ruki from the gazette

Aoi: getting excited ? ! 

Aoi: damn, this is so amazing, isn’t it?… I’m gonna secretly put these on yahoo! auctions…(; ・`д・´) *gulp*

Note: They seem to be really old video recordings of the GazettE performing in Shibuya, Shinjuku etc. back in 2003/2004. 

(੭ु റ̆ ˒̫̮ റ̥)੭ु⁾⁾ RADIO THE GAZETTE TRANSLATION (2016.05.06) #1(9)
  • *After The Ripper by The Used song break*
  • Ruki: Hello, once again this is Ruki—
  • Kai: with Kai!
  • Ruki: On RADIO the GazettE from San Francisco. We were pretty noisy while recording, but let’s continue enjoying this without worrying about that.
  • Kai: Oh, the sewer has arrived!
  • Ruki and Kai: AHAHAHAHAHA
  • Ruki: Aoi is here.
  • Aoi: Hello, good evening~
  • --------------------------------------
  • Ruki: *reads a question from fan* Last time, everyone discussed during which time they thought they looked the most cool. Reita said the Zetsu period—
  • Kai: Zetsu?! I don’t even remember that…
  • Ruki: I said during the Yoyogi live.
  • Kai: Ahhh
  • Ruki: Uruha said that he liked the over the top theme from our 13th anniversary period. And Aoi said every time, every where.
  • Kai: Aoi’s is so simple.
  • Ruki and Kai: AHAHAHAHAHA
  • Aoi: I’ve been thinking ever since, but I liked the VORTEX period
  • Ruki and Kai and Aoi: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Ruki and Kai: Wow, it took you two weeks to come to that conclusion? LOL
  • Ruki: How about you Kai? When do you think you looked the coolest?
  • Kai: The period I looked the coolest? Ummmm, DOGMA. The DOGMA period.
  • Ruki: Ohhhh! Really? Eh….
  • Aoi: Ehhhh…
  • Ruki and Kai and Aoi: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Ruki: How about past concepts/themes?
  • Kai: I didn’t really like myself in the older concepts/themes
  • Ruki and Aoi: Really?
  • Ruki: I want you to research yourself on google.
  • Ruki and Kai and Aoi: AHAHAHAHAHA