rule 63 sherlock

Fem Sherlock in pencil skirts and crimson lipstick at a crime scene

Fem Sherlock in soft floral cotton dresses in springtime

Fem Sherlock with a hairtie around her wrist that she uses whenever she gets in Serious Deduction Mode

Fem Sherlock in devastating Italian high heels

Fem Sherlock taking off high heels to chase murderers down the streets and leaving thousand dollar shoes lying around London

Fem Sherlock in sweats and over sized jumpers when she wasn’t working on cases

Fem Sherlock getting blood all over her floral cotton dresses.

Fem Sherlock in salsa dancing dresses.

Fem Sherlock in ballerina attire.

Fem Sherlock destroying the patriarchy

Fem Sherlock

if you wanna be my lover

you gotta promise to never write canon female characters as guys in a rule!63 au