Genderswap Dancestors Photoshoot was really fun.

have some flirty Cronus to get you through the day. There were actually a lot but these are the ones I really liked. More to come most likely.

Photographer: rawrimamidget

Male Meenah: theartistisme
Male Porrim: fudge-yeah-america
Female Mituna: ninja-downey
Female Cronus: hita-lia
Female Kankri: askdatcosplayer

Ah well…Once I…

I was in the kitchen, and Mom was gone so I tried to set up a prank. I got some fake blood, and a shirt that wasn’t too important and set up my scene. When Mom came back things got bad…She dropped her bags and rushed over to me, and I went to say my “last words” but the next thing I know, she took out her cooking knife and got the phone. She was asking me where the who did and where they went. I had to get up and take the phone away and show her I was joking. 

That day went down in history as the first time I got my mom really bad with a prank. She took a picture afterward and everything after she scolded me a little.

It’s still a great prank though

anonymous asked:

So Joan what's it like being you?

Hard question there anon! I mean, I don’t have wings like Dove, but I’d hope I’m at least a bit interesting. Um, well, I like to play pranks and the ghost busters theme is my jam. I’m not fond of baking, or sweets too much,  but I try to tolerate them which is not at all„,  and um….I have a knock off ghost busters hoodie? Gah I’m no good at this.

A quick doodle for a headcanon I have about the Fem!Signless.

If she was going to be traveling through a place highly populated by highbloods, she’d bind her chest and lower her voice and pretend to be male. This method didn’t fail her until she ran into Darkleer on one of her travels and panicked. Darkleer began to suspect that the Signless was female, and proved this later by finding the binding cloth and tearing it off of her body.

(I don’t know if that would really work but it was an idea that I had)