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  • Pansy: I think Draco is in love...
  • Blaise: Nope. can't be.
  • Pansy: What makes you so sure?
  • Blaise: Because he's a Malfoy.
  • Pansy: and that means what? that he can't have feelings?
  • Blaise: No, Malfoys have hearts of granite. They can kick puppies, torture kittens, and have a good night's sleep afterwards. They do not care about anything, and they most certainly do not fall in love with anything or anyone!
  • Pansy: Then explain why he's slobbering all over Granger?
  • Blaise: He's.... He's...
  • Pansy: You're just mad that he's got less time for you right?
Duo - Peter Parker

request -  okay so y/n is part of the avengers (she’s peter’s age) & peter does something that practically kills him. y/n freaks out & goes to hold him while the rest of the avengers just watch her in pity. they take peter & tell y/n to go cool down. and then when peter wakes up, he is sternly told by tony to go see y/n before she goes crazy. sorry this is long & specific ❤️ love your writing btw!! one of my favorite blogs

a/n - i had went back and forth with a lot of ideas on this fic, and i really hope it doesn’t seem rushed and i hope it turned out okay and not a flop like me :( but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

Another building came down to the ground as another crowd ran from the scene, only being able to hear their own screams as the enemy came to terrorize New York. It was only another work of Hydra, trying to come and ruin the lifestyle that so many people have made here. It was fight, after fight, after fight, after fight, and I didn’t know if I could take it anymore.

Peter and I, both natives of Queens, and also the youngest on the team. When Peter and I had first arrived to Headquarters, Captain didn’t hesitate to warn us that most enemies target the younger party the most, and that the rest of the team would prioritize the safety of Peter and I before their own.

Today’s situation seemed to be a bit more difficult than the others, from when I looked up and saw Tony struggling to keep another part of a building from falling to when I saw Natasha almost beaten by one of Hydra’s minions. Something about today was just a bit, off.

“(Y/N)!” I heard Rogers call. I turned around to see his shield coming my way, gripping it tightly and slamming it into the bodies of Hydra’s concoctions. They were out within a second, having me throw the shield back to Rogers. He then ran off with Clint, leaving myself and Wanda to deal with the others.

“Where’s Parker?” Natasha spoke into the intercom. My heart dropped as I looked up and tried to find the boy, hoping to see a spot of red and blue anywhere. I turned around as my last hope, calming down when I saw him swinging from one building to the other, coming closer to the scene.

“Southside on 54th, coming right this way.” I said.

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A conservative’s prayer:

Dear Lord,

If you could make it so those poor people could just stop annoying me, trying to make me feel guilty for being rich and demanding my money (that I earned), I’d really appreciate it. If you have time, if you could just have them be poor somewhere else where they don’t ruin my view and lifestyle, that would be awesome.

‘Til next time! Thanks for Jesus and everything … 

  • ji dwi: i think ban ryu is in love.
  • soo ho: nope, can't be.
  • yeo wool: what makes you so sure?
  • soo ho: because he's ban ryu.
  • sun woo: and that means what? that he can't have feelings?
  • soo ho: no, ban ryu have a heart of granite. he doesn't care about anything and he certainly do not fall in love with anything or anyone!
  • han sung: then explain why he's fawning over your sister?
  • soo ho: he's... he's...
  • ji dwi: you're just mad that he's got less time for you right?
  • Seokjin: I think Yoongi is in love.
  • Namjoon: Nope, can't be.
  • Jungkook: What makes you so sure?
  • Namjoon: Because he's Yoongi.
  • Jimin: And that means what? That he can't have feelings?
  • Namjoon: No, Yoongi have a heart of granite. He doesn't care about anything and he certainly do not fall in love with anything or anyone!
  • Taehyung: Then explain why he's slobbering all over Hoseok?
  • Namjoon: He's... He's...
  • Seokjin: You're just mad that he's got less time for you right?
RFA: MC Defending RFA

