ruins of heat


she was born during a storm that lodged itself behind her ribcage, fear and recklessness were things she would never have to be taught

she learnt the human craving to hurt & be hurt in the schoolyard revolution

temptation came through unblinking eyes & flickering screens & imagination

caution was hard; she had to unlearn invincibility first. when it came it was fire, & an intimate knowledge of ruin

death was the heat of summer, just as it always has been, that lazy feet-scorched-self-destructing-ever-present dread

love was a punch to the gut. or maybe that was hate. or both. that one-two in the dead of winter where night means so much more

she learnt repentance on her unbending knees

& the sea has taught her to dance


—  STORMS or HOW NOT TO GROW UP, Sophia Anderson

it honestly kills me that my naturally curly hair isn’t seen as functionally pretty in society and that for 4 years I’ve been straightening and ruining my hair with heating tools just so I don’t hate my hair

badboy!au ;; jung hoseok

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  • the wealthy son of a businessman
  • him owning the rich bad boy name because of how intimidating he looks, and how he isn’t afraid of stepping up to his shit talkers
  • doesn’t like getting his hands dirty when trouble finds him sometimes, so he has his followers take care of the junks
  • is known as a playboy type, who carelessly plays with everyone’s hearts
  • him catching your eyes when you had accidentally ruined his heated make out session with a senior 
  • you getting flustered and hoseok smirking when seeing you like that, and running away immediately
  • him forcibly changing homerooms, that way he can be close to you
  • you nervously and trying to avoid him, but the more you try to run, the closer hoseok gets to you
  • him picking on you by tugging at your ponytail, flicking your ear, and spitting spit balls at the back of your neck
  • him also blowing you kisses when you turn around to glare at him deathly
  • the teacher sending you to make copies of worksheets, and hoseok volunteering on helping you out
  • him trying to get close until you blurt out about being in a relationship
  • “i have a boyfriend! and if you don’t stop, i’ll tell him!”
  • hoseok feeling upset that you’re already dating someone 
  • but it doesn’t stop hoseok from still trying to hit on you, when he knows your boyfriend is from another school
  • you pushing him away every time hoseok gets in your way, but he only pulls you closer
  • you receiving hate letters because hoseok’s attention lies on you
  • him getting hit by your hateful letters and you telling him to leave you alone
  • hoseok finding you being lovey dovey with your boyfriend when he comes pick you up from school
  • him getting angry and feeling jealous
  • him purposely messing with other people in front of you; kissing them and mumbling sweet nothings, while slowly bullies you
  • but in truth, hoseok has been picking fights once school ends because he’s irritated by how you continuously ignore him
  • him meeting you at the karaoke bar you work and saves you from being harassed
  • you thanking him but calls your boyfriend, however hoseok seals you in a tender kiss
  • “what the hell, jung hoseok? leave me alone!”
  • “i can’t when you’re all i think about!”
  • you ignoring hoseok even more to be with your boyfriend, especially when you’re out of school and runs into each other
  • your boyfriend noticing this and telling hoseok to back off, but hoseok isn’t scared and steps up saying that he’ll fight for you if he has to
  • you receiving more hate letters and even gets bullied in the restroom, which concludes into getting locked inside
  • hoseok coming to save you 
  • “who did this to you? give me a face if you don’t know their name!”
  • “just let it go and stop bothering me, and maybe then i won’t be tortured everyday”
  • hoseok finding you crying nights later when your boyfriend leaves the karaoke bar you work at, however you weren’t working that day and was there on a date
  • you telling hoseok to just bug off, but it angers him that you’re crying and the other man doesn’t give a damn
  • him rushing out to beat up your boyfriend, who reveals to have dumped you for being too stuck up and says hoseok can have you
  • “don’t treat a human being as if they’re a broken toy when you don’t want them anymore”
  • you not showing up to school, and hoseok becomes worried so he asks the clique you hang around with about your whereabouts
  • him being greeted by your grandmother, who says you should be at school and him too, since it’s around lunch time
  • hoseok takes his leave in apologies, and continues on finding you
  • he finds you eating inside a lonesome tent at the street food market
  • him joining you without a doubt and trying to cheer you up
  • you learning a few things that hoseok isn’t so bad, and that he only gained that playboy name because a lot of the seniors likes him
  • he doesn’t care for anyone and just kisses them out of pleasure because it’s fun
  • but admits that when he kissed you, it was real and true
  • you blushing like mad because hoseok is really confessing but you don’t wanna hear it
  • hoseok helping you get rid of these hate letters when announcing that you’re both dating, though you haven’t even said yes when he confessed
  • him making sure you’re safe when joining you at work and walking you home
  • your grandmother immediately approving of hoseok, and calling him son-in-law whenever he comes over
  • your ex-boyfriend calling you all sorts of bad names when catching you and hoseok holding hands, when truth is hoseok snatched yours to hold
  • hoseok standing up for you, and saying that you’re his golden trophy rather than a stuck up broken toy
  • you slowly falling for hoseok day by day, but denies it when your friend asks about you and him
  • you meeting his father who looks strict and intimidating, but all in all is an entire goofball who grew to love your presence
  • “hoseok-yah, this one should be kept well!”
  • hoseok ignoring his father, and you learning why
  • “dad and i haven’t been the closest after mother fell into a coma. it’s been seven years since we’ve last had a decent talk. i overheard him saying something about pulling the plugs, and that’s when i shouted out about hating him. everything i do outside is for a show - publicity stunt, so my father could receive a bad name, but does it matter anymore?”
  • you comforting hoseok when he takes you in to visit his mother’s old room, and you telling him everything would be okay
  • you even accidentally slipping out an i love you when hoseok got teary eyed after telling you more of his story
  • hoseok repeating the same beautiful three words in return and softly planting his lips on with yours
  • you and hoseok officially dating
  • you making him and his father reconcile because a father and son shouldn’t hate each other
  • hoseok’s father sending you both on a lovely vacation before senior years starts, because you’re the sunshines of his life
  • you and hoseok watching the gorgeous sunset together and him hugging you from behind closely
  • “i love you and i never want to lose you”
  • “you won’t ever lose me when i love you so much in return”
KOG’(KR) evaluation

