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If You’re Diablo [ Mukami Brothers x Reader ] [ Oneshot ]

For my final wish, I’d hold you close one more time. No matter how many times I hold you….

“(Y/N),” the raven haired male’s voice spoke in a hushed whisper as his blue-grey eyes stared downward towards you. Not far from where you laid sounded the grandfather clock, it’s pendulum swinging from left to right in the midst of the full moon that’d brought it’s devastating calamity to the Mukami brothers. “Stay with me.” His voice dropped to a whisper as he continued to hold you to him, your body was bruised, smeared with blood at the crevices, with clothes practically torn apart as if you’d been mauled brutally by an animal. In this case, however, you were thirsted after the pure blooded vampires known as the Sakamaki. But to the eldest Mukami, it seemed holding you like this made him discern that time was of the essence; the pendulum’s sway on the grandfather clock helped in nothing to such an overwhelming feeling.
       "R-Ruki….“ You breathed softly, barely managing to speak as the male’s face distorted into that of emotional pain. "I-I….”
       "Sh,“ he silenced you, "don’t speak…it’ll waste your energy.” At this hour, just before midnight, he knew well that there was no saving you, not especially without the question of the humans on just how this bloodbath defining situation had occurred.

So it must be like that, I cry….

Tears streamed down the pale face that was coveted by all the females of Japan, and even some beyond the country’s oceanic borders. “M Neko-chan….” He cried, unlike Ruki whom had given you the respect of freeing you from the namesake of Livestock, he didn’t think he could stop calling you a masochist little kitten. But even then, his reasoning was because you’d turned sadistic, enough to cause them the pain of being on the brink to losing you with every sway of the pendulum, it felt one less sway away from losing you for all eternity. “Don’t go.” He begged, as he knelt by Ruki among the broken glass shards from your futile attempt to defend yourself, and those demon’s entrance as they had inferred by the broken window. “Don’t leave us, M Neko-chan….” He reached out as to take your hand, and in your (e/c) was the reflection of his tearful face, with saltine liquid that glimmered in the moon’s beams amidst the torn down scenery.
       "Don’t leave us, we love you!“ He wailed like a child as he pressed your still warm hand to his cheek that was soaked and chilled from his despair and natural temperature.

The order of heaven has crumbled….

The loudest slam sounded in the distance was elicited by the third eldest whom instead of being tear-stricken, or sad faced, the brunette male was furious as to who would attempt take away his Sow. The human who was the only one to even offer constant help within the garden, gave him sugar cubes on a daily basis, and sacrificed their blood without complaint became the person he didn’t mind sparring to be his Eve. He did not understand what misfortune had been bestowed upon him, what he did know was that he was feeling emotions he hadn’t believed he had ever felt before, not to this extremity, at least. Nothing but pure hatred mixed with agony came to reap him from the usual emotions of either annoyance or amusement. It wasn’t long until his stomping feet came bounding to the sight of both Ruki and Kou accompanying the human whom had been practically bitten to a bloody pulp by those pure bloods. His brows furrowed as he eased over, kneeling beside Kou whom never broke eye contact with you.
       ”Sow, ya can’t fuckin’ leave us! Ruki, there’s gotta be something we can fuckin’ do!“ The brunette male boomed like a stereo on full blast.

I’m submerged in ice….

Eve-san….“ The soft timid voice of the youngest half-blood aroused the attention of all the other brothers as they caught sight of the youngest one in the household walking over with bandages within his pale hands. The endless supply of his bandages was something he believed could be enough to save you; or so his mind believed that compared to the brothers whom were bracing themselves for your death with every sway of the pendulum that was one sway closer to the hour in which they would lose you. "I’ve brought…you…bandages….” He whispered as he knelt beside Yuma, gazing to you with concern in his eyes. “Ruki…you can…put them on her….” He added, forwarding the declaration of Yuma whom believed action was better than doing this moping, awaiting for the hour in which you would be nothing more but a dead corpse within the arms of a practical living one.
       "You’ll be okay, Eve-san,“ he whispered to you as he reached over to where Kou had your hand pressed to his cheek, giving it a soft, comforting pat. "We’ll help you live.”

