Genderswap Dancestors Photoshoot was really fun.

have some flirty Cronus to get you through the day. There were actually a lot but these are the ones I really liked. More to come most likely.

Photographer: rawrimamidget

Male Meenah: theartistisme
Male Porrim: fudge-yeah-america
Female Mituna: ninja-downey
Female Cronus: hita-lia
Female Kankri: askdatcosplayer

Ah well…Once I…

I was in the kitchen, and Mom was gone so I tried to set up a prank. I got some fake blood, and a shirt that wasn’t too important and set up my scene. When Mom came back things got bad…She dropped her bags and rushed over to me, and I went to say my “last words” but the next thing I know, she took out her cooking knife and got the phone. She was asking me where the who did and where they went. I had to get up and take the phone away and show her I was joking. 

That day went down in history as the first time I got my mom really bad with a prank. She took a picture afterward and everything after she scolded me a little.

It’s still a great prank though