Evaluation of KOG’ from employees that have worked there before:

Positive: Unexpectedly good welfare. Gives all 3 meals a day. Cafeteria food is quite good.

Negative: Project planning is horrible. Lots of people with ‘stable’ job positions. They never get fired even if they ruin the game.

Positive: Good heating and cooling inside the building. Doesn’t make new games.

Negative: Demands passion of working overtime and on weekends as if it was obvious. Demands to be friendly with everyone. Reps make the game. Doesn’t make new games

Positive: I learned a lot and learned how to live life by working hard

Negative: I was forced to learn what I wrote on the positive.

Positive: Provide 3 meals per day. Family like atmosphere

Negative: Family like atmosphere, crazy amount of overtime, being even 1 second late is treated as late for work, have to give 1 written explanation per 3 lates. (fired after 3 written explanations) but no matter when you sign yourself off from work, the time always records 00:00. In other words, it doesn’t get recorded.

Recently, management team has been checking if employees are properly working overtime or not.

Got asked to resign just because of not having enough overtime hours compared to other employees. Despite how they were demanding self sacrifice because ‘we’re family’, they get rid of the entire team because of bad result. Asks people to resign if they don’t need them. Company is a profit oriented organization so it makes sense to throw away people they don’t need anymore, but I wouldn’t have felt as betrayed if they didn’t say ‘we were family’ from the start.

Positive: Gives good food, clean workplace, is located in developed area in Daegu

Negative: Human resources team doesn’t do their work properly and gives other people sense of deprivation and hurts employee’s willingness to work. For example, KOG head manager doesn’t use ‘recreation fee’ that should be handed out to each employees fairly. There are often cases where fees disappear when we didn’t even have recreation outings or bought any snacks. There are times where he lets a team member to do the work then reports that he did it. It’s a problem that’s occurring because person in charge of human resources is not administrating properly.

Positive: People who are confident in their health and endurance can test themselves to the extreme. There are ‘politics’ in some parts and but there are places without it.

Negative: Plans that you wonder how can anyone come up with such a thing gets passed. Littered with people who won’t get fired even if the result is bad. The problem is, ridiculous plans keep coming up because of that and actually gets implemented in the field. Vicious cycle. It doesn’t take even 2 months for your health to get ruined due to frequent overtime hours. New employees last at maximum 4 months. People say you endured well if you last 6 months.

Positive: Gives all 3 meals a day. Also gives fruits. Can go oversees training 1 time per year.
Negative: Don’t work here if you don’t like working overtimes. Paycheck system is strange. Pay goes up not depending on person’s skill but on power of their bottom(sitting for overtime). Slow in refilling manpower. Don’t know if they can’t hire people or they don’t.


Also, KOG cafeteria foods:

= all the money you guys spent on Elsword :D

SP bias is no surprise

neither are the upcomming fillers before the CPR scene. They’ll do everything in their might to weaken the impact of Sakura saving Naruto’s life and Karin saving Sasuke’s. If they think people will forget about the manga just because of some cheap filler arc, they’re wrong - I never thought that they still can make this look even more ridiculous than it already is but they managed to do just that and deserve a medal for it. Seriously SP, I’m applauding you for becoming a prime juicy example of how things aren’t supposed to be done. You aren’t making it better for Hinata, Sakura or anyone else. Good job, really. Have fun with your fillers, no matter how you prolong the wait for Sakura’s shining moments, no matter how much you try to damage those, you will still have to incorporate them into the series, to your full distaste. Have fun with that too and a happy new bias year.

The Shops At Columbus Circle in the Summertime

10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10023

Summer crying can be HARD. You’re losing all those gallons of liquid from your eyes on top of the horrifying pools of sweat that happen when you walk a half of a block down the street. Crying in the heat can really take it out of you and might not even seem worth it. I thought the summer of crying I had hoped for might be ruined during this heat, but then I stumbled upon The Shops @ Columbus Circle and soon found myself in hot crying heaven!!!!! There’s so many air-conditioned stores to cry in, so many mannequins to hide your tears behind and a great public bathroom to get yourself together in. You could spend all day there- there’s a Whole Foods downstairs to keep up your nourishment on your sweet air-conditioned cry! It’s like it was made for this. Maybe it was!!! For a summer cry on a budget, I haven’t found anything better!!! A+++++++!!!!!