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Hi, what is your opinion on black paladin allura?

Marginally better than “black paladin Lance,” but still don’t think it makes sense in VLD and that it shouldn’t be a thing. And when I say it’s “marginally better,” I’m mostly referring to how it would echo some aspects of 80′s Votron. In one episode, Allura steals the Black Lion and tries to pilot it (but ultimately fails). The other characters are at resent her for it, to the point where they don’t even want her on the team, believing she needs to work on her teamwork more. That she just isn’t as much of a team player as Sven. However, in the end, Keith acknowledges that she’s a worthy paladin. And he even concludes that, one day, in time, she’ll be able to fly the Black Lion too. 

However, that’s all in the past, and not all of 80′s Voltron’s rules apply here. So again, I’ll go back to why Black chose Keith in Shiro’s absence–namely, the very intimate bond between them:

  • Joaquim: “[Shiro] and Keith have the closest relationship.”
  • Lauren: “The Black Lion probably got from Shiro what Shiro saw in Keith.” (source)

At the end, that’s what it comes down to. The Black Lion was able to trust Keith because of Shiro’s own thoughts and feelings. Shiro and Allura just weren’t as close. Whenever people make suggestions like Allura and Lance piloting instead, I’m always confused–because for Shiro, it was never even a question. “Keith, If I don’t make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.” 

That was literally Shiro’s one request, and the Lion cared about him enough to respect that. Ultimately, it’s Keith’s love for Shiro, his devotion and loyalty to him, that lets him sync so easily with the Lion. The fist time he tries, it’s to save Shiro’s life. And the second, it’s because he wants to lead the team for Shiro’s sake. “I know this is what you wanted for me, Shiro. I’m not you. I can’t lead them like you.” “This one’s for you, Shiro.” That’s what called to the Lion. 

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10 years 10 goals

Thanks for tagging me @exceli. Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to everything I’ve been tagged in, I’ve finished my January exams now so finally have some time to actually post things on here properly again.

Rules: list 10 goals you have for the next 10 years, write it down or save it somewhere you can find it again, then tag 10 people.

  1. Continue to work hard at university.
  2. Finish my masters degree.
  3. Get a job that I enjoy.
  4. Move back out into the countryside.
  5. Become more confident in myself and my abilities.
  6. Travel more.
  7. Own my own home.
  8. Try more new things.
  9. Improve my mental health.
  10. Become a better person.

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Adverbs aren’t evil; said isn’t dead
Please stop hitting the wall with your head

Active is grand but not always the best
Sometimes it’s passive that passes the test

Some write with style, others write plain
Let’s all agree that writing’s a pain

The ‘rules’ can be broken, twisted, or bent
All that matters is that you are content

Make your own story and write your own way
This has been a writer’s PSA


I’m nearly sure someone somewhere in my inbox was asking about the kids, so…


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


Welcome to a world without Light.

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yeek thank you kids so much!!!! i actually never thought i’d get so many haaa

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what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 
recipe for marauders


  • whole lotta smart
  • a bit– oops a lot dorkiness then
  • carelessly cute look
  • shoulders the size of a living room 
  • bad eye sight, definitely needs glasses
  • charm, more chARM!
  • a little arrogance, okay no- WAIT! Why did you pour the whole bottle?!
  • compassion - my hand slipped
  • protective - but like not the amount we put for mothe–?? why don’t you ever listen to me?
  • has a thing for redheads, I don’t make the rules
  • pinch of tendency to break rules. pst that’s not a pinch that’s a spoonful, well if you want to


  • effortlessly smart
  • where’s the “can’t walk straight to save his life?” bottle?
  • a little anger you know with the whole bad boy vi- WHY did you pour the whole bottle again?!
  • silky hair - where’s the conditioner?
  • a bit of darkness, just a little bit. *smells* oh, that’s a strong one, a little goes a long way so maybe I should have put like one drop instead of four
  • I’m gonna need time to carve him out, don’t bother me for 48 hours and keep the coffee coming
  • crunchy on the outside mushy on the inside
  • put three drops of the family disappointment bottle.. you put thIRTY! STOP.
  • where’s the bottle we used for David Bowie? pour half of it, good
  • PINCH of tendency to break the rules. the spoon again? ah, well


  • pour the rest of the smart in
  • sarcasm for days, pour the whole fucking thing
  • soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside
  • swears like a pirate
  • a bit unlucky.. nooOO- not the whole bottle! you did it anyways, didn’t you?
  • kindness bottle, throw it here! whoops the whole thing fell in
  • where’s the darkness bottle? oh, five was too much
  • give him strong teeth, I don’t know why, just do it
  • where’s the instinct bottle we use for wolves? I know he’s a human just give it, I have a feeling
  • give me the adorable bottle, I’m gonna fix this *pours the whole thing*
  • definitely tea addict - no the earl grey one
  • P I N C H of tendency to brea– you are gonna go with the spoon no matter, cool


  • oh shit do we have any smart left? no?! oh, we have wit, cool. pour it in.
  • snarky af, pour ¾ in
  • make him the creative one, five drops should do it f i v e
  • put bravery, thaT’S THE COWARDICE bottle. why r u like dis?
  • foodie, half the bottle
  • the good listener for men. I know!! we haven’t used it in a while, I’m excited, too
  • the insecurity bottle, be very careful
  • should we mix in a little shyness? we should?! we should.
  • survival instincts, w o w that’s the amount we use for rats, what the hell?
  • chubby cheeks comin’ through
  • pinch of tend- do whatever you want, I’m done