rule by night

“to see you do that laugh behind your hand that you do, like you think you shouldn’t be smiling”

Yeah. More SLGN inspired shit. Get used to it I duckin love this fic and I love these boys ugh

headcanon where Rhysand and Feyre are sitting, side by side and hand in hand, in a massive throne room, ruling over the night court with poise and kindness. Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, is remembered as a wise and gracious ruler who is willing to do whatever it takes for the wellbeing of his people. Feyre, High Lady of the Night Court, is kind to her people and her family, whom she paints often from her house in Velaris, completely content and safe. Thanks to both Rhys and Feyre the Night Court flourishes with happiness and wealthiness for many millenia to come.


william and gabe with plush versions of themselves || circa 2008


Kavinsky, on the other hand, ruled the night. He lived in the places that wouldn’t even occur to Gansey: in the back parking lots of the public schools, the basements of McMansions, crouched behind the doors of public bathrooms. Kavinsky’s kingdom was not so much conducted in the red-yellow-green glow of a traffic light, but in the black place just outside of the glow.