ruining my life one picture at a time

i’m so glad to see this actual tumblr comment adorning one of my favorite dunkirk posts because I TOO WANT STYLE’S [sic] CHARACTER TO DIE!!!! you’re clearly a serious brain person who has only important thoughts so it’s thrilling to know we could have literally anything in common :D now here are my main reasons why harry should die in dunkirk, please read this and get back to me with your manpproval asap

1) harry ruined my life starting in 2012 it’s time for payback

2) he looks so pretty when he suffers

3) if he dies he might cry first from the pain? C R Y I N G. harry crying!!!! it’s been too long. groaning would be good too.

4) let’s say he gets wounded, they might have to strip some clothes off for medical reasons before he dies. CLOTHES OFF HARRY STYLES.

5) he might die holding a picture of his sweetheart in his hand, like tracing the sweetheart’s face with one shaking finger, or like kissing the picture? super romantic???

6) if he’s dying tom hardy will realize it’s his last chance to tell harry how he truly feels and then harry will die in his arms with tom’s kiss trembling on his lips

7) if he dies maybe it will be because one of the other soldiers couldn’t get there in time, it could be tom hardy but honestly they all look cute, anyway this soldier could have a big dramatic scene where he’s like “i couldn’t save him….do you understand….i couldn’t save him…” he’s probably crying while he says this and his uniform is really dirty

8) heartbreaking scene where they go back to tell harry’s fiancée that he’s dead and it turns out she’s pregnant with his baby, then there’s a scene after the credits where harry comes back as a ghost and sings a lullaby to the baby from heaven

9) you know how a vampire can save someone from dying by biting them and turning them into a vampire? when harry drowns it could be like that but with mermaids

10) harry dies sort of but not really? bc he’s left for dead but then hydra finds him and turns him into a supersoldier sex assassin and he goes on a mission to kill all current and former members of one direction and they’re like “harry?” and he’s like “who the hell is harry” and then they kiss. all of them.

anyway i’m not like those other girls and this proves it

Once upon a time, Ravi was having the time of his life…

…until Jin came into the picture and ruin everything ^^

Struggle of an international kpop fan
  • Korean fans: *Same time zone. Never misses anything*
  • International fans: *Wakes up in the morning to see surprise Comback, New Mv*
  • Korean Fans: *can easily attend a Fansigh*
  • International fans: *watches with jealousy as they interact with fans*
  • Korean fans: *Can take a picture of them and Oppa*
  • International fans: *Glares while rubing computer screen* One day Oppa
  • Korean Fans: *breaths same air as oppa*
  • International fans: That's it I'm swimming to Korea.. Wait for me Oppa

For the first time ever, Tumblr told me my file size was too large. Does this mean I have officially used what is commonly considered a&nbsp"large canvas" size? I guess so. All I know is that it’s a bitch to work with something too large on this laptop and I had to scale it in half to upload to Tumblr..

CORAZON HAS RUINED MY LIFE. HOW DARE HE. I did not expect to get this obsessed with a One Piece character. where the hell did he come from. Haahaha this picture hurts..

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“In a stitch like this, you gotta think/And I don’t think you think about the way he thinks.” - What Is Love? nevershoutnever

my take on @horatiosroom ‘s MySpace AU- especially that ONE PICTURE that’s completely ruined my life. (thanks! <3)

there are some things that are erroneous about Hux in this now that we’ve gotten an update on his family life, but, hey, i’m here for fancypants Hux b/c rich kid w/ absent parents means lots of money & time to do WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH w/out consequences. basically it made my life easier.

also i’m pretty sure this just loses all momentum at the end but maybe it’s….sweet? i dunno. i’ve been working on and off on this for like 2 weeks & i just wanted to be done. it was like when you knead certain doughs? it was just getting stiffer & tougher to work with the longer i kept messing with it… hope you like it!

undercut for length (it’s like 1.3k words), dubcon, underage, gore, & Hux being Hux. i decided not to write full-out sex (my grey ass just was out of energy to write s e x of all things) but it’s definitely discussed…

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  • Robert: Zero points for imagination I'm afraid. I'm not gonna say it's the first place I looked.
  • Liv: Where's Aaron?
  • Robert: If you're bothered, why don't you call him? Or you just too busy plotting new ways to ruin my life?
  • Liv: Leave me alone.
  • Robert: It's tempting, believe me.
  • (picks up a picture)
  • Liv: Give it back! I should burn 'em all, to be honest.
  • (text message alert)
  • Why can't everyone just leave me alone?
  • Robert: What did it say this time?
  • Liv: Does it matter?
  • Robert: Well, it shouldn't, but it clearly does. Bullies are good at that, homing in on your insecurities. The truth is they're the most insecure ones.
  • Liv: Right, thanks for the chat.
  • Robert: I should know. I was a bully. You could try looking a little more surprised.
  • Liv: I did try and stop him, you know. Ryan. It was just too late. Do you think you could go to prison for it?
  • Robert: I dunno. Maybe. The truth is, I'll had it coming. I guess you could call it karma. I've done my fair share of bad stuff over the years, believe me.
  • Liv: I'm sorry.
  • Robert: Yeah, me, too. Come on, let's get out of here.
  • Liv: Don't tell me what to do.
  • Robert: You know, you could try being a little less annoying.
  • Liv: Right back at you.
a story of feels and friendship, as told in RDJ photos

1) “I have a lot of feels today”

Friend sends me this:

2) “That isn’t helping”

Friend responds:

3) “I don’t care how much you zoom in; it still isn’t pretty enough to counter these feels”

Friend sends back:

4) “Ahhh give it up, you’re just making my feels worse.”

Friend’s last attempt:

EDIT: she won’t stop sending these