Hello friend! I love your blog ❤️ if you like it, here’s a request: RFA+Saeran being insulted by someone and MC straight up punches that person in the face (because that’s probably what I would do lol) thanks!!! @if-youre-not-a-dog-then-leave

Things have been super hectic recently so I hope that these are alright;;;

Admin Phae

- You went to his university to visit (when you could)
- And the two of you have a nice time
- There’s nice conversation
- It’s really pleasant
- But then you hear some guys whispering
- “Hey, do you see that guy over there?”
“The blond one?”
“Yeah. I hear he straight up failed the last 4 tests we did.”
“No way, really?”
“Wow I guess he really is dumb. Would that even be considered high enough to be here?”
- They’re kind of dumb insults but it still makes you unhappy that they’re being rude about Yoosung behind his back
- So you decide to confront them
- ‘Hey could you like not be dicks about my boyfriend behind his back??’
- They just laugh at you
- “Getting his girlfriend to stand up for him? What a loser.”
- Your patience is already running way thin
- ‘MC please don’t do this it’s fine I swear’
No it’s not Yoosung let me do this for you
- He keeps on trying to get you to stop
-  You won’t
- Yoosung just wants you to stop
- He honestly doesn’t even see why you’re getting so worked up
- Either way, you turn back to them
- And one of them has this smug ass smile on their face
- You don’t hold back
- That smile is wiped straight off his face
- By your fist
- You aren’t sure if those guys or Yoosung are more shocked
- You just walk away with your head up high
- (Whilst keeping a hold of Yoosung’s wrist)
- ‘That was really cool but you can’t just… punch people.’


- You’re sat with him on set, waiting for everyone else to arrive
- There’re also a couple other actors/actresses that arrived a bit early minding their own business
- The two of you absentmindedly chat
- When he’s called away for a quick rehearsal
- You decide to wait for him where you are and go on your phone
- It doesn’t take long for one of his coworkers to walk up to you
- “Heyy”
- ‘Hello’
- You know exactly what he’s going to do
- He’s been eyeing you weirdly for a while
- “So, how’s Zen? Like, as a boyfriend?”
‘He’s nice. I enjoy being with him.’
- Take the hint dumbass
- “I bet you’d enjoy being with me more”
- You finally look up from your phone to him
- Making sure he has full view of how weirded out you are by him
- “Oh come on, it’d be great”
- He winks at you
- You don’t even know this guy’s name
- ‘I’m going to have to turn down that offer’
“What? But babe, I’m sure I’d be way more fun than him.”
‘Again, I’d have to decline. I think Zen’s plenty fun.’
- You get up to move as far away from him as you can
- And he takes this opportunity to wrap his arm around your waist??
- Yeah
- No
- You swing around and deck him as hard as you can
- There’s an ugly crack as blood flies and he yells in pain
- You just broke this guy’s nose
- You’re about to storm off before you see Zen with wide eyes
- He seems really impressed
- ‘That was… badass’
(He was insulted in a way, okay)

[Jaehee, Jumin, Seven, and unknown under the cut]

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Unexpected Father - Jongdae

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

The Unexpected Father Series

One - Jongdae | Two - Kai |

Pairing: ReaderxJongdae

Word count: 1.9k

Summary: Jongdae and you were once together, but upon finding out you were pregnant, you cut all ties. Since you didn’t want to ruin his idol lifestyle, you raised your daughter alone for three years… until one day you run into him again and there is no mistaking her matching eyes, smile, and ears.

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01 | Imperial Runaway

Part 1 / Part 2

A/N: lol this was literally Drabble thing and now it’s gonna end up being like a five part one shot thing and I’m so fucking EXCITED
send me asks telling me how you feel! I may update sooner if u do (; and thanks a lot to the anon that helped me out! it helped tons!! sorry for the errors, i have a concussion and im not even supposed to look at screens, but youre just too important haha (;

Summary: Something about wanting to choose over being told, and something else about poppies over roses. 

