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Feysand Reunion

The first thing Feyre says to Rhys when they are alone during their reunion in ACOWAR (page 129) is if he wants to know about her time in the Spring Court. He immediately tells her that he’d rather be with her before they start discussing  that. He goes on to tell her how much he missed her, how much he loves her, that she is valuable. He is comforting her and reassuring her of how important she is to him.

In ACOMAF, the first time that she returned to the Spring Court, to Tamlin, from her first week with Rhys due to the bargain, she was interrogated about the Night Court. She was suffering from PTSD and depression, extremely conflicted on Rhys and his intentions, and all she really wanted in that moment was for Tamlin to hold her and comfort her. And instead he pushed her to reveal all the information that she had learned with Rhys.

And a little after this Rhys says, “By the time I got to the Spring Court, you’d vanished.” Meaning he went to the Spring Court to get his mate back, because he was terrified that something had happened to her. He went knowing it would jeopardize their plans to learn what Hybern was planning and gaining the upper-hand. He didn’t sit idly by while she was in danger. Rhys would never abandon Feyre, and damn whatever the cost for going to her would be.


sooner or later ill draw something serious abt them i promise


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