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what are your thoughts on a role reversal au with Lyra and Galen? I would have loved more of Lyra in Rogue One (and more women in general, especially woc).

I would be totally up for that! It’d be a bit less predictable, I think, with Lyra as the tragic scientist working against Krennic and Galen the devout worshipper impulsively throwing his life away.

And … I mean, I have friends who are like “lol I don’t care” about Galen, but I found his character genuinely touching and both well-written and well-executed. But I would be really happy to get all that development and prominence for a mother figure. 

I also like the idea of just collapsing Lyra and Galen into one character—Lyra’s spirituality not as a contrast to the scientist epiphany, but the result of it. (And more pragmatically: save on screentime, too.)

As RO exists, I would have definitely liked more Lyra, though tbh I think there are characters who need the screentime more. But yeah, if it needs anything, it’s more women and definitely WOC. 


Fem!Karasuno for style and watercolor practice. Kinda messy, but I had lots of fun with this. Tanaka shaved her hair to look like the volleyball swirls, what a dork.

Second set of Karasuno volleydorks

Set of volleyball dorks outside of Karasuno

Fourth in the Getting Over Derek series.

…or maybe not.

Here it is, another Saturday night, but there are no date clothes. Stiles is wearing jeans and sneakers and mud and is stuck to the back of a horse made of bone and river weeds who’s hell-bent on drowning somebody tonight even if he has to do it in a freaking birdbath because Jackson is a complete failboat when it comes to being a werewolf and knocked her into the damn thing when she was trying to banish it with a solution of salt and iron filings. The wolves are keeping pace with the Kelpie, trying to herd it away from large bodies of water. Stiles thinks it was headed for the reservoir first, but then veered off into the suburbs when it became clear that the wolves weren’t going to let it. A Kelpie can’t fight outside of water, but once it’s wet it’s damn near invincible.

It’s probably looking for another body of water now; someone’s decorative pond or something. Stiles has a vague idea that the horse can’t let her go now. It has to drown her before it can escape into the water ways or fight back. It’s an evil spirit who’s stuck in its corporeal shape until it manages to kill someone …or until it gets torn apart by furious werewolves.

Deaton keeps saying that all power comes with a price and Stiles thinks this may be the Kelpie’s price right here.

A thunderous growl is all the warning Stiles gets before Derek drops down onto them from above, intent on breaking the monster’s back. The betas close in and Scott wraps his arms around Stiles, trying to shield her from incidental damage with his body. Jackson and Erica are hanging back, pelting the Kelpie with Stiles’ saline and iron-filing water balloons to weaken it.

Stiles feels her hands and legs separate from the Kelpie’s cold damp hide and Scott drags her away, shielding her from the view with his shoulder …but not quite fast enough for her to miss the greeny-black ichor dripping from Derek’s elongated claws.

…from where he’d ripped the Kelpie’s throat out with his bare hands.

“Keep hitting it with the water balloons.” Stiles’ voice is raw and shaky, but clear enough. “We’ve got to dissolve the body or it’ll revive in a month of Sundays: two-hundred and ten days.”

“Take her back to the cars, Scott.” Derek snaps out.

“Leave her where she is, Scott.” Stiles counters, but for once Scott is obeying Derek over his best friend and he literally drags her away.

When they get to the Shell station where everyone ditched their cars, Stiles stomps over to Derek’s Camaro and hops onto the hood where she crossed her arms and her legs and glares in the direction where the pack is.

“Stiles…” Scott starts to say something, but cuts himself off. He tries again, “Gwenny…” This time she glares at him. Him using her kindergarten nickname is just not on. It’s emotional blackmail and she will not be blackmailed. “You really freaked us all out.”

“Are you seriously sticking up for Derek?”

“Not normally no, but you scared me too.” Scott’s got his stubborn face on; all glittering eyes and stiff jaw. Normally Stiles finds it hilarious, but Scott’s got a bit of claw out and he’s flexing his fingers back and forth like he still wants to tear into something. This is kind of new. Scott’s never gone all protective of her before. That’s always been an Allison thing.