Word count: 2,286.


Beauty, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Gold, Crimson, everything that defined Royal and what it meant.

You’d like to think that if you had a choice between this lifestyle and a different one, you’d chose poppies and small apartments over roses and living spaces you could never dream of filling by yourself.

Often it was too much. The public was scrutinizing, and they usually left you with pretenses and things you wish you could change.

But as your mother had often said, it wasn’t a life made out for everyone. It called for people that it knew could handle it, and the gold plated crown had somehow found its way onto your head.

But that was years ago, when things seemed easier, and your mom was alive. You didn’t have anyone to tell you that you were made for this; that your brown eyes were the perfect shade of royalty, and your skin was just golden enough to mean perfection.

And now, at the time your country needed you most, you were locked in your room, hard headed and refusing to take part in the war that laid outside of your castle.

Technically, it wasn’t a castle; but you loved to embrace the thoughts of your royalty (mainly to just entertain your maids, by running around the house and exclaiming that you needed your castle to be at the top of the spectrum).

But because of this, people were fighting, and dying. Though even if you were to leave, there was a greater chance of you dying; and you honestly didn’t want to die for a lifestyle you didn’t want in the first place.

You did feel twinges of guilt and underlying sadness when you thought about everyone fighting, and dying, for a country that you maintained.

Honestly, you didn’t know how all of this started in the first place.

Just because you were a princess didn’t mean they told you everything; they simply presented you with bills to sign, made you attend meetings and speak to the public every so often. It wasn’t hard; but you just didn’t like it.

It wasn’t for you, and your mother had been the only one to understand that. Now, you were locked tight in your room, ignoring the hard knocking’s on the door, and listening to your speakers play a heavenly piano that you could feel rumble in your chest almost always.

It was your favorite; Romance in F Major, Op. 118, number five. You wish your living had held a piano, but it did not. You wanted more than anything to study it, and play whatever you could.

As more knocking occurred on the door, harder this time. you ignored it; continuing to listen to the deep rasps of the piano, that carried you into somewhere that was definitely not here.

Again; harder. And again, you ignored.

It wasn’t until your two wooden doors were broken at the hinges, splinters of wood and golden specs flying into a cloud of dust that you were finally turning your head.

You didn’t know what was happening; a dream, maybe? War had always been off limits in residential areas, and you had no idea why the unknown people were tying your hands together with a scratchy rope that you were sure would leave a burn.

You weren’t worried; because they wouldn’t kill you. They couldn’t. They simply wanted money, or an accommodation, but honestly, you just wanted this to be over.

Your yelling was cut off by the intensity of the music blasting through your room. They laughed, laughed at you; because why? Because you were a princess that got whatever she wanted? One that stayed up in her room, and took everything for granted? You listened to their words closely, as they pulled you out of the doors and down the large hallway.

They were soldiers, but definitely not yours. They wore red instead of the light baby blue that yours wore, and you had to rack your brain for which country held red.

red, red, red. Which country was it? You honestly couldn’t remember. And you wanted to desperately know who you were dealing with.

You ignored their suggestive comments and harassing stares as you thought some more. They dragged you outside, to a not-so well put together jeep. It couldn’t be-

“Athenia,” someone stated, once you were belted tightly into a seat next to the driver. And it was. Athenia was the last country you had suspected. You met with them just last week, cleared a deal and new boarders; and if you remember correctly, all went well.

And their prince, you remember him thoroughly. The only person who had ever treated like an actual person, rather than a higher up.

Other Princes had wanted something from you, used you; but this one, he just wanted to know about you. Asking about your mother, your country; everything. And for the life of you, you could not remember his name.

You remember telling yourself you’d meet him again one day, no matter what. You had to.

More cars could be heard in the distance, as yours hadn’t started yet. They drove down the secluded ravel road, covered by Forrest; which you remember your mother telling you offered more protection. Never cut down the trees.

You waited until the two cars came to a halt. Many filed out of them, large stocking hats and partial face masks to protect them from the smoke and the dust from the gravel.

