rule 63 doctor who


Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 8th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Taylor’s College Nedlands

It’s great to finally get back to our Doctor Who series and Eight is one I have been greatly anticipating as he is my absolute favourite Doctor. He may have only had one movie but I am in love with the Big Finish audio dramas. I was so glad that McGann got to continue in the role even if only in audio form.

As his run was the most unconventional, the evolution of his character and his costume bare the evidence of that. Eight is very romantic, easily the most refined and elegant of the Doctors.The original costume never really felt lived in, he was so buttoned up, and because we only see him wearing it in one film, he never got the opportunity to break it in and make it his own like the other Doctors.

But over the years he’s changed, starting out as an old soul with a child-like enthusiasm that gradually gave way to a darker side as he was traumatised by certain events, which culminated in him becoming the War Doctor. As such, my costume reflects elements of his journey, it’s not quite as stuffy as his original costume, there’s a bit of edge there.

Courtney Coulson

I’m not a massive Doctor Who fan, but I am very attached to this series of shoots as Courtney’s desire to do a fashion portrayal of each Doctor was a catalyst for many of the shoots you see on this site. After a year of working closely together it was fantastic to finally add another couple of Doctors to the collection - this one, plus one another who you will see next week. And the location couldn’t have been more perfect, we were incredibly lucky to discover that the location we’d picked had a very similar palette to the costume we were working with. Another in a long string of happy accidents.

Luke Milton


Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 4th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Park

Tom Baker has that bizarre crazy energy to him that makes me feel like we could go crazy with the colours and the setting. We’ve passed that yellow steamroller many times but never considering shooting it before, and it seemed like a perfect fit to me for Tom. Tom’s Doctor is the kind of guy that I would believe would sit on a plastic frog and expect to go somewhere! Seven Doctors down and five to go. Be sure to look through our work for the others!

-Luke Milton

Tom Baker will always be THE Doctor, from his very first episode to his last he was so at ease in that role, he made it his own and he made it iconic. Four really does have an energy to him, wild and bohemian, the very spirit of adventure that you’d expect from a man with a blue box. As such, putting this costume together and modelling it was a lot of fun and probably one of the easiest. Where the Sixth Doctor is actively trying to work against his costume, Four embraces it as part of his identity. It was quite liberating to be able to throw together as many colours, patterns and layers together knowing there was no going wrong.

-Courtney Coulson

Have a lady!12!

So I wanted to reiterate here: when I first started doing this series, I had no idea about the history of the term genderbend - I actually thought it was something that had been made up for rule 63 fanart, which is how I’m going to tag it from now on!

Anyway! In honor of Peter Capaldi’s second episode tonight, and the first to give us a really good look at his outfit, here is a female, Indian version of 12!


Cosplay Couture interpretation of the First Doctor

Costume and styling by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: UWA

This shoot turned out to be a real treat. I hadn’t expected the First Doctor to be among the more visually exciting but, thanks to Courtney’s inspired design and the generous provision of Whovian Misfits’ home made Dalek, this ended up being one of my favourites. And I always embrace the opportunity to shoot in black and white. This is a great way to kick off our series.

Luke Milton

Actually, I can’t take all the credit for this design, Steph Cullingford inspired me with her Hartnell Polyvore set. I think this look suits the 1st Doctor so well, it stands apart from the rest of the series and maintains the essence of the Doctor. I went for a dramatic silhouette, exaggerating the shoulders and making the skirt far longer and tighter than it would normally be. I painted my hair white with acrylic, paint, I had never done that before but it turned out well and thankfully washed out easily. It was so exciting to shoot with a Dalek, I knew I wanted to fit them into the series somewhere and I think One was the right choice.