She’s not sure she likes it. She and Scott? They are bros, partners in arms, crime buddies, fucking equals. She is no one’s damn damsel in distress and she resents the implication that she could be.

“I was where I was supposed to be doing my job.” Stiles grumbles. “It’s not my fault Jackson can’t brake for shit.”

“You still scared us.” Scott says. “It was instinct to get you as far away from that thing as possible. I wasn’t even obeying Derek. I would have taken you away anyway. Stiles, we were like two hundred feet away from a community pool.”

Okay, that’s a little frightening.

“What do you want from me, Scott?” Stiles asks, plaintive. “Even if I wanted to walk away, I can’t really.” She figured that out when Gerard’s goons kidnapped her off the bleachers during the big lacrosse game. Any chance she had of turning her back and getting out is gone. No one is going to go easy on her because she’s a girl and she’s accepted that.

Unfortunately it seems that Scott and Derek, being the great thinkers they are, haven’t.


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I can’t remember who first posted this picture and speculated that this is what Stiles would look like as a girl (sorry!), but now I cannot get it out of my head. Then again, Rule 63 is like my favorite trope. I’m not gonna lie.

Stiles would totally have the shaved head and the big novelty earrings that you dare not look too closely at. Like, if they make Scott blush then Stiles is GO for today’s accessories.

The thing is… people always write Femme!Stiles in high school and Derek is always like 110% more with it relationship-wise, like admitting to feelings is easier if he’s doing it for a girl. I respectfully disagree!

(Mind you, there are some awesome Girl!Stiles in HS fics out there. Have you read The Strong Scent of Evergreen yet? No? Then what are you waiting for? Click that link and hop to it!)

What I’d like to see is a future!fic where Stiles is in like her late twenties maybe even her early thirties. She’s still rocking the super short pixie cut and the big earrings that make Scott squirm in his seat and make Allison laugh.

Heck, she might even have some kids and an ex-husband whose ringtone is set to the Jaws theme on her cell phone. She’s still driving that same old Jeep -which refuses to just DIE already- and her sons both have names that are impossible to pronounce. She still rules her father’s diet with an iron fist, wears electric blue leopard print nail art because she can, and has a recipe for ginger-pear meringues that certain members of the PTA would literally kill for.

Half of her eldest son’s class is sick to death in love with her and Mr. Lahey, their homeroom teacher, is kind of sick of having to hear about it. Seriously though, he wishes she could get Scott to pick little Genim and Gwynfor up from school or something because there is NOTHING worse than a lovelorn ten year old and every time she comes around in her skinny jeans and ratty old chucks he has to deal with half a classroom full of them.

No one in town outside the pack knows what she does for a living and probably never will. It’s too hard to explain. She does seem to spend an awful lot of time on the phone though and once Mrs. Finklestein heard her having a very loud argument with someone about the proper deployment of bait fish.

(Mrs. Finklestein doesn’t know what the bait fish were for, but she used to babysit Stiles when she was little and thus knows better than to ask.)

One thing everyone knows for certain though, is that she drives Derek Hale (the owner of the local garage) absolutely BONKERS…and not just because he’s the one who has to try and keep that Jeep from disintegrating into a medium-sized pile of blue-tinged rust flakes.

Why they’re seen together so often is anyone’s guess. They both swear they aren’t dating. Well, Stiles swears they aren’t dating and gives a whole long laundry list of reasons why not. Derek just growls at whoever’s dumb enough to ask him and then ignores the question, but the girl who manages his office confirms Stiles’ side of the story.

“Not a chance in hell.” Erica Reyes tells Amanda Greenberg over lunch. “That would involve the boss man doing something that doesn’t involve scenic brooding in dark corners or wandering around the IGA scaring old ladies with his bloodstained wifebeater while he stocks up on Hungryman dinners.” —and, okay yes, that is a thing Mr. Hale does. Maybe it’s for the best that he isn’t dating the Sheriff’s daughter.

