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[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

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Been wanting to draw Bankai!Rukia with her long hair, so here it is.

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Rukia - Bleach.

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Just saw this on my twitter feed…has anyone else seen it? JUMP did some comments by the characters about the RR wedding and I’m sorry….but this is both hilarious and infuriating….

Momo basically is happy for them, she wants to help celebrate, Rangiku wants to know how they did it (I think lol idk rlly), Kensei and Lisa argue (Lisa also mention Rangiku taking Rukia to get her hair styled at a Hair Parlor in the real world…yepp thats right…If I understand correctly, Kyouraku says congrats and its “good since they’ve known each other so long…“…

And Byakuya says almost no more than one word…”そう か………わかった“ //”Really?……I see.” thats all he says….

Its 12 AM so I may be missing stuff here but I’m at a loss…

Bleach Reminder #4

Ichigo and Rukia’s destiny was compared to that of Isshin and Masaki’s REPETITIVELY for example:
- the ‘in the rain looking over my injured boo’
- the 'I jump in front of hallow for you’
- the 'I be hella extra and save you and hold you under my arm’
- the 'two beings who are opposite each other as in Shingami and Quincy/Shinigami and Human’

And if you want to be superficial about it:
- the 'Masaki has short hair, in the past like Rukia’
- the 'Masaki grew her hair out down to her waist like Rukia did’
- the 'I Masaki, put up a facade to hold my true fears and insecurities around everyone except my soulmate like Rukia does’
- the Ichigo has orange hair like his mum and Rukia has black hair like Ichigo’s dad.

ok, but IchiRuki outside wedding:

Ichigo and Rukia laying in the grass and holding each other.

Ichigo and Rukia making flower crowns for each other.

Ichigo weaving flowers in rukia’s beautiful hair.

Rukia crying out of pure happiness and Ichigo just smiles and brings their foreheads together, telling her to stopping crying and rukia calls him a fool and denies she’s crying, but ichigo chuckles playfully.

Ichigo and rukia sitting under a tree together and holding each other as ‘re:pray’ by aimer plays in the BG.

Ichigo and rukia splashing each other with water and they both fall over into the lake, soaking their wedding clothes but laughing together.

years later, Ichigo and Rukia taking their three beautiful children to the very place they got married and telling their kids the story of how they met.

just Ichigo and Rukia being fucking happy together for the rest of their damn lives.

Cinders (What the Moon Sees)

Ichiruki. Angst. Set in an AU post-342 where nothing in canon after that happened. Written for @deathberryprompts‘s weekly theme. This week’s theme was ‘electric’. ~500 words. 

The flickering light of the flame cupped in his hands throws the bottom of his face into shifting shadows as he lifts the lighter to the end of the cigarette gripped between his lips. She watches as he inhales, as his eyes close and he leans back on one hand to exhale. Smoke clouds the air above his head. Rukia follows his lead and turns to face the sky with him.

The moon is full – heavy with the incoming summer heat, but the air is cool enough tonight that Rukia has to fight the urge to shift closer to him, to see if he’s still as warm as he always was. A breeze rustles the newly leafed branches on the trees and lifts the ends of her hair. Rukia shivers, and wraps her arms around her middle.

If Ichigo could see her, he’d chide her for coming out without a coat, but he can’t, so he doesn’t. Rukia can still hear him though, the mocking edge of his voice tempered by the thread of genuine concern for her well-being as he admonishes her for coming outside under-dressed. He’d grumble and swing off the roof and down through his open window to bring her a blanket, and then fuss with it until he was sure it was properly wrapped around her shoulders before settling back down beside her.

He always sat too close to her. Close enough that their knees would touch, that their shoulders would brush, that it would have been far too easy for her to place her hand on top of his, for her to lace their fingers together, for her to lean into him and lift her chin and meet him halfway.

She never does, because she’s dead and he’s alive and there are some lines that she won’t cross.

Ichigo has no such compunction, and on a sultry night in August, with the moon barely a sliver above them, he’d pressed her back against the roof and the memory of the moment makes her flush now. She remembers lying next to him afterwards, in the shadowed darkness of his bedroom. He’d fallen asleep, the curve of a smile on his face, but she lay awake, her skin buzzing with leftover electricity.

She wondered then, if she’d be able to let him go - because it was always inevitable that she’d have to choose duty over love and that he should choose life over death. That Ichigo would not allow her to make the choice was an altogether unexpected outcome and the paradigm shift sent her into a near tailspin, until the choice was made for both of them and she left him on the street in front of his house for the final time.

Now though, now he just smokes through his cigarette and flicks the butt down off the edge of the roof and then leans back on both elbows, to look up at the moon. He only ever has the one, and Rukia wonders if he realizes that he is more and more like his father with every passing year.