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S and m boys with a belly dancing s/o

Honestly I love bellydancing! This is cute, thanks anon!!~Mun M


Shu: As long as they could dance to Tchaikovsky, he’s all for it. He especially enjoys having his own personal dancer

Reiji: He admires the way his S/O’s anatomy moves like its liquid, and enjoys watching them dance

Ayato: His favorite part was the clothes; he liked watching the flowy fabric move as if it were its own separate being

Kanato: The calm, focused expression and calculated moves captured his attention easily. He would rarely admit his appreciation for the art though

Laito: The way his S/O’s hips moved was probably the sexiest thing he’d ever seen; he kept trying to touch their hips just to make sure they were still attached 

Subaru: His face turns bright red when he sees his S/O dancing, but he honestly admires their talent


Ruki: The sheer skill it took to belly dance amazed him. It seemed like he was in a trance when he watched his S/O dance

Yuma: He knew the human body was capable of amazing things, but he couldn’t understand how thier body looked so airy and flawless 

Kou: Any kind of dancing fascinated him. He would think his S/O’s dance was beautiful, and he’d probably try to learn it too

Azusa: All he could do was watch his S/O dance in awe. The dance was simply too much for words

Dancing with the GazettE men- GIFS

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