… or  is he?

According to Mary Jo Spinks, her sister-in-law saw Stiles getting out of Derek’s black Camaro (the new one, not to be confused by the other three identical black Camaros he had before this one) last Friday night.

…although they were out at the nature reserve in the middle of the night and not anywhere near what you’d call a date location. So maybe it wasn’t a date, but if it wasn’t then why were they out there alone? Together?

… and why was Stiles carrying a baseball bat and a length of high-test steel chain anyway?

(“They’re totally dating.” Scott says to Sheriff Stilinski, who is trying to figure out whether he needs to load up a shotgun at this point. “One day they might even figure it out.”)

Either way, Derek Hale seems to get along okay with Stiles’ sons and what’s more he’s a marginally stabilizing influence on them …in that he can tell them to stop climbing on something and they’ll actually do it. That’s a superpower their school principal only wishes he had.

For her part, Stiles can be seen carting truly epic amounts of food out to the site of the new Hale house every other Saturday for the weird get-togethers Hale has out there. About 40% of the town is convinced he’s running a 70s style swingers’ club, but the other 60% actually believe that it really is just a running poker game between high school buddies. After all, Lydia and Jackson Whittemore go to those things and they’re both from fine upstanding local families. They’d never get involved in something like that.


(Aleka Mahealani is the one who catches them necking in the alley behind the video store. She went out there with a maglite because she heard something crashing around and a noise she could have sworn was a gunshot, but when she gets there it’s just Derek and Stiles. Derek’s got Stiles pinned against the wall covering her with her body. Stiles turns bright red when Aleka catches them in the beam of her flashlight.

“This isn’t what it looks like.” Stiles says, but Derek hasn’t let her up yet.

“Sure it isn’t.” Aleka agrees and leaves to give them some privacy. She’s got Facebook up on her phone before she even rounds the corner.)


(Rule 63) Shiro - Voltron Legendary Defender @ Anime Expo 2016

These are the entirety of my fem!Shiro cosplay photos folks. Sorry! I got distracted then had to change for dinner. I’ll try to get some nicer photos taken later. Thank you to the lovely Artist Alley folks who snapped pictures with me, of me, and tagged me when posting them. Much appreciated; y’all are the best!


Title: jinx

Rating: NC-16

Warnings: crude language, wet dreams, rule 63 (cisswap)

Genre: romance, slice of life, rule 63 (cisswap)

Pairing: cisswap!phan

Characters: afab cisgirl!d & afab agender!p

Summary: 2009. An organised chaos, and Phil was the center of it all. And she didn’t find it in herself to mind.

A/N: all phanfic authors have to go through this one way or another (hehe) this is my take on phan’s 2009 timeline. Inspired heavily by the song “Jinx” by DNCE.

Credits: smut scene written by @lesteresce​ my hoe-norary best friend (snort). Chat scene contributed by Meifang.

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Sequel to Getting Over Derek

Allison picks up on the first ring and says, “Did you really crawl out the ladies room window of Jack’s Cosmic Dogs last night?”

Well, so much for hoping no one saw that.

“If you’d had the evening I’d had by that point, you’d have done it too.” Stiles grumps and hauls one of the stuffed animals off the top of her bookshelf. Sometimes you just need something to cuddle, dammit, and since she is clearly not going to have a boyfriend to hold onto in the near future then her rainbow unicorn will just have to do. “If I was smart then I would have turned tail and run when I realized he thought a Marvel Zombies overshirt was totally appropriate first-date wear.”

“Don’t lie to me, Stiles.” Allison says. “You thought that was cool.”

“Well, of course I thought it was cool.” Stiles grumbles. “It just should have been a clue, is all I’m saying.”

“Poor baby. Hold on, I’m getting Lydia on conference call.”

