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Sciles AU: Surfer!Scott + Mer!Stiles 

“So you’re taking this surprisingly well.”

“Do you want me to freak out?” 

“No, but it would be understandable, Scotty. I don’t know who you’ve been dating, but for most people, it’s not everyday your boyfriend tells you that he’s not freakin’ human, you know.” 

“I always knew you were special,” shrugs Scott with an endearingly lopsided smile. He bobs in the water, a soft wave rolling fresh water over the board tucked under one arm. “I just didn’t realize that entailed an actual fish tail. Plus, my last girlfriend was a kitsune, so…” 

“What?” Stiles’ tail swishes excitedly in the water, scales glimmering. “Dude, that’s awesome! I’ve read about them, but I wasn’t sure if they were real. I can’t believe you’ve never told me this before.” 

“Sorry for not telling my boyfriend-who-I-thought-was-human about my Japanese-fox-spirit-ex-girlfriend and sounding like a crazy person?” Scott hauls himself up to straddle the board, and Stiles moves to rest his upper body on the smooth surface beside Scott’s thigh. The sun weakly spills over the cool, morning clouds to drape Scott’s shoulders with thin warmth he can barely feel through his wetsuit.

“Good, you should be,” grins Stiles, affectionately nudging Scott’s side with his shoulder. 

Scott admires the gleam of Stiles’ slick hair, the familiar warmth in his eyes, the ripple of lean muscles as he leans into Scott. Scott can’t help bending down to press their lips together in a kiss that tastes of sea salt and crisp air. 

“Not that I don’t love kissing you,” Stiles mumbles against Scott’s lips, “but this angle is kind of killing my neck—oh!” 

Stiles grips Scott’s arms with a surprised yelp as his boyfriend grasps him by the waist to hoist him out of the water. Stiles plops down on the wobbling board, tail dangling in the water. He clings to Scott, who laughs and obligingly holds Stiles close while the board evens itself out. Even with Stiles’ flashy red scales, they’re far enough out that Scott isn’t worried about anyone seeing them. 

Scott cups Stiles’ cheek and rubs their noses together because he’s smiling too much to kiss properly. “Better?” His thumb brushes comforting circles where Stiles’ skin seamlessly slides into glossy scales. 

“Everything’s better with you,” Stiles agrees, wrapping his arms around Scott’s neck. “Although I still can’t believe you don’t like sushi. That will forever be a bone in contention marring our otherwise perfect relationship.” 

Scott makes a face. “You try eating a mouthful of wasabi sometime, and tell me how it is.” 

“It was one bad experience!” Stiles exclaims, throwing his hands in the air and nearly toppling into the water. “Don’t let that ruin all sushi for you. You haven’t even tried the good stuff yet; sashimi is a life-changer, dude. Like a fishy orgasm in your mouth, but ten times better than that description made it sound, I swear.” 

Scott stifles a fond giggle against Stiles’ neck and doesn’t even mind that it smells like tuna. 

Secrets (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: Can you do an imagine where Liam and the reader are both at sinema and they like secretly love each other and the dread doctors attack and Liam saves the reader and confesses his feelings? Thanks

A/n: sorry for not posting for like 4-5 days. I was hanging out with two friends of mine that i haven’t seen in a while so i didn’t have time to write anything and i was on a mini vacation, sadly that’s over :( But i hope you enjoy it x

P.s there’s alot of request that are the same as old ones that i wrote. For example this imagine is almost the same as this one

Every human being have their secrets, most people would never know them, but they know there are spaces, gaps where the answers should be, where someone should have sat, where someone used to be. We all have our secrets. And i also have one. But this was something i would keep hidden within myself, somewhere deep inside of me where no one can find out.

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He Fakes an Orgasm Part 2

So I was gonna post this earlier but I fell asleep lol Anyway, here’s part two, enjoy! (:

Part One

You wake to the sound of knocking at the door, you don’t move though knowing it’s one of the boys and hoping they’ll just go away or that Luke gets it. He does, the bed shifting and Luke getting up with an annoyed huff. You hear a bit of commotion, Luke muttering a quiet fuck and you have to stop yourself from giggling, knowing he’d probably tripped trying to get his boxers on. When you hear the door unhinge you grab for Luke’s pillow, cuddling into it while he’s gone.

“What do you want?” you hear him grumble sleepily. They quickly put the pieces together and start teasing him, Ashton’s giggles making you want to giggle yourself. “Shut up, you’re going to wake her,” Luke groans. “So? How was it?” Calum asks and there’s an unsettling pause before Luke speaks again where you hold your breath. “It was good..” You sigh, smiling to yourself and snuggling back into his pillow of course it was good.

"Except..” he sighs and your eyes quickly dart open, eyebrows knitting together. Except? Except what? You begin to worry, frozen with all the possibilities. “I may have.. had to I don’t know, uh, fake it,” guilt dripping in his words. “Wait… fake what?” Michael asks hesitantly. “Fake it,” Luke emphasizes and your head goes dizzy with realization of the situation.

You sit up then, pulse racing and heart aching. “Luke?” you barely squeak out. His eyes go wide and his whole body tenses. Your eyes immediately start to water as everything hits you all at once. He’s quick to shut the door with a, “Shit.” You get out of bed with the sheet wrapped around you as you begin searching for your clothes. “What are you doing? Why are you grabbing your clothes?” Luke begins to panic.

