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How would the GazettE men dance with you?

Ruki: I see him as the ‘high school dance’ kind of guy. He’d twirl you around a bit, but for the most part, his arms would be wrapped around your waist as you both move to the beat of the song. It wouldn’t be too fancy, but it would be fun to just dance with him like that. I also think he’d like to press his forehead against yours to try and make it romantic (♡´艸`)

Uruha: He’d be fond of twirling you a lot. Like, he’d do one-armed twirls, and he’d also pick you up and spin you around a bit before bending you over. In fact, I can actually see him trying to do the tango with you, lmao. He’d probably even have a rose in his mouth to try and impress you(^ω^)

Aoi: Lol, no matter what he’s like in the Inside Beast PV, he’s definitely the kind of guy who’s up for grinding up against you. Like, I can also see him being very, very seductive about it. His hands would be wandering quite a bit as well, and he’d also try and say some sexy things to make you all weak in the knees (*´∀`*)

Reita: Omg, he’d be such a sweet dancer! He’d definitely be the kind of guy who will hold you close and just make small steps to the side, not even following the beat. It’ll be just you and him, sharing a sweet and tender moment together as you both dance small steps and just hug. And to top it all off, he’d kiss you on your forehead when the music comes to an end ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Kai: Haha, Kai would be like Prince Charming! He’d approach you, kiss your hand and ask if he could have this dance. And when you say yes, he will take your hand and lead you to the dance floor like a princess, the both of you waltzing and dancing so formally, as if you were at a ball. He’d be very good at it, and when the music finishes, he would bow to you, kiss your hand again, and thank you for the dance ♡^▽^♡

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Mukami brother relationship Headcanons, please?

[Mun] マリ: Sure thing! I already did Kou in this post, the rest is coming right up. Hope you enjoy it! 💕


- Absolute gentleman and the ideal son-in-law

- Takes his lover out for dinner a lot; Ruki takes her there in his classic 1965 Corvette, windows down, soft blues playing on the radio

- Has a small, framed photo of him and his lover on the desk in his office

- Loves some ballroom dancing to classical, but also slow indie music with his girl at home. Even if she does not know how to dance, he’ll teach her; they’ll be swaying around in his room in no time as Ruki is the perfect dance partner

- Quite the possessive partner; squints at the sight of his lover talking to other boys, but does not let her notice because he knows she would never mean harm


- Bold, extremely cuddly boyfriend

- Has a photo of his lover, smiling cutely, as his phone lock screen

- Really enjoys cooking for his lover, but also appreciates when his lover cooks for him, whether it’s good or not, and uses the ingredients from his garden

- Wants to hold his lover’s hand all the time, communicating to everyone that she’s his by showing her off

- Has a very humorous, quirky and happy relationship with his lover; sometimes, she’ll harmlessly mock him and then tell him he has to ‘reap what he sows’ while wildly giggling at her own joke


- Relatively shy yet very romantic and cuddly boyfriend

- Has a hidden talent of playing the piano; he’ll play and sometimes, she’ll sing to the music he’s making

- Watches soap series with his lover in their spare time; they often have Netflix and chill in bed for the entire day

- Gives a lot of neck kisses

- Compliments his lover a whole lot, whether it be on her clothes, hair, face or entire being in general

Diabolik Lovers Merchandise for Sale!

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The Gazette : DOGMATIC LIVE@Fukuoka.

Since I was completely lost in this LIVE, I decided to share some of sweet/funny/sassy/amazing moments with you guys!

1) Ruki did his sexy dance a lot. Especially during Bizarre and Wasteland.

2) Kai opened Goddess’s Intro in Japanese Taiko style,so very awesome.

3) Reita seemed to enjoy himself so much. He played with audience a lot , and at one point..he bit on Uruha right arm .

4) Uruha spoiled the audience a lot. And he was so stunning this evening!

5) Aoi swag on stage was gold. He kept spinning and gliding everywhere just like a boss.

6) Ruki flashed his tattoos a lot in his kimono dress. The lettering on his left arm was so obvious.It was written “Overcome Anything”.

7) During 1st encore, Aoi walked to the stage with Corona Beer. And he empty two bottles in just 5 songs!!

8) Ruki somehow got a little hickey on his right chest.

9) For the 2nd encore, Ruki walked out with absolutely tired face and waved to the crowd . He was so cute.

10) Ruki made a lot of jokes (which, of course, I only understand a few of them). One of them was on the encore, when he said that if that (Ominous) was the last song, he would be eating dinner by now.
But then he thanked the fans for calling them back out.

That’s all I can remember for now! Hope this post cheers you up and don’t forget about the world tour. LONG LIVES THE GazettE!!!!!