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If Bleach characters met The Force Awakens characters...

Hi folks! I will get back to my regular queue soon - I’m back from my travels and almost over the flu I got immediately after arriving home (*head desk*). But first! A list I wrote on the plane in order to shamelessly capitalize on the current popularity of the new Star Wars movie! And yes, for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. 

1. Kylo Ren and Ishida

Kylo: And I was all, “Da-ad! You don’t understand! I am totally evil and I’m gonna prove it by joining an evil army!”

Kylo: So yeah. Joined an evil army. Sorta in charge now, too.

Kylo: So that shows my stupid dad!

Ishida: O-oh god…is that how I sound?


Kylo: …

Kylo: Rude.

2. Rey and Ichigo

Rey: And it was like…I could fly the Falcon! Fix it too! Just with natural talent or something!

Rey: Also this ancient magical weapon called to me to be its master or something.

Rey: It’s all very weird.

Ichigo: Weird how? That’s basically how my life goes.

Ichigo: I mean, you probably inherited all of your talents from your parents or something, like me!

Rey: I don’t know who my parents are.

Ichigo: Then you definitely did!

Ichigo: So as one hero to another, my advice is - make sure you lose really badly, as often as possible. I get all of my new powers that way!

Rey: Or I could train with the Jedi master I just met?

Ichigo: Sure if you want to do it the long way.

3. Finn and Rukia

Finn: So I’m part of this military organization, right?

Rukia: Sure. Me too.

Finn: And I rescue this guy, and we become immediate friends.

Rukia: Been there!

Finn: I end up dressing like him - long story - and pretending to be in his group, and then I meet this awesome girl.

Rukia: Hell yes!

Finn: But then my organization decides I’m a traitor and tries to kill me…

Rukia: Do I ever know that feeling!

Finn: And then original guy rescues ME - so great symmetry there - and all three of us go on adventures together.

Rukia: Our lives our weirdly similar.

4. BB-8 and Karin

Karin: Are you a…sentient robotic soccer ball?

BB-8: <affirmative beeping>

Karin: Awesome! You can help us win the big game!

BB-8: <inquisitive beeping>

Karin: Well by making sure you roll into our goal, mostly.

Karin: You’re cool with being kicked, right?

BB-8: <alarmed beeping>

Karin: It won’t be bad! You’re metal!

BB-8: …

BB-8: [rolls for safety]

Karin: Why are beings from other worlds always so RESISTANT to soccer?

5. Leia and Ryuken

Ryuken: So you sent your husband to rescue your son, and as a result your husband is dead and your son is even more evil?

Leia: Yes, if you want to be blunt about it.

Ryuken: Then let the record show: I am totally right to just let my son do whatever evil things he wants even if it gets him killed!

Leia: Or your situation might be different.

Ryuken: The record is done showing things now.

6. Phasma and Unohana

Phasma: So there I was, hyped to be, like, one of the baddest baddies ever.

Phasma: And…what? I don’t even get a real fight?

Unohana: I know your pain. My own late-revealed backstory led to one brief training fight. Which I lost.

Unohana: And then I died.

Phasma: I got dumped into a trash chute.

Unohana: …

Unohana: Perhaps I won’t offer that conciliatory hug after all.


7. Poe and Byakuya

Poe: And then I “died” in this explosion, but I wasn’t really dead!

Byakuya: Ah, the fake-out death. I too had one of those.

Byakuya: In a way, it was the best of two worlds. I had my epic dying words, but without the death part.

Byakuya: Tell me, what did you say as you “died”?

Poe: Uh…I wasn’t on screen for it.

Byakuya: No dying words? Such a pity.

Poe: But I came back in an awesome way! In the midst of a battle, being the most awesome pilot as ever!

Byakuya: When I showed up again, I was unconscious in a ball. Soon after I was tossed limp and naked through the air.

Poe: You might be the one who needs the “pity.”

Byakuya: I know.

8. Chewie and Tosen

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: I am sorry. I too have lost someone dear to me.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes, of course I can understand you. I can understand everyone.

Tosen: I can also see inside people to their true essences, if it’s relevant.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: A coward? No. You are very brave.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: No, I will not give you advice.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Because my method of coping with death was to undertake revenge against everyone, until I turned into a giant bug and got stabbed in the head.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes. I do need a hug, thank you.

9. General Hux and Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: So I hear you have loyalty problems.

General Hux: Who the hell are you?

Kurotsuchi: Clones didn’t work…babies stolen from their families and raised to be soldiers didn’t work…

Kurotsuchi: But have you considered zombies?

General Hux: I…what?

Kurotsuchi: Zombies! Easy to make, very loyal, an earth-friendly way of dealing with the dead…

General Hux: And why are you offering to help me? Do you believe in the First Order?

Kurotsuchi: I’m just a nice guy, and am not someone looking for more data on zombie soldiers.

General Hux: I am suspicious.

Kurotsuchi: Is it my face?

10. Maz and Chad

Maz: I have seen the same eyes in many different people.

Maz: And yours are the eyes of someone who wants to run…

Maz: …straight into battle to help your friends.

Maz: You go, dude.

