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"9" Fandom.

  • The first character I fell in love with: uhhhh hmm I don’t think a single character falls under this? I know 5 caught my eye first because his terra-cotta colored eye patch and single eye reminded me of a character of mine. After actually seeing material and then finally seeing the film I’d have to say my favorites became 1 and 6.
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: 6, the twins, Fabby. 
  • The character who I do not understand: I think every character had at least one trait that left me sitting there being unable to understand why they were acting like they were, but as far as fully not understanding a character there really isn’t one..?
  • The character that I think the show fandom ruined [I am replacing the word ‘show’ with ‘fandom’ because there never was a show and the only place to go for additional material was the fandom, as is the case with movie-based fandoms]: 6 and 1. I saw way too much of 6 being portrayed as this poor, tortured, possibly-schizophrenic character that got beat up on by 1 and 8 for no reason [or something stupid like ‘ur drawings are useless!’] and had to be ‘saved’ or something by a female OC that was also his love interest and becomes the one thing he ever thinks about and fawns over her all the time. And usually it’s 6 doing all the affectionate things and the OC being oblivious to most of it until 6 point-blank admits his love. That is not to say I am against pairings that involve OCs and 6. It’s just.. I saw enough of that and then some from so many places that I grew very tired of it. With 1, I saw way too much of him being portrayed as this evil tyrant that did bad things just because he was bad and deserved to be killed. Yes, 1 was not the best to be put in charge. He could’ve handled things better as far as taking care of the Clocktower residents. But he so clearly is not as 1-dimensional as I saw him made out to be.
  • The most attractive male and female character: nnone? I do really like their designs but I don’t know if I’d go as far as to call any of them attractive. 
  • The character death that was the worst for me: I was an idiot and watched all the leaked footage in clips and when I actually went to see the movie I’d already seen 99% of it, and as such nobody’s death came as a surprise to me or even affected me negatively. The whole thing with them not really being gone that they showed at the end just.. kind of furthered that mindset.
  • The character that is the most like me: I honestly don’t know. I’m like 6 in the way that most people online are like 6, as far as being a socially-awkward reclusive artist. I’m like 1 in that I am the oldest sibling and I am grumpy towards them and get mad at them easily and have problems when I feel like I’m right about something and they don’t agree. I’m like the twins in that I hoard objects and love reading up on things so that I can learn more about the world. 
  • The character that I just want to be happy: the Fabrication Machine. I know, it’s a little weird, but I just see Fabby as an abused child that got ripped away from its parental figure and forced into building weapons until it finally snapped and killed the people responsible for it all. 
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: it used to be 1, 6, and the twins, but over time I learned to like 9 and 7 more so they’re also on the favorite scale.
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: none? I literally don’t have any characters that I dislike.

5 days, 2,000+ notes, and 20 new followers later… How did this happen!? My gah people! Where did you all come from!? 

That said! I want to thank you all for liking and sharing my previous Padlock piece, and a big old “HELLO!” to all my new followers! You guys are awesome!

I had planned to post this at 1,500 notes, but I ended up missing that point since I was out all day. So, I ended up waiting for to 2,000 mark, which I think definitely calls for celebration! 

Don’t ask me what those two are discussing. Only nightmares would know such travesties they’re plotting…

Be sure to share the love with Aishaneko who designed these two’s human versions!

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I think that other than a lamp-like monster, you would be a deep-sea creature. The kind that look harmless and and really pretty but then like, dislocate their jaw and snap up their prey in their razor sharp teeth. (Please note this is not based on my take of your personality but the fact I know you love deep-sea creatures.) Personality-wise I think you'd be like a creature mixed with animal bones and books. All in a MirrorMask style. Like as a guardian of an ancient library or of the such.

The fact that you even mentioned Mirrormask makes me so happy, you have no idea. Bones and books yesss. And oh my god I would love to be a deep sea thing of some sort.

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● ✿゚ ✾ ❈ ▲

● - I admire you very much. / ✿゚ - I love you. / ✾ - Your tumblr is one of my favorites!

❈ - Last song you listened?

Already answered this, but it’s possible that before the song[s] I listed in the last post, I listened to the Pacific Rim theme.

▲ - Favorite Number?

6. Based solely on how in my mind it’s teal and I like teal.

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Connie Maheswaran, Lion, Mr. Fryman, and Sour Cream.

CONNIE MAHESWARAN - If you could enter a book world, which would it be?

Hmmmm… if it has to be a series/novel of some kind, maybe the Dragonriders of Pern? Because telepathic dragons and fire lizards. I’d also like to go to the fictional planet in Wayne Barlowe’s Expedition and see the alien life there.

LION - If you could store anything in your pockets with no space limit, what would you put in them?

Everything? Well, probably the entire contents of my room. That way I wouldn’t have to devote so much space to storage of things I’ve gathered up. That would also be really helpful as far as full sketchbook storage. Basically I’d use them like someone would use a rented storage shed.

MR. FRYMAN - What’s your favorite potato dish?

THIS ONE IS SO NOT FAIR BECAUSE I LOVE POTATOES. Mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, hash browns, potato chips, potato soup, potato skins, tater tots, etc. I guess the only potato thing that I tend not to like is potato salad.

SOUR CREAM - What’s your favorite type of music?

I like alternative rock, some types of electronic, soundtrack music, instrumental covers of songs that would otherwise have lyrics… those are all I can really think of off the top of my head.

"We Are All Roses" by RuinousTulips

“We are all roses. Each of us a beautiful blossom. We are all colorful, bright, and fragrant in mind. Some of us are plain, and some are two-tone, but we are beautiful all the same. For no matter what color, size, shape, or special names, we are still roses. 

   Despite our gentle appearances, we are much tougher than we look. We each have thorns to protect us. Each thorn sharp and strong like swords, keeping away all that threatens us. These thorns may make us hard to approach, but we are not impossible to reach. 

   We are individual blooms, but we are never alone. Our stems branch out to other roses, and reach as far as the roots, where our lives began. Our roots are like our history, without them, we wouldn’t have come to be who we are today.

  Eventually, our color fades, and our petals wilt. Some of us are cut down before out time, but we all will be remembered and admired for what we were in our lives. When the day comes to be our last, our petals will join the ground and become part of our roots, helping new roses to grow and bloom.

  We are all roses. It’s as simple as that.”


So, I am two days late, but here are my “Ruinous Mayhem” valentines!!!

Despite my tardiness, I am happy to have made these, it was a lot of fun, and it allowed me think about these characters personalities, colors, and their roles in my story.

Wish to know more about “Ruinous Mayhem”? Please check out my DeviantART Gallery. =^w^=