My First and Last Rule of Shipping:

If a character has an explicitly stated sexuality, do NOT break it. Just. Don’t. Respect that character and the creator of the character’s decision. 

If a character DOESN’T have an explicitly labelled sexuality, knock your socks off. Go for it. 

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Thank you for your time <3

The Five Year Rule.

Whenever you’re in any type of situation, good or bad, ask yourself this question: Is this person or event going to matter in five years? Say it’s a family member’s wedding who really means something to you, you should obviously go to that event because if you don’t then in five years time you will say to yourself “I should have gone to that”. If someone is giving you a hard time and they’re not that important to you, just let it go. It’s not going to affect you as much as you think at the end of the day. It will feel better to get away from that type of negativity and just concentrate on the positivity. Although it sounds really simple, it can be hard thing to keep in mind and do. But at the end of the day it’s helped me to let go of all the petty things that don’t really matter to me and just made me pay attention to the important things and the people that I love. It help me find much more happiness in my life.

I hope it helps you too.

—  The Khool Haus