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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested by: @maggie-starz

Warnings: nsfw, swearing, sergeant kink

“Princesa,“ you heard your boyfriend Bucky Barnes growl from behind you, “that dress looks absolutely ravishing.” 

Currently the both of you were getting ready for Steve and Sharon’s wedding, as he was one of Steve’s best men as you were one of Sharon’s bridesmaids.
The 1-shoulder burgundy dress you wore fit snug across every curve of your body, leaving Bucky wanting more.

“Just ten minutes darling,” Bucky cooed and you shook your head, “they’ll never know I’ll tell them you couldn’t find one of your earrings.” 

“No Buck,” you smiled softly and planted a soft kiss on his lips before turning away, “I’m sure you can handle a few more hours. His response was a simple small huff and he followed you suit out of your shared living quarters of the Compound.

The scenery of the wedding was marvelous, wondering how Steve managed to turn the conference center into a wedding recital area, lights strung in every corner, flowers everywhere, tables, and whatnot.

Bucky found it hard to keep his eyes off you during the ceremony, his fingers itching to grab your sides and ruin you entirely. On small occasions you captured Bucky’s eyesight from across the steps while the bride and groom recited their vows, his darkened stormy blue eyes raging as his hunger for you only grew stronger. 

You could almost feel the tension radiating off of him, knowing the plates in his metal arm was continually shifting and moving as he gripped his other hand nearly had you clenching your thighs for friction. 

He only looked away when Steve and Sharon exchanged the kiss that Bucky himself had been dying for.

The night couldn’t seem to pass any slower for poor Bucky, the tension never leaving him especially as he watched you dance the night away with the other bridesmaids.

As people filed out through the doors, Bucky found himself walking up behind your dancing self, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you flush against him.

“Draga mea,” Bucky whispered in your ear, “let’s leave.”

You could feel his eagerness against your lower back and you nodded, him keep his metal arm around your waist as he nearly dragged the two of you out of the ending ceremony. 

Bucky threw you over his shoulder once the two of you were out of anyone else’s vision, carrying you to your sleeping quarters. 

“Lubirea mea,” Bucky growled after placing you down on your shared bed, “that dress is gorgeous but it has to go.”

You whimpered softly as his soft lips trailed across your collarbone as he unzipped your dress, pulling it off of you to reveal matching burgundy undergarments that made his mouth nearly water.

“Bucky please,” you pleated almost pathetically for any kind of touch from the super soldier above you, “touch me.”

He undid your bra and immediately attached his chapped lips to one of your pink buds, a small moan leaving your throat as he trailed down your body, leaving kisses everywhere he could.

He looked up into your eyes for permission as he peppered kisses along the insides of your thighs, your head nodding and his metal fingers wrapped around your panties and tearing them as easy as ripping paper.

Bucky’s lips immediately attached to your clit working furiously on the small nub, his tongue flickering and massaging everywhere it could reach.
“Oh Sergeant,” you cried out, “fuck me please I can’t wait.” 

He smirked against your skin before pulling away and leaving you with an empty feeling, your core pulsing as you watched his muscles ripple as he nearly tore his clothes off.

Bucky didn’t even waste time looking for a condom as he looked into your eyes for permission once more before pushing all the way in. 

Now Bucky wasn’t the kind of man who was vocal when committing such sins before he met you, but now he always found himself letting out soft grunts and moans as he pounded himself into any hole you let him. 

He slowly moved in and out of you as you hooked your legs around his hips to pull him impossibly closer. Soon he found himself with his metal hand wrapped around your throat and his flesh hand holding your hips in the air for a new angle.

Your nails found themselves trailing down his sweaty skin, digging into his shoulders and upper back as he rammed you into oblivion. 

With the new angle it allowed him to pound into you g-spot, the both of you throwing your heads back as he rutted into you at an almost animalistic pace.
You screamed his name as you came around him and he tried to milk you of your orgasm as much as he could, still pounding into you as he chased his own feeling your muscles clamp around him deliciously, slowing his hips down. 

You could feel his back tense as he coated your walls with his hot cum and he remained in you as he bent himself over you as he tried to catch his breath.
When he did, the soldier got up and grabbed a damp cloth from the bathroom, coming back and cleaning you up as he admired your after-glow, your skin radiating like a goddess.

