rule number 38

CA: i think this wwould be best question to ask from fef

CA: gimme a moment an i wwill call her ovver
CA: feeef!

CC: S)(-ELLO -Everyone!

CC: I’m Feferi Peixes and today i will be learning you all aboat my FAVORIT-E subject, marine biology!!! 38D

So i’ll make it quick and teac)( you all t)(e T)(R-E-E MOST IMPORTANT RUL-ES!

And number one is, DON’T LITT-ER IN T)(-E OC-EAN!! I CANNOT stress t)(is enoug)(!!! It’s enoug)( for us seadwellers w)(o )(as to pick and clean up all t)(e garbage so t)(at ot)(er marine animals don’t get )(urt! 38( 

Rule number two is, ALWAYS K-E-EP -EXPLORING! You won’t learn anyfin if you don’t get yours)(ellf out t)(ere! So if t)(ere’s any source of water w)(ere you live, go out t)(ere and investigate!

And t)(ree, last but not least, R-EM-EMBER TO )(AVE FUN! 38)

To improve and become betta in somefin you )(ave to enjoy doing it, so keep working and learning, and i’m S)(OR-E you’ll be absolutely GR-EAT in no time!