rule 63: spn


Supernatural Genderbend Series

Samuel/Samantha Winchester

Part 2 of ?

Jaimie Alexander as Samantha


All the single Supernatural ladies!

Some of our solo shots from SacAnime Winter of our SPN ladies group! (Except you, Bobby, what the hell.)

Cast in order of the photos:
Myself as the rightful King of Hell
ssslytherslut as Meg
takelunatothemoon as Moose
iamchoosingtoliveagain as Not Moose
mayhemcosplay as Cas
Bobby as someone who still can’t be arsed to get a Tumblr account
And gothy_princess (Instagram) as Squirrel we picked up at some point at the con

Fem!Castiel x Meg AU

In which Cas Novak is a reluctantly stylish, tatted up, awkward fashion photographer who meets one Meg Masters. Meg is an ambitious model whose favorite pastime is to terrify her peers. Some say she once maimed a man with her high heels. Others whisper that she had a torrid affair with Abaddon, the queen of fashion. Oddly enough, Meg and Cas hit it off. They’re a match made in heaven…sort of.

ive been without wifi for a while because i was in the process of moving, so im only just getting around to posting this amazing sabriel commission i got from oskar - also known as raspbeary !!!!

im so excited, oskar is one of my biggest art inspirations and one of the reasons i started drawing again and this is so cute and im just so happy and you should all go check out his work <3