"You faked it?!” you wipe at the tears blurring your vision. “No, no, no, it sounds bad but I swear if you just let me-” “What could you possibly say that’s going to make it sound any better Luke? That was my first time, i’m never going to get that back and my boyfriend faked it?” you cry, throwing your shirt on. “Please don’t cry, i’m sorry, I just-” “Don’t cry? My boyfriend just told his friend’s that I have to be around that he had to fake liking sex with me.”

"That’s not what I said, if you just stopped for a second-” Luke grabs for your hand that you quickly moved away, walking past him to the door. “It was my first time,” you croak at the doorway in amazement that you’re first time, the magical first time that people always talk about, with your perfect boyfriend, had been nothing but a lie.


Your not sure where you’re going but you’re going, feet carrying you along the pavement. This would be a lot easier if you weren’t in a completely new city that you knew nothing about but also kind of liked that. Liked being lost in it while you cleared your head. The more you thought about it the more certain you were about you decision to just go home instead of staying the extra 3 days you had planned, figuring some time apart would do you some good.

But before you can go or even begin to follow out on your plan you have to go to their show, that’s something you’d never ditch no matter how hurt or angry you were.

The thing is, you don’t get to the arena until the shows already started. This wouldn’t be so much a problem if you and Luke didn’t have pre-show rituals of your own. You’re not sure when or how exactly they started, it’s just always something you two have done. The first is always cuddles. There’s usually a couch backstage where you’ll sit with Luke’s lanky body sprawled across your lap as you play with his blond locks because he says it clams his nerves.

There’s also another thing you two do before a show and this ones a lot more important. We’re talking, waking up at all times of night just to make sure you can call or text him really quick to deliver it, important. His ‘good luck kiss’ he swears he can’t play without. You’re not sure whether or not his theory is valid because you’ve never missed one but it’s put to the test tonight.

You watch with one eye as Luke messes up more than once, even slipping and falling over which 1. Your sure it’s all in his head and 2. It’s not your fault it’s raining out.


When you get back to the hotel Luke’s already there, sitting on the edge of the bed with his phone in hand. “Hey,” your voice soft and quiet as you shut the door behind you. He looks up at you, features oozing with anger. “Hey?” he huffs. You give a sheepish shrug. “You’ve been gone all day in a city none of us know anything about with not so much as a hey i’m alive and you’re just going to say hey?” He’s worried. He’s always cute when he worries, you can’t help but think.

"Hey.. i’m alive,” you chuckle mainly because you’ve spent your day crying rather than eating or drinking anything all day and your feeling a bit delirious with the exhaustion of it all. “Are you seriously joking right now?! I’ve been loosing my mind trying to find you so much so, I couldn’t even think straight enough to sing songs I sing every day,” he stands as you flop down on the hotel bed.

You’re tired. Tired of crying. Tired of being upset. Tired of it all and you know Luke’s not doing much better. So, putting your own worries and feelings aside you look over at Luke, “I know, I was watching.” Luke seems to soften at that with a sigh. “Saw you fall on your bum,” you giggle and he rolls his eyes, plopping down next to you.

“Are we going to talk about earlier now?” he turns his head to look at you. “No,” you groan, closing your eyes. “It wasn’t you,” he says softly after a minute of silence. “Okay,” you hum sarcastically. “It wasn’t.” You can hear the pout in his voice. “Right, whose fault was it then?” you open your eyes and deadpan. “Mine,” he replies firmly. You roll your eyes before shutting them again.

“I’m serious,” he frowns. “Just leave it Luke,” you say mainly because you’ve just gotten over crying about it and your not even sure there’s any tears left. “No, I wanked in the shower before okay,” he grumbles miserably like it took everything in him to admit that. “What?” you peek a questioning eye at him. “You just, you wanted to and I didn’t want to tell you no even if I did try,” he points out briefly. “And I wanted it to be good for you, you get me off plenty of times babe trust me, even when you’re not here,” he grins. “Perv,” you make a face and giggle.

He laughs with rosy cheeks as he reaches for you hand, lacing your fingers with his. You’re almost content with leaving it but you frown remembering why any of this happened in the first place, “You said our sex life was boring.” “I also fell on my ass today, your boyfriends kind of an idiot,” he mutters, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “Yeah but I guess I love him,” you tease running your fingers through his messy hair.

"I’m sorry I ruined your first time,” he whispers, pulling back, blue eyes full of regret. “You didn’t.” “But I did, you only get one first time and I didn’t want yours to go that way,” he continues beating himself up about it, nuzzling back into the safety of your neck. “Luke,” you give a small giggle. “You may have faked it, but I didn’t,” your cheeks warming with a blush as you sneak a peck to his cheek.

"Besides, now you have to make it up to me,” you say cheekily.

Niall/Harry | 1.2k | Niall goes to LA after Augusta. (I sort of see this as happening in the same verse as this but they don’t need to be read together.)

“Look who finally decided to show up!” Harry says as soon as the door swings open. He should’ve phoned first, made sure he was home – it’s early Monday morning but Niall knows Harry’s constantly busy so he could be anywhere really. He’d left Mark at the hotel, dropped his bags into his room and paced for twenty minutes before hunting through his old emails for Harry’s address. It’s nearly light outside but he had to at least try.

“Tournament only finished last night.” Niall reminds him, even though he shouldn’t have to. They hadn’t made plans to meet when Niall had got to LA – the never do. Or Niall’s never in LA, he isn’t sure which one feels more right.

He hasn’t slept yet and he’s starting to feel it the longer he hovers in Harry’s doorstep, grit behind his eyelids every time he blinks. Harry raises his eyebrow and turns on his heel, leaving the door open for Niall to follow him over the threshold.

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