Chad: [thumbs up]

11. Han Solo and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: Why must the old always die?

Han: I…what?

Yamamoto: It’s like the writers see a man who is old - but still very sexy - and say to themselves, “There is someone we must kill off!”

Yamamoto: It’s just…it’s tough to be old.

Han: I’m not old!

Yamamoto: Shhh…let’s just hug it out…


If Bleach characters and Star Wars characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

The time has come, in my weekly crossover series, for Bleach characters to  meet characters from the old Stars Wars movies!

1. Luke Skywalker and Ichigo

Luke: …and then I found out that he was my DAD!

Ichigo: Unexpected familial revelations? Yeah, I know how that goes.

Ichigo: Not only do I have all these undead relatives that I didn’t know about, but it turns out my dad also isn’t who I thought he was!

Luke: Yeah, but did you have to suddenly come to grips with the fact that you had a thing for your sister?

Ichigo: Nah, I avoid that by avoiding romance completely.

Luke: Smart!

Ichigo: Yeah, you can’t take chances when you’re us!

2. Leia and Hinamori

Hinamori: [fangirl eyes]

Leia: Um….do you want me to sign something?

Leia: As a princess / resistance fighter / all-around bad-ass, I get that a lot.


Hinamori: You have TWO buns!

Hinamori: I love you!


Leia: That’s a new one.

3. Han Solo and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: We have so much in common.

Han Solo: …I strongly doubt that.

Ulquiorra: No, it is true. Your name is “Solo.” I too am a lonely soul.

Han: Uh…

Ulquiorra: You fly the Millennium Falcon, which is named after a bird, and I am a bat, which is kind of like a bird.

Han: What

Ulquiorra: Also you wear tight black pants, and I have black hairy legs that are tight.

Han: Go away before I shoot you.

Ulquiorra: I love having friends.

4. Chewbacca and Tosen

Tosen: You are an individual who does not speak as others do.

Tosen: Speak to me. I will understand.

Chewbacca: [chewbacca noise]

Tosen: I understand.

Tosen: I have a friend with thick fur.

Tosen: I will find out what brush he uses.

Tosen: Soon you will be plagued by tangles no longer!

5. Darth Vader and Komamura

Komamura: Hello friend.

Darth Vader: [Vader Breathing]

Komamura: I hear that you are ugly. And you wear a helmet.

Komamura: I am here to tell you that you are beautiful! No matter what! Remove your helmet and be free!

Darth Vader: I need this to breathe, dude. If I take it off, I will die.


Komamura: I would like to revise my recommendation.

6. Emperor Palpatine and Sasakibe

Sasakibe: [fanboy eyes]

Palpatine: Why are you looking at me like that?

Sasakibe: It’s just - you’re old! Just like Head Captain Yamamoto! But you have lightning powers! Like me!

Sasakibe: It’s like you’re me and the head captain put together!

Sasakibe: Oooh - or our son!

Sasakibe: Hug?

Palpatine: Please go away.

7. Boba Fett and Grimmjow

Grimmjow: So a bounty hunter is like an actual hunter, yeah? You pick your prey and chase it forever?

Boba Fett: If by “forever” you mean “until I get paid,” then yeah.

Grimmjow: Can you find an orange-haired guy for me?

Boba Fett: One in particular, or will any orange-haired guy do?

Grimmjow: Oh, there’s only the one!

8. Yoda and Ishida

Ishida: I wish people listened to me.

Yoda: Talk like this you should.

Yoda: Unable to resist tortured syntax people are.

Yoda: Great success with it I have.


Ishida: I’m not doing that.

9. R2-D2 and Rukia

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]


R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: ..

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: You….are a tiny round robot that cannot speak.


10. C-3PO and Soi Fon

C-3PO: Hello there! I am C-3PO! I am a protocol droid!

Soi Fon: I am a woman who hates robots.

Soi Fon: I suggest you scurry away. Before I blow you to robot heaven.


C-3PO: Yeah I’m gonna do that.

11. Obi Wan and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: So you died and then came back as a ghost, huh?

Obi Wan: Yup!

Yamamoto: How did that work out for you?

Obi Wan: Pretty well. Why?

Yamamoto: Well, I’m old and dead. And my successor realllly needs some guidance.

Yamamoto: Got any advice for a successful spirit intervention?

Obi Wan: Go with blue.

Obi Wan: Nobody can say no to a guy who glows blue.

Yamamoto: I should be writing this down.

12. Admiral Ackbar and Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin: Hello. Aren’t you an interesting looking fellow?

Askin: Why don’t you come into the shadows where we can talk more freely?



Ackbar: It’s a trap!

Askin: ….lucky guess.

anonymous asked:


Hi there.

Isn’t it amazing that Ichigo himself tells all of us again and again that those moments he shared with Rukia and their separations (and reunions) were all so important to him that he not only remembers them as the most despairing up there with his mother’s death but also what Rukia has told him has helped mold him into the young man he is today. And not only that but what he feels for Rukia is so strong that the thought of being able to see her again got him his fullbring powers. And not only that but their brief time together in the KK arc changed them both and the SS arc saw them separated but always connected and both wanting to save the other.

And isn’t this a great ship y’all *falls on the floor screaming*