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Could you give us an example of what kind of outfit would the guys prefer in their s/o? You can put an image or just write it 😉💕

Here you are~













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(( RP starter :3 )) As the brown haired girl walked down the halls of the Mukami mansion, she felt really hopeful about her plan. A nice simple card with a heartwarming message. That's it! Sure, she had doubts, but it would be better than not trying. Diane knocked of the eldest son's room, wondering if he would accept her offer. " Ruki-san? May I come in? ... "

Ruki: “Yes, you may…” *waits for her to enter while turning towards the door* “But I expect your interruption to be well-motivated, Livestock. I was reading”.

[Behind the scenes]

Kou&Yuuma: *trying not to chuckle*

Ruki: What?

Kou: Ruki-kun… you’re so bad at this

Yuuma: Your voice is so stiff, man!

Ruki: … *mutters something*

Some choice GazettE lyrics
  • Tempt me by masturbation
  • reckless driving cucumber
  • it is cheesed with the power
  • I’m already dead, however I was saved with the rock
  • all of Silly God Disco tbh
  • n i g h t o f p u s s y
    • oooooooooooh yeah
  • it is your duty to train a slave waving a waist
  • Disappear with a sexual.
    • (That’s it. That’s the end of the line.)
  • I will walk together