ruki in wonderland

Alice in wonderland play

Karl: Today ladies and gentlemen I be telling you guys a story known as Alice in wonderland *point to sleeping Yui* time to wake up now Eve *cough* I meant Alice

Yui: *woke up and look around* I guess I must have fallen asleep here.

Karl: Soon Alice see a white bunny *point to the Bush where there “Was” suppose to be a white bunny

~Behind backstage~

Subaru: There is no way I’m going in front of audience dress up like a freaking stupid bunny

Mia: But Subaru you’re the bunny

Ayato: *laugh* do Subaru want a carrot

Subaru: shut up!

Mia: *push Subaru*

Subaru: *ended up on stage*

Karl: *try to not laugh* our little bunny appear holding his pocket watch

Subaru: Tch what am I’m suppose to even be at *look at pocket watch*

Yui: Where are you suppose to be at?

Subaru: *Run away and jump into rabbit hole*

Yui: Wait rabbit! *trip on rock and ended falling down the rabbit hole*

~few second later~

Subaru: Great I’m late! *Run off*

Yui: Wait! *see a door and open it to find rabbit*

Subaru: Oi idiot give me pairs of glove or that freaking red head queen be mad *Run off*

Ayato: HEY!

Yui: *look around* Where am I anyway? *see a caterpillar*

Mia: *dressed as caterpillar* Who are you!?

Yui: I’m Yui and I’m lost

Mia: Good luck! *move away*

Yui: Wait aren’t you suppose to tell me where I’m suppose to go?

Mia: Here *give Yui mushroom* take this one side will make you be tall, the other you be short

Yui: Thank you? *look confused*

Mia: Bye bye *Run away*

Kanato: Heh heh *dressed up as cat*

Yui: Why are you grinning?

Kanato: Your blood look even more good

Yui: Um…

Kanato: Hurry and go that way *point over there*

Yui: T-thank *quickly Run off*

~few minutes later~

Karl: As Alice wander off she ended up finding the March hare and mad hatter drinking tea

Reiji: *dressed up as March hare* What is this human doing here?

Laito(mad hatter): Hello bitch-chan~ won’t you drink some tea

Yui: N-no thank

Shu(mouse): zzzzzz

Reiji: *throw a cup at Shu head* Wake up good for nothing

Subaru: *appear out of nowhere* Tch I’m getting tired of this freaking stupid costume


Kou(diamond card): Why do Laito get to be the mad hatter?

Ayato: Shut up slave!

Yuma(Clover card): OI WE NOT YOUR SLAVE

Ayato: Yes you’re

Kou: I’m more handsome than some red head freak!


Ruki(black bunny): This ain’t how the play suppose to be

Azusa(spade): Yeah….

Kanato: *appear next to Yui* I’m thirsty!!

Ayato: I’m actually thirsty too *appear next to Yui*

Reiji: *drink tea* Make sure you save enough blood for everyone

Subaru: Tch *sit in chair*

Laito: *appear next to Mia* Since your here I guess I can drink some of your blood

Kou: *stand next to Mia* I want some too

Mia: 0_0 Reiji help!!!!

Reiji: Make sure you make her passed out too for making us dressed up like this

Mia: Wow I feel loved

Yuma: *grab Mia arm* Heh I make sure she passed out

Mia: 0_0 *run away* THIS AIN’T PART OF SCRIPT

Reiji: *take sip of tea* What a waste of tea we made

Ruki: *take sip of tea too* I agreed

Azusa: *eat cookie*

Shu: Zzz zzz

Karl: …………And so they all lived happy ever after…. Even though they messed up play

Kino: ………I waste half of my time to see this…..

Carla: …………..I could do better play than them

Shin: ………….Worst play ever