“Yes, because having Lydia Martin on hand to judge my dating failures is exactly what I need.” …but Stiles waits anyway until the line beeps and Lydia comes on.

“Stilinski, the first rule of surviving a bad date is to escape through the kitchen. There’s always a service entrance where they receive deliveries that lets out onto a backstreet.” Lydia says flat out. “Fewer witnesses, which you would have known if you’d come to me instead of Allison. What did you wear?”

“Cotton peasant blouse, a trench jacket, tweed pencil skirt, over-the-knee socks, and riding boots.”

“So, basically you went as Gwen from ‘The Amazing Spiderman’.” Lydia’s eyeroll is almost audible.

“Hey, I know my audience!” Stiles protests because she’d managed to sneak that one right by Allison. It is entirely unfair that Lydia is the one to catch the Geek Culture reference. “Besides, I looked cute.”

“Pics or it didn’t happen.”

“I took one!” Allison volunteers, that traitor, and is already texting it to her. “I let it slide because it really was a good look on her, especially once the curlers came out.”

“Hmmm.” Is Lydia’s noncommittal response. “The headband isn’t awful, but you really need bangs… and maybe some highlights. Still, not bad for a first try.”

“Who says this is my first try?” Stiles is glad no one is around to see her blush at that blatant, blatant lie. The last time she tried something like her mini-makeover with Allison was when she used to play dress up with her mom’s makeup.

“We’ve been in the same class since kindergarten, Stilinski.” Lydia deadpans. “I know everything you’ve been up to. Including your little walk of shame down Main Street. What happened?”

“Do I have to?” Stiles buries her face in the mane of her rainbow unicorn and whines. “I don’t wannaaaa.”

“It’ll be cathartic.” Allison assures her. “The best part of bad dates is picking it apart afterwards with your gal pals. The sooner you tell us what happened the sooner we can get to the part where we tell you what a loser he is.”

That… doesn’t sound too bad, actually. “Fine.” She sighs. “It started okay. The movie was ok. Nothing really happened until we got to the restaurant afterwards.”

“You mean the part where you actually have to talk to each other?” Lydia guessed.

“Yeah, that would be the problem.” Stiles groans. “He ordered for me when we got to the counter. Didn’t even ask what I wanted, just straight up said ‘She wants the #2 without chili’. Then we sat down to eat, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I couldn’t. I was sitting there, listening to him rant about–I don’t really know- something about how global banking and the gold standard are out to screw us all over through student loans, and I’m thinking ‘is this what it’s like to be Scott?’”

“I doubt it.” Lydia says. “McCall likes it when people tell him what to think. So where did you pick this loser up?”

Oi.” Allison mutters. “Lay off my ex.”

“Hell no. Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“Stiles; about stuff that don’t include Scott.” Allison bites back and wow, Allison and Lydia are kind of mean when there’s no one else around. A lot of Stiles’ illusions are getting crumbled tonight. She thought they existed in a perpetual state of Disney movie soundtracks while they braided each other’s hair. “So he was a jerk, Stiles. When did you decide you needed to make a break for it?”

“When he opened his wallet to pay our tab I saw a key card for the skeevy Motel 6 on the edge of town and a pair of condoms in the bill fold.”

Even Lydia gasps.

“Oh, he didn’t.” Allison gasps.

“Maybe he didn’t, but I wasn’t going to stick around and find out. I excused myself and crawled out the window in the ladies room. Then I waved down one of my dad’s deputies and got a ride to the bus stop.”

“Ugh, okay, you win ‘bad date of the week’.” There’s a rustling over the line that Stiles is pretty sure is coming from Lydia’s end. “Meet up with us after school. We’re getting coffee. You didn’t answer me earlier; where did you find this loser?”

“I don’t want to tell you. You’ll judge me.”

“Oh, sweetheart. I already judge you every single day, why should today be special?”