“You’re so gorgeous draga mea,” Bucky tenderly kissed your stomach, “te iubesc”

You smiled softly as he discarded the rag and coming back into bed with you, pulling you against him as he nuzzled his face into your neck, his soft breathing lulling the both of you to sleep.

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Who Could Be Scared of a Little Rain?

Band Member: Luke

Type: Relationship AU.

Description: Luke was your summer romance and that’s all you ever thought he would be, but maybe love wasn’t done with you yet.

He’d dreamt about you again.

You were leading him to the beach, your hair blowing behind you in the breeze like a bridal veil. He’d have married you right then and there last summer, he was that enchanted by you. Your smile as you looked back at him felt almost like it was happening, like it was all real again but Luke knew it was a dream. That was all he had left of you anymore. You’d slipped through his fingers when summer came to an end. He didn’t want to believe you were gone but you had kissed him for the final time and Luke could still taste you on his lips. He ran his hands through his hair, his teeth tugged at his lip ring. You haunted him like a rain cloud that followed over his head.

You had said you were a hurricane, and he’d asked who could be scared of a little rain.

At the start of July, you’d sworn to yourself that you were done with love. Your now-ex had already announced their intention to have a wild raging summer before university started up in the autumn. You’d been devastated but then you realised that gave you an entire summer to meet new friends before you headed off to start your degree.

Yet here you were, Luke’s arm draped around your shoulders as he drove and smiling at how he bobbed his head to the music. Luke hadn’t been a conscious decision, you’d just fallen into this romantic thing you had. You knew it was never going to work out but that was part of the appeal. That’s what made it so easy to fall so hopelessly in love with his smile, his eyes, his laugh. He was somebody so different. But looking back, even if you knew how it was going to end, you’d have done it a thousand times over and never change a thing.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked you, his eyes hidden by the sunglasses you usually stole from him.

You shrugged, stretching your arm out of the window to feel the breeze against your skin. You were thinking about a thousand possibilities but none of them mattered because you were here with Luke.

“How impossible this whole thing is,” you said with a laugh. “I’m here with the Luke Hemmings and he’s driving my car. That’s a miracle in itself.”

Luke chuckled and pressed a quick kiss against your temple. “You’re funny, shortcake.”

You lapsed into silence until you nudged his leg. “You’re supposed to say what you’re thinking.”

He shook his head lightly but the smirk on his face said it was something you wanted to hear.

“I’m wondering how I got the prettiest girl on the beach that day,” he told you as he took the turning for your house. “And how the hell I’m going to keep her interested in me.”

You rolled your eyes at Luke, he was always sure you were going to disappear. But oh how right he was.

You heard his name on the radio again today. You wanted to turn it off and act like his name no longer made your heart skip a beat. You knew it was your own fault, you’d been the one to walk away but that didn’t change how you felt about him. Your friends kept asking about your mysterious summer romance but you’d laugh it off and change the topic because even thinking about him hurt these days.

The voicemails he sent built up until you had to listen to them just to delete how desperate he sounded. You’d always pour a large glass of something alcoholic and drink every time you wanted to cry at his pleading. The way he looked at you that night was all you saw as the tears streaked down your cheeks. Those baby blues that still haunted you at night. The memory of his husky laugh and his cold hand mapping out constellations on your back as you drifted off to sleep wouldn’t leave you alone. He was the wave that drowned you after numerous drinks and you’d start humming the song Luke had said belonged to you. So in the mornings you were still left picking shards of him out of your skin because you’d heard his voice.

Hey… it’s me again, I just wanted to know if you’re okay.

What happened to us? We were so good together.

I know you’re never going to pick up but just know I still love you.

Hearing him again always brought you to your knees. You’d always hate yourself even more afterwards. Yet you’d made your bed and you had to deal with the fact you would never be part of his life, not in the way he wanted you to be. You were a force of nature. Walking out of people’s lives before they hurt you, it was what you did. And Luke had been your biggest risk yet.

You had said you were a hurricane, and he’d asked who could be scared of a little rain.

