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Midnight Phone Calls: A Mikan and Natsume Fic

Things you need to assume/know while you read this: Mikan and Natsume are slightly older than 11, and are instead more like 15-16. This takes place after the Sports Festival and before Tsubasa goes missing. I like to think there was some more regular time for some unwritten ship moments, like a year. This takes place within that year.

Mikan Sakura, for some frustratingly unknown reason, could not erase from her mind a pair of scarlet colored eyes and a smooth deep voice. She didn’t know exactly when it had started, though she could trace her thoughts back to a boring day in class when Natsume hadn’t shown up. Ruka-pyon had mentioned something about a mission, and since then, her heart had felt heavy. She never worried so much before. Why then all the sudden…?

Then she started dreaming about him. A lot. This was something she hadn’t even told Hotaru, because she wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it. Normally, she would’ve consulted with someone to figure out the cause for the dreams, though she didn’t need help to figure out these ones. While she slept, Mikan’s mind played for her scenes where Natsume would smile at her. Or he would hold her hand. Or he’d kiss her while no one was looking. She’d woken up strangely satisfied after that one.

But there was no way she was admitting that she loved him.

She did not love Natsume Hyuuga.


Then there was the one night the nightmare had found her. It crept under her bed, and reaching an arm up to strangle her, the nightmare displayed her worst nightmare. The vision was of a phone call of an unknown figure telling her a sentence she never wanted to hear.

“I regret to inform you that Natsume Hyuuga has passed away due to unknown circumstances.” As ridiculous as it sounded, when she remembered it, the statement seemed realistic enough at the time that it woke her up. Her eyes shot open, her skin sticky with sweat.

For several moments, she cried and shook, hoping with a few deep breaths she would feel better. She didn’t.

Without thinking, Mikan stumbled out of bed and over to her phone. Her fingers dialed a number she didn’t know she had memorized, and bringing the phone up to her ear, she waited.

“Who is this?” the other person demanded tiredly.

“Natsume?” Mikan managed to say shakily. There was a pause.

“Mikan,” Natsume murmured in surprise. “Are you okay?”

Hearing his voice was enough to lift her from her anxiousness. All the sudden, she became aware of herself. Why had she called him in the middle of the night, anyways?

“I’m fine,” she insisted, though it was barely truth. “I was worried about you.”

“About me?”

“Well I had this dream…and I think I remember you had a mission tonight…I don’t know, I just thought I would…Sorry if I woke you up.” Mikan bit her lip, wishing she didn’t ramble so much.

“I just got back,” Natsume sighed. “And I’m fine. You don’t need to worry so much.”

“I know.” Mikan felt her voice crack. She didn’t want to cry on the phone, but she needed him to know that no matter what she did, she always worried about him. “I can’t help it.” He could hear the tears in her voice.

“Don’t cry,” he said lowly. Taking a deep breath, Mikan swiped away her tears.

“You missed Koko reading a love poem in class today,” she said, trying to take her mind off of everything. When he took a moment to respond, Mikan worried he was trying to find a way to gently tell her to shut up. He surprised her with a friendly snort.

“Who was it to?”

“He wouldn’t say.” Mikan’s voice was soft. “But we all knew it was Permy.”

“Even you? How?”

“I’m not completely stupid, Natsume,” Mikan pouted. Then he laughed. He actually laughed. The brunette didn’t know whether or not to be offended, or to relish in the fact that Natsume had actually laughed.

“You have a nice laugh,” she commented tiredly. The chuckling stopped as soon as the words left her mouth, and were covered by a cough. Another pause.

“Who’d you write your poem about?” Natsume asked curiously, breaking the silence. His voice had gotten lighter with his interest. Closing her eyes in embarrassment, Mikan remembered her poem. It had been about the unsureness of love. It had been about him.

“That’s a secret,” she covered up.

“Tell me,” he stated in return.

“No, don’t you know what a secret is?”

“You can’t keep a secret for your life.”

“I can!”

“What was the last secret you kept from me?” Without thinking, Mikan opened her mouth.

“That I was really worried about you all night long because of your mission.” As soon as she said it, she wished she hadn’t. She waited for Natsume to judge her with some sort of disgust.

“See,” he said gently. “You really can’t keep a secret.” If it was possible to hear him smile, Mikan thought she could hear a wide smile in his voice.

“That’s all you’re going to say? You idiot…” Mikan’s voice trailed off.

“Nothing can happen to me on missions because I’ve got someone to come back to,” he said.

“Ruka-pyon does appreciate it when you come back,” she said nervously.

“I wasn’t talking about Ruka. I was talking about you.” Mikan’s heart stopped.

“Oh,” was all she could utter.

“Now we’re even.” Across the phone, Mikan heard him yawn. “You need to go to bed. You’ll be even more stupid if you don’t sleep.”

Mikan did feel better after their conversation, regardless of the quick pace of her heart. The heaviness in her eyes only confirmed what he told her.

“You’re right,” she decided. She allowed one last comfortable silence, a content smile on her face.

“Why don’t you call more often?” Natsume said quietly. “It’s nice to be checked up on.” Mikan’s smile only got wider.

“You won’t mind it?”

“Well I’m asking you to do it, aren’t I?”

“Fine fine.” Mikan paused. “Goodnight Natsume.”

“Goodnight Mikan.”

As soon as the phone was hung up, Mikan laid back down and drifted back off to sleep. Instead of her nightmare, Mikan only saw the laughing face of the boy she thought maybe, just maybe, she was falling in love with.


 I’ve got another similar idea, so I’d like to write that one out too! Let me know what you think!