This… is way too true. “World of Warcraft. We’re in the same guild.”

The telling silence on the phone all but burns.

“Look, he seemed okay online.” Stiles hurries ahead in an attempt to defend herself. “He’s never given me shit for being a girl or treated me differently. I wasn’t expecting him to be such an asshole in person!”

“This explains the Spiderman cosplay.” Lydia chuckles (chuckles!) Stiles is beginning to suspect her of being a closet nerd. “So, what have we learned?”

“Don’t pick up men on the Internet?” Stiles guesses.

“No. Every first date is a risk. The lesson is ‘always have an exit strategy’.” Lydia corrects her. “I’m going to introduce you to my favorite Android app; Fake Call. You go to the bathroom, program in the number you want to have ‘call’ you and then set the timer. You go back to your date and when the phone rings, pretend it’s your dad then make your excuses. It’s a graceful exit because he can’t call you on it.”

“… I cannot believe I didn’t think of that.”

“Better living through technology.” Lydia says sagely.

“Well, the night wasn’t a total bust.” Stiles says without thinking. Really, she should have known better, but it doesn’t stop her. “Derek said I looked good.” She at least has the presence of mind to not add the part where he said she looks better in her PJs and hipster spectacles.

There is dead silence on the line.

Lydia finds her words first. “When did Derek see you?”

Allison, on the other hand, is more familiar with Stiles and Derek’s bizarre relationship. “Did he show up in your room to make you do his bookwork for him again?” She guesses.

“Yup.” Stiles makes a ‘ding, ding, ding!’ noise. “He was waiting when I got home so he got to see me all my post window-escape glory.”

“… and he still called you ‘cute’? Wow.” Lydia whistles. “Although I’m not sure his opinion counts. I’m pretty sure I saw him wandering around the IGA with bloodstains on his shirt the other day. Could you talk to him about that? I’m pretty sure his arrest record has nothing to do with the reason people think he’s a serial killer anymore.”

“That sounds …depressingly plausible.” Stiles rubs her eyes. “Maybe I’ll mention to Erica that Derek needs to pass inspection before he leaves the woods.”

“I can see her volunteering for that.” Allison allows. “Not 100% sure of her ability to enforce it though.”

“It’s easy; you just have to shame him a little.” Stiles has done this on many occasions. Mind you, the only time she’s ever really gotten him to change into something that isn’t a semi-clean henley identical to the one he just took off was that time when she got him to strip for Danny and change into a series of her dad’s shirts. “Maybe a lot.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who has ever managed to pull that off.” Allison sighs. “Wait, Derek knows about your date?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Oh. Well, that’s not good.”

“What do you mean?” Stiles asks, but no one ever explains.


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Would your headcanons for sycamore and diantha being siblings change if they were the opposite gender? And how would Dian/tha handle Agustin/e's lack of fashion sense then? See it as a way to keep people from commenting on her figure? or a true lack of fashion sense? Or both?

Oooh, good question! Going to go by the assumption that this is a cisswap, here - both of them being a different gender but the same sex as in canon would be a whole other kettle of fish.

I think Dian would be a little more concerned about Augustin’s fashion sense if he invited her to movie premiers or parties or something, since women tend to get judged a hell of a lot more harshly in terms of appearance. He’d and Lysandra would try to encourage Augustin to dress smartly in the lab, since women in STEM fields are already judged pretty harshly, and would arrange for her to make use of a stylist - or at least Lysandra - for public events.

Beyond that, the dynamic WOULD change a little - I had the idea of Diantha protecting Augustine at school, but a girl challenging (and defeating) boys who are picking on her brother is a very different dynamic to a boy challenging and defeating girls picking on his sister. He might fight for her more when they’re younger, but as they get older, he’d encourage Augustin to fight her own battles, and basically say he won’t always be able to protect her when he’s off acting and when she’s going through university and the scientific world. So I think Augustin would be a little tougher and more confident than Augustine, who can be quite self-deprecating.