The night you’d told him had been perfect. You’d walked down the beach and he’d given you a piggy back as he threatened to throw you into the shallows. You almost left without telling him. Almost. You took his face in your hands, reaching up on your tiptoe just so you could savour the moment before it all came crashing down.

“Luke, I move back home tomorrow, I have university—”

“We can make this work, I promise,” he said before you finished. “I know we can.”

You shook your head lightly and dropped your hands to his chest.

“I don’t belong in your world, Luke. You’re a successful guitarist and singer in a band I listen to, I’m a student who hasn’t achieved anything that remarkable.”

Luke’s eyes widened as he realised what was happening. “No – no – you’re perfect for me, okay? I don’t care if you’re not famous. You’re good for me.”

“Yeah, your fans won’t see it like that,” you sighed. “I’m not strong enough to get the hate or to have photographers sat outside of my door waiting for an exclusive.

“I’d protect you, I swear.”

You smiled at him. “I know. But we’re too different, Luke. This summer has been the best of my life but I guess all good things come to an end, right?”

“I don’t – I can’t watch you leave,” he stuttered. “You can’t change my life then walk away.”

He was so unlike his usual calm self. The panic across his face was so clear, it hurt you to see him like this and you knew you could stop it.

“I told you before this became whatever it is,” you said as you traced the print on his t-shirt. “I told you I run away because I know I’ll get hurt and how can I not? You’ll be halfway around the world for almost half a year, Luke. You won’t hurt me but the distance might, how are we both supposed to stay sane if we’re this wrapped up in each other?”

“You can’t leave me like this,” he protested sadly.

“I don’t want to,” you mumbled. “Believe me, I don’t.”

You pressed your lips softly to his before you stepped back. He moved to follow you but you shook your head.

“It’s better if you let me go, Luke,” you told him as your voice began to crack. “I’m sorry.”

Your friend had been hyped up about something on the lead up to your birthday. She’d got you to book time off and told you to pack a suitcase. You’d done what she’d told you, you weren’t really in the mood for arguing. But when she’d stood in front of the arena and you started to see their logo everywhere, you felt sick.

“Your favourite band!” she cheered. “I know how much you wanted to see them live and it’s the first show of the tour!”

You tried to force a smile as you realised you were in the sound check. You hoped there would be a sea of faces for you to hide in, you knew just seeing Luke would ruin you. All the time you’d spent trying to forget that summer would’ve been wasted. But part of you wanted to see him again, even if it was just to prove to yourself that you were right because so far, you hadn’t been. You’d just been miserable, you had hurt yourself more than Luke ever would have.

So you sat there, nervously waiting to see if he noticed you. You didn’t know which you wanted more. Your friend chatted away about how she’d had to stay awake to get you the tickets and how she’d had this planned since last summer. You wanted to laugh like it was one big joke the universe had decided to play on you.

They walked onto the stage with a roar of applause and screams, you felt your heart begin to race when you saw him under the lights. He still looked the same and that made it harder. The flashes of the last moments on the beach made you feel even sicker than before.

“Are you okay?” she asked you quietly once she’d seen your expression.

“Just the shock of seeing them in person,” you muttered back.

She grinned at you and looked back at them. Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd and they fell upon your face quite clearly. He looked like he’d seen a ghost. He leant over to Calum and muttered something, pointing in your general direction. Had he told them about the girl who had broken his heart over a summer? You tried to tell yourself you were okay, you’d chosen to finish it all so you had no reason to feel like this towards Luke. The questions blurred into one another, you tried to listen but all you could think about was walking outside and being able to breathe again.

“What did you guys do this summer?” one fan asked.

Summer. You watched the colour drain from Luke’s face and prayed he wouldn’t announce to the world that what he did that summer was sat right in the audience. You almost laughed at your own thoughts but it was true, you didn’t want everybody to stare at you like you were insane for walking away from Luke because you already knew you were.

You stared at Luke, waiting for his answer. That was the only one that mattered.

“I spent my summer with this amazing girl that kept telling me she was a hurricane. I thought she was being all deep and shit but she was. She turned my life upside down and then left without a trace. I miss her.”

