rukia hair


[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

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Chubby cheeked baby, wearing her favorite jammies, courtesy of uncle Bya.

Been wanting to draw Bankai!Rukia with her long hair, so here it is.

Happy New Year (in advance) everyone! Have a great time with your family and friends :D

Rukia - Bleach.

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  • Kubo: “Before the story was decided a Shingami uniform popped up into my mind. Unlike the design we have now it was like a uniform from Catholic school where they wore a black jacket over a white blouse with a black bowtie… and they carried a huge scissors. I thought that was what Shinigami was like. After that, to match Rukia’s design I changed Ichigo’s character design. Like Rukia had black hair so it’s best if Ichigo didn’t have black hair.”
  • Also Kubo: Rukia was never the main heroine
  • Me:
  • Me: Bitch wtf? You literally changed your main protagonist to compliment Rukia...Rukia who was your original protagonist...yeah right whatever you say...