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Klance Week 2017 - Day 4 - Home

K - Well, we’re home. After you, my dear husband.

L - Wait a minute. Who carries who over the threshold when we are both dudes?

K - You want me to carry you over the threshold, don’t you?

L - Yes, please. Just don’t bang me against the door frame. 

K - (picks up him) Don’t worry, it isn’t the door frame I am going to bang you against tonight, darling. 

L - Keith! 

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So, Rogue Altean!Lance.

Lance managed to escape the attack of the Galra’s, who ruined his home and species. He crashed onto another planet and managed to build a life there. 

Based on a headcanon @yaxxm and I discussed a while back

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Punkle’s first mohawk for a sweet Anon. 

Upon Oswald’s return, arriving home and finding Ed in the mansion.

Oswald: (outraged) “How dare you!”

Ed: (turns around to shockingly see Oswald alive before his very eyes) “Oswald…?!”

Oswald: “I can’t believe you did that!”

Ed: “Oswald, I-”

Oswald: “Do you have any idea how much this hurts?!”

Ed: “I-I’m sorry, I-”

Oswald: “You took something beautiful and ruined it!”

Ed: “I know what I did seems a bit extreme, but-”

Oswald: (lowers his voice, sadness washing over him) “I’m going to need time to heal…”

Ed: “I understand, Oswald.” (cautiously tries to reach out and pull Oswald into a hug) The truth is that I’m so relieved to see you alive and-”

Oswald: (flails and swats Edward’s hands away from him, shouting once more) “It was such an exquisite painting!”

Ed: “…?”

Oswald: “I can’t talk to you right now, Ed, I’ll be in my bedroom…” (gently sobs as he walks out of the room)

Ed: “……..” (turns to look at the framed portrait of him and Oswald, now dominated by the green question-mark painted overtop the Penguin’s regal figure) 


(shouts up to Oswald ascending the staircase) 

“So it’s all good that I shot you, right?!”

you are seven years old when you realize their expectations are different.

up until then your life was playing tag, ear-to-ear smiles, and holding hands on the playground.
it was scraped knees, hide and seek, and falling off your bike.

now all you know is bitter truths, fake smiles, and competition.
you must be the best.
the best.
you repeat it in your mind until it becomes the only word you know.
the only thing you hear.
the only thing you strive to become.

but this isn’t the real you.
the real you is waiting.
waiting to be heard,
to be listened to.
to be loved for exactly who you are,
not who they think you should be.

you continue to dream,
albeit differently than when you were younger.
you used to dream about becoming an astronaut, a dancer, a singer, an actress.
now you dream about flying.
flying away from the ruins you call your home,
your family.

you are fifteen now and you try to think about when you were younger.
the days before your parents forced you to see everyone as rivals rather than equals.
when you used to think the sun shone out of their eyes.
sometimes you think you see a glimpse of good that ignites the hope fluttering in your chest.
all too soon it is eclipsed by anger.
anger at you, anger at themselves, anger at the world.
you sigh; lather, rinse, repeat,
the cycle continues.

Through the Years (Part 2)

Summary: Through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived 70 years in the past.

Word Count: 1,295

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: Hope you all like this part! Ahhh. 

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Leo and you stood outside of your new flat, arms crossed as you helplessly watched the firefighters walk in and out of what was supposed to be your brand-new home. Leo hung his head, rubbing the nape of his neck as you looked on, grateful that you had yet to move in everything.

You scoffed and nudged Leo’s side. “Aren’t you glad we didn’t move in last week like you wanted us to?”

He glared at you. “Don’t.”

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Things Witnessed in High School
  • White Kid: *sighs while reading about imperialism* “white people ruin everything”
  • “I go home and try to do my homework but oops I left my motivation at school”
  • Random Guy: *runs down hallway* “raise your hands if you want to die!” *everybody raises their hands*
  • “WHO WANTS TO BE PART OF THE PRE-TEST PRAYER CIRCLE?” “I’m Buddhist but can I?” *clears throat* “DEAR GOD, OR WHATEVER ELSE-”
  • “is the test hard?” “if you didn’t study” *high-pitched hysterical screaming*
  • “hey did you do the-” “No”
  • *looks down at test, looks up at ceiling, waves arms desperately*
  • “I’M GONNA WING IT!” “but-” “I’M GONNA WING IT!”
  • “that’s not the right-” “it’s fine” “but you just need to-” “it’s fine”
  • *while taking a test* “Does anybody have a crayon I can borrow?”
  • “Can I just drop out?” “And do what?” “I dunno dude hitchhiking seems fun”
  • *drinks aggressively from water bottle* I WISH THIS WAS ALCOHOL
  • “What do you want?” “I’ll pay you a dollar for your lunch”
  • *rolls down hallway in a swivel chair, calmly sips Coca Cola*
  • *frantically searches through binder, pulls out a crumpled packet, makes the sign of the cross*
  • “when is this due?” “on february 10″ “i’ll start it february 9″
  • *slowly sinks to the floor* “I just need a nap. A nice, long, nap.”
  • “What time did you go to sleep?” “You don’t want to know”
  • “You can’t paint on glass, though” “Not with that attitude”
  • “I will pay you $5 to do my homework” “That’s awful! I need at least forty”