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How would the S and M bros fair at getting their screaming/crying infants or toddlers to calm down?

Again I’m basing these off of my family headcanons here: [x]


Shu - Lucky for him his son barely ever cried and when he did he could handle him in seconds with just laying him on his chest but his younger daughter… she’s another case. He would try everything from laying her on his chest to sooth her to sleep but if that didn’t work he would try playing her a tune on the violin which works like a charm

Reiji - His son? Crying? Oh no, Reiji kept a tight reign on his son at that age. Toddlers are easily malleable and easy to train and his son was gonna be the perfect gentlemen, no exceptions. But on the off chance that he was sick from teething or something of the sort Reiji would whip up a small harmless potion and put a few drops in his formula to soothe him.

Ayato - Okay so let’s get this straight, you two had triplets first and a single birth last, so crying was inevitable. You youngest daughter was a breeze compared to your triplets. If one cried the other two cried and it was a never ending cycle until they were old enough to be out of that phase. When that happened Ayato would rock two and you would rock one and hope for the best but there was no ending of that cycle of doom. Ayato cried twice during that phase. “I don’t know what to do Pancake they keep crying and Your’s Truly can’t seem to get them to stop.” Help him.

Kanato - Let’s get this out of the way, Kanato did not help with the infants but he helped a small bit with the toddlers… only his daughter though and she wasn’t fussy at all so she was a breeze. Your son though was up to you and you swore you gave birth to the exact spawn of Satan. He would cry and scream until his face turned red and the poor baby’s blood pressure would skyrocket causing nausea and vomiting. Finally when Kanato had enough of the incessant hollering he’d take over with a pill and a lullaby.

Laito - Latio had a angel, she never cried… Okay yeah she did but compared to his brothers’ kids she was a breeze. She was usually satiated with a bottle and Laito rocking her in the rocking chair, or if that didn’t work her crib by the piano would.

Subaru - Out of all of his three by far his little girl was the worst when it came to her fits. She had a temper even when she was little and it showed when she would cry and scream until she was red in the face since she didn’t know how to express her anger. Subaru would coddle her and if that didn’t work placing her in her playpen for alone time would do the trick.


Ruki - His two little girls were not that bad actually, Ruki’s youngest was a little bit fussy but that was nothing laying her on his chest while he read to her couldn’t fix. Teething was another story and both of them kept you two up at night from the pain and fevers, luckily Ruki new how to administer medicine and teething rings that would soon be riddled with fang marks.

Kou - You’d think with his son’s flamboyant nature he would have been fussy as hell but no… your oldest daughter was actually a very fussy baby despite her now docile personality. She mainly cried when Kou would leave for work and it would take all you could do just to calm her down halfway through the day, luckily she took a lot of naps when she was a baby so that saved your sanity most days and she would be fine as soon as Kou came home. If she was sick though you wouldn’t be able to take care of her, she refused your care and only wanted Kou to care for her… he was basically a guru at calming her down.

Yuma - You know that old ‘this is fine’ meme… yeah that’s Yuma. Out of his six children by far his fourth daughter was the worst. She was basically a demon while teething, thus she is his little hell raiser, and you could basically do nothing with her. Yuma would help but he was just as lost as you even after having three before, placing her on his chest seemed to help not for long and giving her medicine was out of the question… good thing she was your last right? Right!?

Azusa - His oldest daughter was the worst of the bunch for him, she would cry, bow her back, and scream. He couldn’t do anything with her either because she basically refused to let him take care of her. Why does she hate him? Did he do something wrong? He just wants her to be happy!