ruined shoes

Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 

You Deserve It

Warning: None, just fluff, implied smut and a little bit of language. 

Summary: Peter pampers you after a long day

Author’s Note: this is for someone special, you know who you are :)

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Meet Your USA Soccer Olympians

Hope Solo: ripped her whole arm open and learned to embrace her scar

Mallory Pugh: gave herself an atomic wedgie and broke her wrist trying to fly with a bike pulley system

Allie Long: the little white girl schooling boys

Becky Sauerbrunn: thought she was going to die courtesy of her scary tour guide who ended up just really loving bananas

Kelley O'Hara: almost got herself, Tobin, Alyssa, Kling, and Casey killed by bulls and had to climb around in a dangerous jungle until it was safe

Whitney Engen: got hit in the face with a softball but scored a badass grand slam

Meghan Klingenberg: is a lowkey criminal

Julie Johnston: blinded herself and went for glory only to be way off target

Lindsey Horan: made a great first impression in France by ruining her shoes and tripping French people and making them fall to ground

Carli Lloyd: big badass Jersey girl afraid of cockroaches

Ali Krieger: hoarded rocks in her jacket pockets and had a collection

Christen Press: soccer player? Nah. Flower picker and sideline performer? Hell yeah!

Alex Morgan: had a safe and slow scooter but wanted to go fast and dangerous and got herself and Servando shit whipped to the ground

Morgan Brian: afraid of lizards and still uses the same retainer a lizard was kept in and then later escaped from

Megan Rapinoe: boss ass bitch with her sister on the playground

Crystal Dunn: learned that short people can boss at soccer

Tobin Heath: mowed lawns and named tractor equipment and had a favorite tractor named Frank that she talked passionately about

Alyssa Naeher: claims becoming an aunt and a world cup champion on the same say is the best day ever and everything about her short story was so pure

I love you like
I love cigarettes.
Cigarettes, oh how I depend on them,
Like I did on you.
You were
My every pack,
My every Marlboro.
I inhaled,
Til my voice becomes husky and rough.
But I tightened my hold onto you.
So penetrate and destroy my lungs.
I’m gonna die anyway.
So kiss me,
Despite of the nicotine.
Make me feel alive,
Before killing me.
I exhaled,
And once in a while,
Dumbly swallow the smoke.
But I kept you cuddled with my lips.
So burn my throat with your I love you’s,
And let me smoke out my I love you too’s.
So light me,
At least light me,
Before hitting my eyes with the smoke,
Before crushing me with your shoes.
Ruin me.
And burn me.
And throw me.
Cause you love me,
Like you love cigarettes —
Used cigarettes.
You loved me,
Like you loved cigarettes
Before they die in their own ash.
And maybe that’s the difference between us.
I was more addicted
Than you were.
I was a chain smoker,
And you were a social smoker.
You were gone,
And I craved.
I was gone,
And you forget.
I breathe you in,
And you breathe me out.
And my every puff
Speaks a smoky poetry,
While your every drag
Was filled with chemical.
You were my every new cigar,
And I was your every thrown one.
You were my every lit stick,
And I was just another empty pack.

— Fray Narte

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Rain trickles down her back; her shirt is soaked and heavy, her thin wind breaker useless with the angle the water falls. Her jaw trembles and her breath is white. She almost can’t inhale; it’s as though her lungs are being ripped to shreds.

In the grasp of her numb hands are the handlebars of her bike. The metal is freezing to the touch; so cold it’s almost hot.

Her nose is bleeding and she is crying. The tears that roll down her cheeks seem to sear her skin. She walks along the roadside, close to the forest, head down and eyes on the soggy mulch below.

Her shoes are ruined. Hop will be disappointed. Maybe even mad.

El tries not to think of that. She raises her gaze to the horizon, catching the road sign for Maple (she is meant to stay at Joyce’s tonight because Hop is working graveyard). She feels a little bit of hope at this; she’s almost home. Everything will be better soon.

“El, wait!”

At his voice she has almost no choice but to turn. He does that to her. Makes her lose her will. Makes her fall and catches her each time.

He’s skidding on his bike, desperately fighting for control. El takes mercy on him by halting the wheels. Mike takes a moment to collect himself, panting with exertion, and then dismounts.

“Why did you run away?” He asks of her, once he’s close enough for her to hear without yelling (this is, she notices suddenly, very close).

“I just… I just thought…” her voice breaks off and that’s when she realises she wasn’t thinking at all. Now everything comes flooding over her (she remembers Troy, she remembers his laugh; she remembers the crack of his bones), and she feels like she might break.

Weakly, but desperately, she falls into his arms. Of course he catches her. He always does.

“El,” he whispers. “Jesus, you’re freezing.”

Her lip trembles and she begins to sob. Mike holds her tighter than she’s ever been held. Her heart races, and her mind goes blank. With a shuddering gasp, she tells him what’s been on her mind for a while now. “I love you.

Mike doesn’t speak. Briefly, her heart breaks. She feels within her shards of a lost cause slicing open her heart and tearing apart her soul, but then he moves his hand to her hair and pulls away (and she is paralysed).

He’s smiling. Raindrops roll off of his eyelashes like stars. “I love you, too.”

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big thanks to the coworker who, instead of using the hand gun to scan the big ass jug of bleach, decided he wanted to try and grab it, ultimately making me drop it, and now ruined my pants and shoes. thanks my guy.


>same face

I would just like to thank Jin for staying strong and resisting the ugly sandals trend that is sweeping through BTS like the barf flu.  


House of Vans Almost Summer Series - The Julie Ruin

As this show was one of the first in a long time, The Julie Ruin’s performance last night at our Almost Summer Series at House of Vans was totally worth the wait. The crowd was absolutely stoked as this was the band’ first NYC show since 2013. It’s safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed the set and are already reliving it through their Instagrams and Vines. 

Don’t miss out on the next show, RSVP opens May 14th

Photos: Jonathan Mehring