The secrets behind those eyes are being exposed, I knew…. But even so….

Then we must act quickly.” Ruki spoke, as Kou let your hand go, fumbling around to take off his uniform jacket as to softly pillow it beneath your head in sync with Ruki letting your body touch the ground, taking the bandages from Azusa. “Time is of the essence.” The eldest male spoke with a solemn tone, as the others got to work; Yuma being quick, as he teleported from sight to get the first-aid kit, and returned only to hand it to Ruki whom had begun to tear away the rags that were your torn clothing only to then begin his actions of cleaning the wounds along with taking away any glass shards that’d pierced your delicate skin.

If you’re a diablo?
Locked in a nightmare….

I’d suggest that you all take your leave,” Ruki spoke as he got to cleaning the final wound even if your tearful face was twisted with pain. “It’s a full moon out and I’d doubt that any of you would be able to endure the blood lust, it’s already clear in your eyes how tempting this is.” Ruki knew he would be loyal til the end of this process, but the brothers seemed to be aching with their thirst as just a few minutes of the eldest’s expedite work on your body took place.

If you’re a diablo?
Unable to betray you….

No.” The three brothers said in unison as their eyes gleamed dangerously with their determination. It caused the male to sigh. “You’re more troublesome than our Livestock, but so be it. Yuma, I’m counting on you to hold anyone who snaps.” Ruki stated as he took the bandages from Azusa’s ready hands, starting to patch you up instantly. “(Y/N), are you with me?” Kou questioned you gently, feeling all the other brother’s fleeting glances over towards him. You looked up at him as you gave a very weak smile. “Y-yeah….”

If you’re a diablo?
I won’t be forgiven….

I’m sorry for leaving you, M Neko-chan.” Kou whispered softly, perhaps this was the first time he’d ever apologized; one that wasn’t false, nor two-faced. “Yeah, same here, Sow, we could have fuckin’ protected ya from those stupid fucks.” Yuma’s voice sounded with melancholy. “Me…too…Eve-san….” Azusa chorused his apology with the three other brothers. But you could only continue to hold up your weak smile. “There’s…there’s nothing…to forgive….” You whispered ever so weakly as you then looked to Ruki whom was finishing with his bandaging having worked rather quickly. “Will…Eve-san…be okay?” Azusa asked the eldest before his eyes soon looked up towards you.
       "I hope so.“ Ruki responded in a soft tone before his blue-grey hues cast a glance towards you, as you laid, gazing towards the ceiling as their voices had begun to grow so distant. ”(Y/N)?“ The eldest of the brother’s spoke, reaching out to take the hand that was adjacent yet far from the grandfather clock.

How this love will end….

”(Y/N)? Stay with me!“ Ruki’s voice urgently told you, but as you heard his voice, your mind began to find it rather hard to grasp. "Ruki…I…I’m sleepy….” You whispered as you turned your head to look to the grandfather clock. “Don’t sleep! Kou!” Ruki looked to the second eldest whom clutched your hand.

Left behind in my hand, this warmth does not fade….

M Neko-chan! No!” Kou cried, disregarding Ruki’s voice that’d called his name, but the eldest had no intention of losing you. “Call him!” Ruki demanded, knowing that if Eve died, they would become useless to this whole plan. “But I-…. I don’t want to leave M Neko-chan!” “If you don’t do it, she’ll die!” Ruki barked immediately making the blond let go of your hand as he took his phone out of his pocket, and pressed the green button.

I don’t understand anymore.

As the soft, pulsating rings that took for the Vampire King whom the four males owed their whole entire life to resonated into the tense air that was deathly, the brown hues that belonged to the tallest sibling merely gazed to your pale face that barely held the grasp of life. He didn’t understand, why this happened, or why he had to get close to you; he wished he hadn’t ever done such a thing, then maybe now he wouldn’t be feeling this ache in his chest.