Third in the Getting Over Derek series.

[Guild][LordNerevar]: Whut happnd on Sat?

[Guild][StilesIsQueen]: Uh … hi, J. I had an emergency. Had to run. Sorry I bailed.

[Guild][LordNerevar]:  NP, it happens. Wnt 2 go out again?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: Thnx, but we prolly shldnt.

[Guild][LordNerevar]: U dnt have a good time?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: Not really. Sorry :(

[Guild][LordNerevar]: Oh… ok. We stll cool?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: Yeah, we’re cool.

[Guild][LordNerevar]: OK. FYI: ur ex is kind of nuts.

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: My whut now?

[Guild][LordNerevar]: Ur ex. Big guy, wears leather, likes 2 show up in dark alleys, growls a lot?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: *facepalms* Not my ex. I’ll talk to him though. Sorry.

[Guild][LordNerevar]: lol. Do I need 2B worried?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: No, I’ll take care of it.

[Guild][LordNerevar]: Be careful, ok?

[Guild][StilesisQueen]: No promises.


Derek is nowhere to be found and he isn’t answering his phone. The betas just roll their eyes when Stiles asks about their fearless leader, but there must be something about the IGA because he pulls his car into the spot next to her Jeep while she’s loading groceries into the back.

 “I hear you had a busy evening Saturday night.” She says casually as he gets out of the driver’s seat and… takes her groceries away? “Is there a particular reason you’re doing that?” She asks, watching Derek load the last of her bulging canvas eco-bags into the back of her Jeep two at a time without even breaking a sweat.

“Drive home.” He tells her when he’s done and gets into his car.

“I love these little chats we have.” Stiles informs his rolled up window. “You’re such a great listener.”

He whips out of the parking lot fast enough that she can hear the undercarriage of his car scrape against pavement when he turns onto the street.

To her everlasting surprise, he’s waiting for her when she pulls into her drive. Her dad is nowhere in evidence, which is probably for the best when he starts unloading the bags from the back of her car. He’s apparently determined to do it in one go because two trips is for losers. Or maybe he’s worried about being seen holding Stiles’ Scary-go-Round tote bag in public.

Stiles considers twitting him for it, but decides against it in favor of not having to carry stuff inside. “I’ll get the doors.” She says instead and lets him into the house.

He ends up having to make two trips because she bought a flat pack of bottled water and grunts when she says ‘thank you’ (because she’s a jerk and she knows she’s a jerk, but she isn’t the person in this kitchen who was raised by wolves.)

“Do you want to stay for lunch?” The question slips out of her without her actual permission and she almost bites her tongue because Derek is Derek she can’t reward him for good behavior with food the same way she can with Scott or her dad.

“I can’t.” He says and sounds like he actually regrets it, the not-being-able-to thing. “Maybe another time.”

“That’s okay. Chez Stilinski offers rainchecks.” She says breezily because there’s no way he’s going to take her up on it. People don’t as a general rule although they really ought. Not to brag or anything, but Stiles’ cooking is off the hook. Scott has been a loyal adherent since the age of ten when she learned how to make cupcakes in the microwave and it’s only gotten better since then. “…but I’m going to reconsider if I ever catch you threatening my dates ever again.”

Derek rolls his eyes, but doesn’t try to deny his behavior. Interesting. Stiles wonders when she got put into the little sister box in Derek’s brain. She didn’t think he even had mental boxes for things that aren’t horrible personal trauma, brooding, and obnoxious werepups.

“I’m a big girl. I can go out with boys if I want.” She says because it needs saying.

“Not that one.” Derek mutters and grabs his keys. He reaches out and tugs on the end of her ponytail as he leaves. “You’ve got time. Don’t rush into things.”

Stiles makes a face. She’s definitely in the little sister box.

There are worse places to be. She was in the ‘hazardous nuisance’ box before. Maybe this box involves less physical intimidation.


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