ruka starr


My doll, a Volks FCS F-06 named Renae~ <3 (she’s on the right).  The doll on her left is Mary’s Lilith, the exact same doll as Renae, just in the Normal skintone and dressed like a boy.  Renae is in the white colorway~

Her clothes and wig are borrowed, as I can’t afford anything else right now~ ^^; She was a Christmas present to me from Mika, and I got her from Heather~ <3

Since we can’t really find any pictures of our Sano and Saito together online (and Toshi, I TOTALLY FORGOT to take my glasses off when you took our picture), here’s one I took of myself in the hotel on Day 0 when I tested out my wig/makeup and I had just finished attaching the extension to my wig~  I dyed the extension myself *beams*

Namely for you, absens, as we couldn’t find each other~ Here’s my Saitoooooo~

Hi guys! Here’s a purple wig I got for Saito, but it’s a bit brighter than I wanted (I wanted it suuuper dark), and it didn’t have the ponytail I needed (they sent me the short version rather than the ponytail version). Dx Selling for $30 OBO, won’t go under $25. Still practically brand new, as I tried it on and washed it too (in hopes of salvaging it)

Pics were taken on my phone, but I can take more upon request. Thanks~!  PM me if interested!
Animegacon Artist Alley Table~!

Kei and I got our table for Animegacon!  I’ll be making my accessories again (Kei INSISTS I do dolce deco again) and he’ll be doing YGO things, like Orica and tokens and such~  Kirashii and I are making the art for the Oricas, and our concepts so far are BEAST~ ^^ <3 *smug*  We’re doing fanart based on some of the more popular synchros and XYZ, and tokens for certain cards that need them~  (like GORZ <3)

Animegacon will be held here in blazing hot Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Hotel (former Las Vegas Hilton), from August 17-19 (yay on Kirashii’s birthday~).  And there will be an Endless Waltz ball~ <3


Selling this wig for a friend, since the wig lady wouldn’t accept refunds/returns, and she picked out the wrong wig for him (like, this is WAY OFF), and his wig needs are urgent, as they’re for AX.

He just bought this brand new from the shop earlier today, and he just tried it on, as the lady wouldn’t allow him to try it on at the store due to it closing soon. (yay she rushed us). It’s $30 OBO, so please make reasonable offers!!!! ♥

PM me if interested, thanks~!

Dear Vegas weather,

Please stop mind-fucking me.  For days on end it’s all hot and pool weather, and when I start thinking of swimming plans at Kei’s, you get all rainy on me.  I WANT TO SWIM. DX  I HAS NEW SWIMSUITS!!!

And I srsly need to sew that Xiao-inspired swimsuit I sketched out >D


HURRAY! I’m too tired to respond to all my bday wishes on FB, so I’ll do that tomorrow night or something.  <3 <3 <3

Thank you hubby bubby for buying honey walnut shrimp, spam musubi, and a peach boba slushy, and then singing happy birthday to me in your arms~ <3 <3 <3  The shrimp was super tasty~! <3

PEAAACH BOBAAAA SLUSHYYYY! It melted on the way home, but it’s still tasty~ <3

And thank you to those who texted me!  I’ll respond to errbuddy tomorrow when I’m well-rested~

Thank you everyone, and good night~! <3