It wasn’t until he removed his mask and stocking hat that you recognized him.

“Jeon!” You yelled, struggling against the straps that had you bound to the seat. “Prince Jeon,”

He ignored your calls, addressing the two drivers of the other cars. They were talking something which you could not hear, and it worried you a little.

Worried thoughts were taking over your mind; things like ‘was he only nice to me to get information out of me?’

It wasn’t impossible, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was older than you, but only by a little; but he still acted like a child, and honestly, it made you believe that this lifestyle couldn’t ruin someone after all.

While you were thinking, you hadn’t noticed that the boy you were thinking of had started making his way over to the small car you were buckled into.

“If you wanted to be around me more, you could have just called.” You coughed, trying to make the setting more casual. When you had seen him last, you spent hours with casual banter, and you wanted the situation to be like that again.

“Don’t speak to me in such a tongue,” he scoffed, ignoring your pleasing eyes.

It made you feel really stupid, honestly; because now you had seemed like the young princess that didn’t know how to speak properly.

The guys around the truck had laughed at this, ignoring your pleading eyes as your chest started to get tight.


The truck started, And Jeon had taken place in the drivers seat of yours. There were no other guards, you expected this was because he wanted to try and get things out of you without anyone around.

You were treading on sleep; because it was late in the first place. Eight thirty? Nine? You wanted so badly to check the pocket watch you so cleverly had always kept in your back pocket; but you felt like he’d yell at you for moving too much. Not that much would get done with the rope wrapped around your wrists anyways.

You groaned slightly at the rope now that you remembered it; deeply digging into your skin and with every bump in the road you think it digs just a little deeper.

You were surprised to hear the boy next to you speak, his voice gruff with tiredness. “What’s wrong?”

You didn’t answer, instead continuing to readjust until the rope wasn’t burning your wrists as badly, and the straps allowed you to breath.

“Cmon.” He tried again, messing with the stations on the radio to make the atmosphere more tolerable.

“So now you’d like to talk?” You snap, finally finding a somewhat pleasant position. “Now that my wrists are burning in hell because your stupid lackies can’t tie it correctly?”

He looks over at you, just as you angrily pull your arms in all directions, trying to free your hands from the rope.

“And also, these straps are making me feel like I’ve got an elephant on my chest. Did your mother raise you to treat a woman this way?”

“No, but I do believe that this is how you treat a hostage.”

You roll your eyes at him, yelling slightly in frustration.

“Fifteen minutes. If you’d stop struggling, you’d realize I’m here to help you.” He said softly, placing his hand on your leg to keep you from flailing any further.

“I would not like any of your help, Prince Jeon. I do believe that Athenia and my country will no longer have any sort of agreement on land.” You say, your tone not hinting at any anger.

“Ah, you’ll be rethinking that soon, Princess. Play along, will you?”

You want to question him, yell at him even, because God this boy angers you; more than your father ever had. But your mind is cut short when he stomps on the breaks, the cars in back of him following in suit.

You can hear the people behind you yelling, making a fuss at how suddenly their prince had stopped.

You watch as he exits the car, and walks quickly over to your side and opens the door.

Unlatching you quickly, he then drags you out of the seat, hand pinching painfully into your right forearm.

“Jeon! Jeon!” A man yells, his red hat laid sloppily over his head.

When the man touches his arm, he rips it out of his touch. You notice even in the dark his eyes are aflame, filled with anger and resentment. You wonder what has made him this way.

“Where are you going?!” The man tells, trying to pry you from his Prince before he is shaken away once again.

“Enough!” Jeon yells, pulling you towards him with a force that nearly knocks you over. “I’m taking care of this brat now. She has none of the information we need, and we cannot let her live with the information that Athenia takes people hostage.”

“We’ve been working on this for weeks! She has to have the information, she’s lying-” he’s cut off by a yell from none other than his Prince.

