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LIMIT BREAK X SURVIVOR--aka, how the Universe Survival Arc will end

(much credit to @reiujii​, who spent a LITERAL WEEK brainstorming possible outcomes with me on discord until we cracked this shit. could not have done this alone)

As of right now, we’re up to Episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super, and I’d wager near the midway point of the Universe Survival Arc. Since the U7 team roster is pretty much finalized and a lot of the groundwork has been laid for future events, I figured I’d take a stab at trying to figure out where this crazy trainwreck is going.

And you know what? I think we did it. I think we actually fucking did it. While obviously nothing is for certain, there is very strong and extensive evidence supporting a very specific ending for this arc that will, in no short words, make franchise history. And oh boy, it’s… something. Like, the writing has been on the wall for this since day one. How the hell will Universe 7 survive the tournament? How will Jiren be overpowered? What’s the deal with that weird evil Goku transformation seen in the opening? And how will you-know-who factor into this arc’s resolution?

I’m going to attempt to answer all these questions and more. Should go without saying, but there be spoilers beyond the cut, especially if any of this turns out to be true.

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