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uruha-lips  asked:

Ruki's use of glitter (=ↀωↀ=) Asking for a friend

glitter, you say? why don’t you tell it to his face

alternatively, if you feel as I do about Ruki’s love for sparkly sequins, take his Red and Before I Decay-suits, and pin them to a wall

then kindly set fire to them.

anonymous asked:

How would the Mukamis react to their usually shy s/o leaning for a kiss then dodging them suddenly, giggling that she tricked them?

–Admin Red


-he’d be really startled at first because wait isn’t Livestock shy?
-then he’d probably frown and look at s/o
-they would end up getting punished for both surprising him and trying to initiate a kiss, no matter where it was placed, or whether or not it was a trick


-sadly s/o would not get to run away
-you owe him a kiss you don’t trick him out of those
-relentless teasing for how bold that was


-wait that was a trick??
-not nice s/o
-he makes them weed the whole garden out after he takes a proper kiss
-probably shouldn’t do that again


-He’s so confused, don’t you like being kissed?
-maybe you want pain instead
-you should probably tell him it was a joke or trick because otherwise you’re going to have cuts all over you from his knives


oh and here’s my acen lineup. miyuki kazuya from daiya no ace on friday, ruki from the gazette on saturday, justine from p5 on saturday night

hope to see y'all there n sorry i will be uglee :(