But still, I want to love you….

Loss wasn’t something that Azusa believed he could even feel, he wasn’t losing you; you’d be okay, wouldn’t you? You’d be…fine. Yes, you’d eventually wake up, and then perhaps the two of you could move on in life with your constant scolding him to no longer hurt himself. That was right, right? The male reached out to softly touch your leg. “Eve-san.….” He whispered softly, his facial expressions softened, instead of grief struck like the rest of the faces that could not be seen from beneath your closed eyelids. “Be okay….” He murmured, knowing he wouldn’t stop these feelings for you; these growing, fond feelings that wouldn’t fade, even if you’d never open your eyes again, or speak to him on emotional levels that often left him wondering about them in the middle of the night.

If you’re a diablo?
Since when?

When he finally answered, his answer was rather cheery as it usually was. “Hello~?” “She’s dying!” Kou skipped the formalities and everything in between as his voice fell into urgency with his utter anguish being spewed through the phone to the man. “What?” Questioned the now solemn yet dangerous tone on the other line in the dead silent room that was sparred with only your weak heartbeat almost in absolute sync with the grandfather clock’s ticking. “M Neko-chan! She’s dying! She’s-”


The loud sound of the grandfather clock striking midnight made it’s startling noise, and underneath it was what they heard as your final breath to the world as your soft smile faded with lips turning pale as paper. Kou’s fingers allowed the phone to slip right out of his hands, just in time to hear Karlheinz’s voice on the other side, but that was disregarded as he soon let out a soft whisper that was heard by the Vampire King. “She’s….”

Good night, I love you….


  • In order to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy the LIVES, we ask everyone who's attending to pay attention to the following.
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  • Ruki: please spread the word, I'm counting on you! I want this to get through to more people!
  • Reita: once again, I want this to reach all of you.
  • Reita: I don't want you to misunderstand so let me say this cause I really want you all to keep going wild and even wilder. I want you to like LIVE HOUSES even more. I wanna keep playing at both small venues and LIVE HOUSES. I wanna create an environment where it's easier for you to go crazy. I'd rather die than play a LIVE that's weak and tepid! this is how I feel.
  • Reita: so typical of us, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it'll be raining but...
  • let's have fun together. this has already become something like sports for me (lol) I'm really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  • Ruki: it's kinda too late for this and I know that most of you understand it but there is also some people who don't know so. we're just gonna say it once again, ok?!
  • the staff will announce the precautions for the LIVE before the start of the show so please make sure to listen to that as well and let's rage our heads off ! !
  • Ruki: one more thing, I had a question concerning those of you who are wearing glasses: there seem to be some who had their glasses broken and got injured so if you can, use contacts!
  • to those of you who don't have any, I want you to be careful cause crowded places can get really dangerous.
  • Ruki: well, it troubles me when you don't just naturally understand these basic things. I'm gonna tell you in detail all about going wild at a LIVE, diving, moshing, reverse diving or headbanging on the day of the show so don't you worry, you rowdies! I'm not trying to stop you from going wild! !
  • Ruki: the reminder about the glasses was difficult to understand, sorry about that. of course there are people among you who have no contacts and have difficulties when they're not wearing their glasses. when those people are around you, I want you to be careful not to break their glasses and also to make sure that the people around them don't hurt them.
  • Ruki: I wrote all sorts of things but what I'm trying to say is that each and everyone of you should show a concern to each other and enjoy the LIVE with all your hearts, with manners and without getting hurt, that's all. that's really all I want.
  • Ruki: we don't want this stage that we've worked so hard on to become someone's sad memory. we wanna make sure that everyone goes home saying that the LIVE has become the best memory for you all. I hope you all feel the same way and act accordingly.
  • Ruki: I'm not gonna write any more than this. we're gonna do our best to make it the best LIVE so let's all have the best 2 days at Shinkiba.
  • Ruki: can we do that?
  • Ruki: alright, now that we've done this 👍 I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
  • good night ( ˘ω˘ )