The shouts of comfort began to hurt your head, making it feel like it was swimming in a world where you were the villain. You muttered something about needing to head to the toilets and got up before your friend could ask what was wrong. You walked out of the back of the crowd, not turning back to see if she was chasing you.

Luke stood up, realising that his final chance to speak to you again was slipping out of his fingers.

“Not this time,” he mumbled to himself.

He told the others to cover as he sprinted off stage, hoping that you’d just want to go outside for air. He’d dreamt of this moment, finally seeing you again and forgetting about the hurt. He started running down the corridors, by security guards who threw him dodgy looks but let him go anyway when he told them it was okay. He pushed open the main doors and immediately saw you sat on the wall, your legs dangling over as you told your mum about how bad today was going. She’d been the only one who had known about Luke after she’d found you crying while listening to his voicemails. She was cooing you when you felt somebody sit by you. You glanced over and saw Luke staring out over the city while he waited for you to finish.

“Mum – I’ll call you back,” you said slowly. “Luke is actually sat next to me right now.”

“Are you okay?” she asked.

You looked at him again and sighed. “Yeah, I think this has to happen. I’ll call you later after the show.”

You ended the call and looked back out across the skyline.

“You haven’t answered any of my calls,” Luke said.

“I thought it’d be easier that way,” you admitted.

“It wasn’t,” he told you. “I didn’t know what I’d done to make you leave after that summer we had.”

Your fingers tangled themselves together as you tried to find a way to say you’d been wrong. Luke pointed to a tall building in the fading light.

“That’s our hotel,” he said mindlessly. “Cal has already broken the curtains and Mikey has ordered way too much food. It’s a mess and it’s only our first show. Imagine how the rest is going to go if this is how it started—”


He looked at you like it was the first time he’d ever heard his name uttered from your lips. His eyes were exactly how you had remembered them.

“I fucked up when I left you,” you confessed. “I placed too much value in not getting hurt but really all I did was wreck myself more than you ever could have done. I’m sorry.”

“That’s what love is, isn’t it? It’s getting hurt but there are good things too,” he said quietly. “But what about the rest of it? The fans, the tours, everything.”

“I guess I needed a reason to feel less crazy for leaving. I really did love you.”

“You did?” he asked.

You nodded but dropped your eyes to the floor. He moved closer when he noticed you shivering from the cooler breeze.

“What about now? Do you still love me?”

His breath was soft against your ear. It made you feel warm again but you couldn’t help but wonder if he was asking because he’d managed to forget you. He’d said he missed you, that wasn’t the same as being in love with you still.

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “Yeah, I do.”

A smile spread across his face as his arm wrapped around your waist. He looked relieved like he’d been waiting to hear it for a long time. You frowned at him but he shook his head.

“You warned me it’d be hard,” he said with a light shrug. “But I know you’ll be worth it. Just promise me you won’t disappear again?”

You nodded slowly. “I promise.”

“Then I guess I can kiss you and play a show without feeling like shit.”

You laughed and rested your head against his shoulder until he lifted your chin up so he could kiss you. You felt like you had on the beach, breathless and amazed that you were here with Luke Hemmings again.

“Uh – Luke, we – urm – have to do the sound check,” Michael said as he tried not to sound embarrassed.

Luke looked at you and sighed. “If I go do this sound check, will you still be here?”

You rolled your eyes, knowing this would be his new thing.


“Maybe this hurricane found a home,” he said with a smile.

“I hope so,” you replied as he helped you back over the wall and led you inside.

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Why. (Michael Clifford One Shot)

I dedicate this to the lovely Aleks  and her amazing Michael playlists . Hope you enjoy xx

“Hey” Michael looked down at his feet, not able to look up. “I brought you flowers” He sat down on the ground, leaning against a tree. Michael did not dare to look in her direction or even near, his focus stayed on the ground beneath him. “I.. I prepared this whole speech” He stuttered trying to sound strong and confident. “Or at least I tried but it got messed up” he let out a nervous laugh before he continued. “I just want you to hear me out yeah.” Michael ruffled his hair like he always did. His newly dyed hair, he dyed it back to dark brown for her. She never said it but he knew that it was her favourite colour on him. The flowers he had brought were also her favourites, again she did not mention this but he knew. When she had the opportunity she bought them, smelled them and smiled. Michael loved that smile so much, it was a soft smile of happiness. It appeared whenever she got reminded at how content she was with her life. How everything went so well.

