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Dancing with the GazettE men- GIFS

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Diabolik Lovers en Español♥. ~Patrocinando a DanceWithDevils-Ask♥ :3

Mun: Bueno, pues unas hermosas seguidoras de este blog me han pedido de favor que si podía hablarles de este blog que hicieron para hacerle preguntitas a los chicos de Danc…

Ayato: ¡Chichinashi! ¿¡Pero qué demonios crees que estás haciendo!?

Mun: Eh…. estoy promocionando el nuevo blog bonito que hay para hacerle preguntas a los Demonios de Dance With Devils. :c

Raito: ¿Eeeeh~? ¿Y nos lo dices tan sínicamente, Bitch-chan?

Kanato: ¡Nos estás traicionando! ¡Teddy no te lo permitirá!

Mun: ¡Hey, hey! ¡Tranquiiiilo, moradito! 7-7 No es traición, no sean inmaduros. :c Todos los blogs merecen ser visitados y apoyados. Así que ignoren a estos tres bebesotes y vayan a echarle un ojito a @dancewithdevils-ask, estoy seguuuura de que les gustará~! :3 

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Mukami brother relationship Headcanons, please?

[Mun] マリ: Sure thing! I already did Kou in this post, the rest is coming right up. Hope you enjoy it! 💕


- Absolute gentleman and the ideal son-in-law

- Takes his lover out for dinner a lot; Ruki takes her there in his classic 1965 Corvette, windows down, soft blues playing on the radio

- Has a small, framed photo of him and his lover on the desk in his office

- Loves some ballroom dancing to classical, but also slow indie music with his girl at home. Even if she does not know how to dance, he’ll teach her; they’ll be swaying around in his room in no time as Ruki is the perfect dance partner

- Quite the possessive partner; squints at the sight of his lover talking to other boys, but does not let her notice because he knows she would never mean harm


- Bold, extremely cuddly boyfriend

- Has a photo of his lover, smiling cutely, as his phone lock screen

- Really enjoys cooking for his lover, but also appreciates when his lover cooks for him, whether it’s good or not, and uses the ingredients from his garden

- Wants to hold his lover’s hand all the time, communicating to everyone that she’s his by showing her off

- Has a very humorous, quirky and happy relationship with his lover; sometimes, she’ll harmlessly mock him and then tell him he has to ‘reap what he sows’ while wildly giggling at her own joke


- Relatively shy yet very romantic and cuddly boyfriend

- Has a hidden talent of playing the piano; he’ll play and sometimes, she’ll sing to the music he’s making

- Watches soap series with his lover in their spare time; they often have Netflix and chill in bed for the entire day

- Gives a lot of neck kisses

- Compliments his lover a whole lot, whether it be on her clothes, hair, face or entire being in general