“Are you going to question me?!” His voice is rough, and loud; everyone stops talking when he does this. It sends shivers down your spine.

“No, sir.” The man says, gluing his eyes to the ground.

“As assumed,” Jeon says, pulling you again towards the large trees that surround your country.

“What are you doing?!” You yell, realizing all of this talk had been about killing you. It shook your heart, pulled tears into your eyes; because though you hated your life, and how it was styled; you didn’t want it to end. You wanted to do so many more things, like play romance in F major with your own fingers. “Stop! Please, please stop.”

You walk farther and farther, until even the lights from the trucks cannot be seen anymore.

You don’t realize your sobbing until he pushes you to the ground. You’re muttering pleases into the cold air around him, and his face has the same fiery stare that it had before.

“Prince Jeon! Please,” you yell, backing away as he takes his gun out. You had landed on your wrists, your arms twisting and pulling from the rope.

He points it at you, and that’s when the loudest sob you had let out yet tears through your throat. It’s loud, and it’s not like anything you’ve ever heard. It scares you.

And then, he fires. You swear you feel it hit you, and you swear that your soul leaves your body just as you hear the gun ring through the woods.

But suddenly, you’re being pulled up; and He’s brushing you off. You’re definitely in shock, noticing finally how close the bullet hole in the ground was to your head. Your insides are flipped upside down, and for the first time in a while, you want to be back in your room.

Your satin dress is torn in so many places; but you don’t keep it in mind as you’re feeling the rope behind your hands being cut.

The release of your hands after so many hours hurts, but it’s a relief. Your still crying when you wipe the blood around them, realizing the rope actually did cut them.

He takes one into his hand, running a thumb over the cut before you yelp in pain.

“I can’t believe they did this,” he shakes his head. “We don’t have much time,”

“Time for what?” You sniffle, pulling back from him slightly; still feeling a bit unsafe.

“You told me everything. You told me how much you hate your lifestyle; how much you wish you could change it. Poppies over roses, remember?” He chuckles. “I’m changing it for you. Go,”

You falter at his words. Go? What does he mean, go?

“Athenia is seven miles north. Make it there, cut your hair, find different clothes. I believe in you, princess.”

You stare at him a little longer; because wow, he is one of the most beautiful people you have ever seen. Face kisses in moonlight, and you hug him. You hug him, and cry; and he lets you. He pushes your hair back, and all you can do is begin to sob thank you’s.

“I’ll find you again.” He whispers into the shell of your ear. “Go,”

And before you know it, you’re running. You’re running, seven miles north, to Athenia.

theserpentgamer  asked:

Dark trying to get Will to be healthier and withholding his sweets. Wilford being over dramatic, claiming Dark is ruining his lifestyle, and fainting dramatically. Dark huffing and demanding he gets up. Wilford not responding. Dark rolling his eyes and tickling him to get him up. Wilford laughing that he's okay. Dark claiming he can't be too sure and tickling the shit out of him until he agrees to eat less sweets.


Ben Wyatt: ISTJ [Parks and Recreation]

ISTJ Follower Favorite 2016.

Dominant Function, Introverted Sensing [Si]: Ben Wyatt does not only prefer dealing with concrete data of numbers and facts, but he loves it and made a career out of it. He loves working in the detail of accounting. Si also takes in information at a very personal level. For Ben these are the nerdy aspects of his life. He knows Game of Thrones in and out, and can tell you the smallest of details about it. Meanwhile he has huge knowledge gaps in other areas. This astounds an Ne dominant, Tom Haverford, a lot of the time. It is because Si specializes in the knowledge they recall. 

As an ISJ he doesn’t find the outside world to be rational and sees it as ever changing (opposited of Te principles). Si focuses on personal priorities. These priorities are unconditional. For Ben those things include his hobbies, Leslie, and his work. This is why Ben Wyatt craves a sense of stability in his life. He wants to find a home with Leslie and chooses to stay in Pawnee rather quickly over continuing traveling moving from place to place. Leslie is a priority. This also is in his professional life. His integrity and fiscal responsibility are essential to him and therefore are an unconditional principle in his work style. He takes in ALL the information at hand with Si before making a decision or any changes, assuring his integrity and fiscal responsibility are not impeded on. 