At least that was what Michael thought and after what happened he kept wondering how he could have been so fooled. Or was the smile real in those moments. Just like the touches, kisses and the “i love you’s”. Michael did not know and he was hesitant to find out. Because he did not know if he really wanted to know. Because maybe it might ruin the thoughts he still had left of her.

“I miss you” Michael chocked out and immediately he wanted to hit himself in the face. But he continued. “The boys all tell me that it will get easier if I go out and try to live again but it is so hard because everywhere I go, I see you. And it hurts. The memories hurt, but I love them so much because that is all I have left of you.” Michael covered his mouth with his hand to provide him from breaking down. He took a deep breath and continued.

Words came out his mouth like a fast train, there was no stopping and whilst he told all of this he felt so stupid. He felt stupid because he felt weak and Michael hated feeling weak. Michael hated showing emotions, Michael hated sharing thoughts that only were meant for him and his stupid mind. He felt stupid for ever loving her. Because she made him this way, but he could never hate her, not in a million years because he will always love her.

“I wish I could wake up with amnesia sometimes” Michael let out a watery chuckle at his own song reference. “But then I realise that it would take all of the memories away and I do not want that. You were, are the first girl that ever made me nervous because you were new and exciting and so out of my league.” Michael thought back at all the memories of her and could not help but smile. She made his life an adventure of their own in the certain time they had and he was thankful for that.

Michael was thankful for all the moments he got to spend with her and thankful for all the little adventures that they had. Michael was especially thankful because she showed him her world and he showed her his and she did not back out. It somehow came all together and it felt right.

But Michael hated her for not telling, for not warning him but now after four months he understood. Whilst he confessed everything to her right here and regretted every “i love you” and kiss he held back, he sometimes felt like he had failed making her feel loved. He understood why she did not tell him. Because if she did he would have backed out, he would not have done the things with he would have done with her and she did not want to be treated differently. She wanted to live. In the back of his mind Michael always knew. He always knew that this was happening but he just pushed it away because she never actually told him.

“I get it now, I understand it.” He spoke out after a long breath. “I understand why you said ‘Thank you for for filling my dreams. I love you.’ I understand it all now and I love you too and I am glad that you gave me the opportunity to make your wishes come true. I came here angry, frustrated and broken. You always told me I was smarter than I thought and now after all of this rambling I understand. Thank you.” Michael smiled weakly and stood up. “I am not ready to let you fully go yet and I think I will never be. You will be the main source for my songs and you know that. I fucking love you and always will even after 40 years. Even if I am married. I will always love you and never ever forget you. Thank you.” Michael sighed and wiped his tears away. “Thank you for being the way you are.. were” he corrected himself. “You truly inspire me and will do every day. I love you so freaking much.” Michael promised himself that it was okay to show emotions. And from now on he would do things knowing that she would be proud of him standing by his side.

Michael stood up and looked down, he fumbled with his clothing. He had put on her favourite outfit on him and he smiled knowing that he was better than before because he understood. Michael laid down the flowers on her grave like he did every two weeks, kissed the gravestone, let out a couple of “I love you’s” before leaving and this time feeling better. Better because he understood and he knew what to do next and how to handle all of this pain slightly better.

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You're My Mission (1/2)

Co-written with thexlostxgirlx

Summary: John Smith, better known as the Doctor, was given a mission: assassinate the Vitex Heiress, Rose Tyler, in order to take revenge on her father who was responsible for the destruction of London. [Nine/Rose AU]

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3811

Note: This project grew out of a prompt that thexlostxgirlx recieved (x). I then wrote a part two to it which shares the title of this fic (x). Then Sam and I decided to join forces and write the fic that is now in front of you based on our ideas. Knowledge of those is not necessary for this fic, they were simply inspiration. There’s also a graphic in the mix made by Sam.

It was the job of a lifetime.

