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Clint: Okay, I have another question.
Tony: Alright, but not another one about Anderson Cooper.
Clint: With two guys you must be pretty much doing it all the time, right? With no woman there to say no.
Tony: It’s still a marriage, there is always someone there to say no.
Scott: So when you’re done with sex does one of you want to cuddle and the other one want to watch sport center?
Clint: And does Bucky get upset when you leave the toilet seat up?
Tony: Why don’t you write all these down and I’ll get back to you?

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have two questions I'd like your opinions on. 1. How do you feel about a medicine cat taking a mate of the same gender? I.e. Leafpool becoming mates with Whitewing (for lack of a better TC cat to put with her...) 2. If Whitethroat hadn't been killed so soon, and if Warriors could show LGBT+ characters (or in a fanwork), could you see him and Littlecloud becoming a couple? Thank you in advance.

Sure, let’s see. 

1. I have never understood the reason why medicine cats aren’t allowed to take mates - the rules are stupid, and that’s final. And well, since I’m pro-mates for medicine cats, of course that has to include same-gendered scenarios too? I mean, what reason do I have to say yes to one, and no to the other? If the medicine cat is free to take a mate, surely they must be free to take precisely the mate they want, and not the one that is decreed “appropriate” for them, for whatever reason. What exactly would that achieve - it wouldn’t be the freedom to take mates as they wish then, just an awkward-not-quite-there sort of freedom that satisfies far from everyone. 

2. If you want that, sure - if HarperCollins wanted to get their heads out of the ground and actually agree to cater to the multitude of fans who want versatility in pairings properly, then sure. However personally I don’t support the specific pairing - I have been and always will be a steadfast supporter of LittlecloudxCinderpelt, even if merely one-sided. 

I hope that answered your questions. ^^

Things I don’t write about;

ok um - I’m getting some requests of things I don’t write like ?? Even AFTER I posted the things I don’t like in a response of an anon - people requested anyways, so, I’m making an official post. 

Your request headcanon/drabble request is REJECTED if it has any of the following.

Thy DOES NOT write about incest.

Thy DOES NOT write about adult x minor (in any suggestive/sexual way). 

Thy DOES NOT write about yaoi (it’s not my thing, nothing against it). 

Thy DOES NOT write about suicide (lbr it’s a sensitive topic).

Thy DOES NOT accept literally anything else that corresponds with the above ok.

I’ll write whatever else but just - not those ok.


Please, don’t repost without my permission

Well, i make a new genderbends, this time for Gyro, Valentine and Diego Dio (Or Julia -its ‘yulia’- For valentine i don’t have name to yet ;v; …And Diana ‘Dea’ uvu)

All of this design result so hard for me ;—; ….really, i think i can’t change so much the characters and this frustrated me so much ;n;

Well, maybe y try make again in a few time a new version…but for now this versions are my new girls in my world of GB xD