No, Not Silly

Characters: Willow Rosengberg, Danielle “Oz” Osbourne
Pairings: Willow x Oz
Other Notes: Genderswap AU, Genderbent Oz, Fem!Oz

Summary: Willow Rosenberg had always assumed she was straight. Then she met Danielle Osbourne.

This fic was written for @wlwbuffy, because she made me an absolutely awesome Alicia Lehane Moodboard/Aesthetic. She requested Willow x Fem!Oz.

In the universe imagined in this fic, Danielle “Oz” Osbourne was born female. Always has been a woman. Her personality, broadly speaking, is the same, and she still plays the guitar in Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Timeline-wise, it’s set in Season 2, somewhere between Surprise/Innocence and Phases.

It got longer than intended, so it’s below the cut.

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