’s been told he has  "boundary issues" from a few others (it’s a glompy/pouncy cat thing, i suppose)

male!nep reminds me of a combination  between Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Mochizo from Tamako Market, haha.


It’s okay Equius sweetie you tried your best

(Tumblr is a butt with image sizes and what not sorry this is dumb. I wish it were less blurry ;A;) I know i kinda lied and said the nepkat one would be next, but this one got done first sorry about that.( ´∀`) Have some meowrails having a role-play teaparty

They kind of remind me of K'nuckles and Flapjack, hee hee.