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[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

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Recently I got this message in my ask box:

I’m sure it was sent bc of the description on my latest picture. My response to you, @wem151, is that I like her 1st hairdo best and I don’t like her with long hair. BUT I do find cute the fact that it makes her look even more like Byakuya.

So bc of this ask, an image of Rukes joking about looking like him after her promotion came to my mind. Then I had to draw it - thanks for the inspiration! :)

(I know that Byaku isn’t the type to smile & I always draw him smiling, but it’s just that I like to think he does smile softly when he sees Rukia being really happy.)

Here are some close-ups:


Super messy sketch of Rukia from Ichigo’s pov. He’s stunned by his wife’s beauty. He can’t believe he’s so lucky to be married to Rukia. I took inspiration from a very special manga panel ;) Edited to fix spelling error 

Been wanting to draw Bankai!Rukia with her long hair, so here it is.

Happy New Year (in advance) everyone! Have a great time with your family and friends :D

Rukia - Bleach.

Also, I’m still taking commissions because I’d like to fund myself more over the winter break and work with people n_n. The post can be found here.

Thank you for your interest~

Chubby cheeked baby, wearing her favorite jammies, courtesy of uncle Bya.