That was all John Smith could think when he was handed the photo of his target. Rose Tyler. Daughter of Pete Tyler, head of the Vitex dynasty – the business that had nearly destroyed London. Even now, nearly ten years later, the city was still in ruins, parts of it uninhabitable.

Of course, those who had been lucky enough to benefit from it all were living in the lap of luxury, without a care in the world. For them, life was good.

John Smith was not part of that group.

He pocketed the picture with a grim smile. It would be his pleasure to take out the only heir to the Vitex fortune.

The next few weeks were spent casing his target, following her everywhere she went, getting to know her routine. For the most part she seemed every bit the spoiled brat she must have been. Shopping with her mother every other day, attending lavish parties thrown by government officials and the other people fortunate enough to still have money in this day and age. And of course she had a bodyguard with her at all times. It made getting a clean shot incredibly difficult. She was never alone.

But John needed to get the job over with eventually. His employers were starting to get impatient.

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bezoardic :

wave rider/coping mechanic

because you hold cosmic summaries beneath your sternum - in ground swell through tilt and flux and there are seagulls stretching a gilded tarpaulin in the fluency of each wingspan of your shoulder-blades. you are twisting mercury shapes, airborne above a blue note, hands of sandalwood smoke - firewater sinuous across pooled distances. a slight nick  of a single synapse freighted in your celestial filigree will bleed the depth of Nile - you whittle the weather into tufts of aquamarine fog - the snow unfolding its tapestry across the pyramids of Egypt has slightly less sparkle that the rivel on your knuckle clocking tiday fury. the sate of rain has borrowed its sheen from the specks in your irises that plume in a tango of peacocks before monsoon. 

stray dog/ghost farmer

redder than the wheelbarrow or the full-blooded, half-ignited arbor of newly knighted sunlight through Moab : you are rustic tessellation in the staple of soil - something that grows beneath the eyesight, leaves a speechless harvest in every hand that collects its quotient, a plethora of paddy fields or the natural gold tippling ears of corn where wind practices its pianissimo in the softest hush. you sit back, a blacksmith of the sublunary world, feet in plant and plow - all that is birth and benediction being breathed into the forte of snapped shut doldrums left to the hug of poison ivies and  floundered moth colonies. this fertile eloquence turning each pulse within the bark, the beat, the stark parade of ready wheat chaffing its crux against the tractor’s blade. you ready ruins to an empire of moors. everywhere you are, the earth is smiling in a jade pulse. 

void plumber/lumberjack

we all live through a sequence of bitten tongues and pinned palms. it is easy to  be sheltered by voluntary blindness. life adrift in the desert of void. short-circuited ovens, cracked sinks. a tedium of fettered vents - histories that stumble in a tattling of coppered eaves and water numbed pine cones. months upon months, i know you, pleated cotton, legs waddling the mud in search for stone to seer into the smallest hint, to find settlings, fragments from the pillars that once held us aloft above the nakedness of the abyss. you school me in specifics of taste, touch, the clover, the velvet of all that we let roll from our fingers when the slickness of age oils their spire. the hardened igloos of bleached turtle shells, the glisten of viper vellum lining the back pocket of your denim - shiva in a campervan, pots and pans bustling over handstruck fire. growing dreams in oklahoma mesquite as if homeless djinns. peeling the brawn off thick-skinned fruit. you have been slackened from sound to speech; unshackled intuition— a hymn, a howl, an unfettered hamartia flickering from behind the elbowroom.

desert creature/collector of loose change

boatman of the kaleidoscopes that are filtered through far flung dunes. held high, bone-dry, temperatures clipping the claws off vultures : there you are. a sufi of the titanic trances. chewing stories right into the heart of an animal space. you walk with scorched soles, mouth of a filled urn, each step filling the barren bowl. we are made of such large gaps in the past, we are made of matter than we will never outlast. yet you, the solo horse, the hermit, illuminated heresies of crescent lips leveling the inferno with eden in a single glance. toll your arrival, a box of silver dropped at each pit stop. a giving away of self, wealth, the leftover that will again sow the crop. 

bezoardic - from persian “antidote”. a mass in the stomach. a gut feeling. an adapted elixir. an uneasy cure. the universal life saver. 

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