Ben with dominant Si is more open to new ideas and change than his exterior impressions suggest. As long as you have a strong and logical argument for change in the work place or for something else, Ben will hear you out. However, he isn’t going to change course if you just “feel” something isn’t right. He needs to examine things from every angle. He pours over every document reading word by word. It is why when he missed the clause in the data collection agreement in the final season he was so upset with himself. Because he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t trust his Ne of getting the gist of a situation. This is also what makes Ben seem so stubborn to his coworkers. Once he has made a decision, it was made looking at every angle, and he will stick to his guns. 

Auxiliary Function, Extroverted Thinking [Te]: Ben enforces his Si with Te which is based in logical principles. This is how someone can appeal to change his mind. If you can argue with proven principles of how your idea will work because ti has worked before, then you have persuaded Ben Wyatt. This also makes him alert to logical management which is why no matter what he is doing if his job needs attention he will drop his personal life to fix an issue. Without getting paid Ben was more than excited to help Tom with his finances. He saw Tom’s need for his expertise and was willing to take time out of his day to help with Tom’s “logical management.”

The best example of see his Si-Te combo in action is his creation of Cones of Dunshire. The game is incredibly detailed and reflects his interests in board games (Si). He then constructs rules, objective rules in the game, that people must follow. It is a step-by-step styled game. It isn’t D and D style where it is open to interpretation, but has strict Te ways of playing.  

Tertiary Function, Introverted Feeling [Fi]: Ben has a healthy use of his tertiary Fi, which makes him an open minded character. Fi helps ISTJs see their individuality and that their experiences don’t reflect an objective form of experience for all. He sees his individuality and lets those around them live their lives as individuals. He doesn’t have to enforce his way of doing things on Ron or anyone else. He will help them with his Si-Te skills, but he doesn’t impose upon them his personal values and principles. Fi can help an ISTJ live and let live. 

Inferior Function, Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: This function in the inferior position makes it hard for Ben to accept changes easily. It is why Ben is so cautious with personalities like Tom, April, and Andy. They constantly spring changes on him that Ben feels compromise their integrity Their lifestyle when he moves in misses the bigger picture in Ben’s eyes. Their lifestyle ruins the structure of how living show be. He sees April and Andy lacking discipline, which to be fair they put their mail in the freezer. The point though is this living arrangement is an ISTJs worst nightmare. Ben doesn’t go through a function loop though and utilizes his secondary Te function. He helps bring order to April and Andy’s lives. He doesn’t take their lifestyle as a personal assault on his Si values, but sees objectively what is happening and is more than happy to help with his Te, just like he was more than happy to help Tom with his finances. April and Andy being Percievers needed the helping hand of a Judger in their lives.

ouran hs host club au
  • haruhi: joshua, a good christian boy who just wanted to be a good model student wait why is there such a flashy group of boys in this school and how did i get involved with them
  • tamaki: jeonghan aka the rose petals and sparkles in the background are 100% authentic
  • kyouya: woozi lbr without him how will the host club pay for their lavish lifestyle of ruining people's lives. thinks josh's jokes are lame but girls love it so he keeps him around as a host.
  • hikaru: mingyu because of pairing reasons.
  • kaoru: wonwoo. see above reasoning.
  • honey: dino. likes cute things but has mad dance skills that he doesn't think is cute
  • mori: dokyeom, who sings dino to sleep and customers pay to see this quality content
  • renge: boo "oh everyone is so handsome" seungkwan. ships all the ships
  • ranka: scoups because he is all for protecting his child from suspicious men. woozi and him keep in touch about how joshy is doing in school
  • lobelia academy students: hoshi, jun, the8 who try to dance their way to josh's heart. none of the host club is amused
  • that one boy who called them homosexuals: vernon, who shows off his rad rapping skills and steals away the customers of the host club

Wow, thank for the great response to the story folks! Sorry, I know I said chapter 2 would be up yesterday, but I got really busy trying to make chapter 3 to put on FFN. But here’s chapter 2 though! I think I can upload chapter 3 tomorrow and chapter 4, which will be on FFN sometime today, should be up on this site by Monday. After that, I need a few days off to do something for college.

Of course, if anyone doesn’t wanna wait, here’s the link for the story on FFN. Anyways, onto the next edition~!

Title: Twist of Fate Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 link)

Chapter Title: Just Fine

Fandom: Big Hero 6

Summary: Big Hero 6 AU. A small twist of fate can change quite a lot about a story. But, in the end, a brother still grieves. A story that looks to offer a different but familiar approach to the story if a certain something had happened differently.

Warnings: While not present in this chapter, movie spoilers will appear in later chapters.


It had been two months since Tomeo and Marie Hamada had been laid to rest. Two months since the orphaned Tadashi and Hiro Hamada started living with their Aunt Cass.

Several other members of the family, who weren’t as close to the boys, had tried to convince Aunt Cass not to take them in. That she had her hands busy with the café, that she never had her own kids, that she probably didn’t want to ruin her single lifestyle by suddenly taking in two growing boys.

RUIN?” she had repeated, fury evident in her tone, “I don’t care what any of you say, I know those boys best so I will be raising them, thank you very much!”

Two months passed since Aunt Cass had made that decision. And it had been a learning experience for all three of them. Tadashi learned that no, his mother hadn’t been exaggerating when she talked about her little sister’s stress eating habits. He ended up learning how to help out running a café too, even picking up a bit of baking. Though nothing he made ever did match Aunt Cass’ talents. He also learned that helping out with filling customers’ orders was an excellent memory exercise.

Hiro learned that Aunt Cass really wasn’t like his mother or father. She didn’t have toy robots in the closets, or boxes of parts tucked into the corners of rooms. She didn’t have any of those fun calculations for him to work on, or projects for him to build. But she did give some of the warmest hugs. And her spicy chicken wings were quickly becoming his favorite…Though Tadashi only ever allowed him to have one per meal, and even then his big brother said that Hiro really was way too young to have them yet.

Aunt Cass had to learn quite a bit, going from single lady to unexpected mother of two in a heartbeat. She learned Tadashi was a lot more mature than she remembered, always offering to lend a hand, not getting mad when she was running late or was too busy to take him to a place he wanted to go, doing his chores without being asked, taking charge in looking after Hiro. She learned Hiro absolutely needed something to do almost all the time or he’d get bored and cranky, leading to him getting into trouble. Tadashi was not a fan of green food…something involving an incident at the robotics lab with some dye and a sandwich. Hiro had a mild allergy to peanuts, which everyone found out the hard way. She learned that Tadashi took his time with his work, not necessarily because it was hard but rather because he would check over his work several times, occasionally adding things in and taking other stuff out. Hiro, whom she quickly learned to buy several books of equations and robotics kits for, would speed through all of them, usually only ever rechecking what he did for a second or two before moving on.

Tadashi and Hiro both loved robots, just like their parents before them. Both loved to invent, usually being found tinkering away on some new device in their room. Both had some messy hair, although Tadashi’s had some level of order and was usually hidden underneath a baseball cap while Hiro’s was an untamable, fluffy bird’s nest. Both were adorable sweethearts who were perfectly wonderful additions to the happy life Aunt Cass was already living.

There were ups and downs in those two months; a lot of trial and error as everyone got used to the new arrangement.

But within those two months, the pain of sudden loss was overwhelmed by the warmth of family.


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I really respect people who are vegan. But I can’t respect vegans who look down on me because I can’t do it and turn every conversation around to be about veganism and themselves and how horrible of a person I am. It’s exhausting